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※Industry is sitting on an economic time bomb§- Economist Dr. Clive Thomas By Kiana Wilburg The more local economists continue to analyze the accounts of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), the more they realize that the sugar industry is in a financially dreadful state.EconomistDr. Clive ThomasDr. Clive Thomas in an interview with Kaieteur News on Sunday related, that the industry needs to be purged and its deficiencies addressed from several areas,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, apart from a managerial perspective.Recently, the board members of GuySuCo and the entity*s CEO were forced to step down after years of failing to nurse the ailing industry back to ※good health§.But the condition seems to have gotten worse.Dr. Thomas said the industry has now found itself ※buried§ in excess of $90B in debt until 2017. Based on an overview of GuySuCo*s accounts, he said that it was just less than this for the period 2012 to 2014. Dr. Thomas said in no uncertain terms that, ※the sugar industry is now sitting on an economic time bomb.§The economist said that he had warned about this in a series of previous columns he had dedicated to examining and proving that the industry was at a point of no return.※But my findings were either too alarming for some to digest or were just completely ignored. People should not allow themselves to be left in bewilderment when they hear certain things coming out at this point; like the industry being unable to pay its workers. I had pointed to many of these before,NFL Jerseys China Cheap,§ Dr. Thomas reflected.He added that he was not the least bit surprised when it was announced that the coffers of the industry hadn*t enough money to pay some of its workers.The economist said that GuySuCo has become an entity which ※produces less and less and it is costing more and more§, while its sales decline.He posited that GuySuCo*s survival now depends on direct official bailouts, while it unceasingly increases its indebtedness. He said that this quite frankly is unsustainable.In previous columns in 2011 and 2012,Cheap Jerseys From China, Dr. Thomas had addressed several important topics, in some detail, which revealed that in comparison to the rapid global growth in production and exports of sugar, stagnation and decline have been the hallmarks of Guyana*s sugar industry. These have lasted over three decades.He had also addressed a set of strategies designed by the authorities to turn around the sugar industry. These strategies are mainly the Sugar Modernization Project (SMP) and the later Turnaround Plan (Blue-print) initiated by GuySuCo*s Interim Board in 2009.The SMP includes the construction of the Skeldon Factory along with its related Berbice agricultural fields restructuring, as well as the construction of the Enmore Packaging Plant.Dr. Thomas reminded that over the decades, sugar*s contribution to GDP, export earnings, and tax revenue has fallen well behind that of other traditional commodity sectors such as gold, rice, and bauxite,cheap jerseys cc, as well as the services sector.He added, ※I had earlier columns which also looked at the money that was given to the sugar industry by the European Union (EU).§In that series dedicated to the sugar industry he had said, ※I had calculatedly treated this as conscience money paid by Britain and the EU as compensation for their unilateral revocation of the EU-African-Caribbean-Pacific countries (ACP) Sugar Protocol, from which they had previously drawn considerable benefit.§※Large sums directed to Guyana*s sugar industry by the EU have to be seen in the light of the additional massive bailouts provided by the Government of Guyana to GuySuCo in recent years.§Dr. Thomas said that as worldwide experience has shown, it is hard,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, politically, for governments to stop providing unwarranted subsidies to state industries. He said, however, that it is far worse for them to yield to those interests that are driving the need for the subsidies.He emphasized that the misallocation of national resources, implicit in this posture, is inevitably bad for everyone economically, but it will eventually also carry a devastating political cost, given the size and configuration of the sugar industry in Guyana*s political economy.Economist Rawle Lucas had also recently added his voice to the subject matter.He said that one should be concerned about the state of GuySuCo*s coffers given that the Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, disclosed that the Consolidated Fund is in overdraft by some $60B.He defined the Consolidated Fund to be a reflection of the total sum of money that is collected or received by the Government of Guyana. The official account is kept at the Bank of Guyana. The government uses the money to meet expenditures on the goods and services that it provides to the public.The financial commentator said that while the Consolidated Fund is the most important account of the government, GuySuCo is its most important enterprise especially when one considers that it employs about 16,000 persons and contributes about four per cent to domestic output.※Given what we heard about the $16 billion debt of GuySuCo, the Consolidated Fund has probably seen no money from this entity in a long time. Instead, GuySuCo has been a perennial drag on the hard-earned money of the taxpaying public,§ Lucas opined.He said that in the case of GuySuCo, the impact of this type of behaviour on the taxpayers of Guyana is hard.※In the first instance, the taxpayers gave annual subsidies to GuySuCo…What GuySuCo consciously did was transfer about three times the amount of the subsidies to consumers overseas. When Guyanese take account of the money that they get from the European Union (EU), GuySuCo still ends up transferring twice as much taxpayers* money overseas.§Under these conditions, Lucas opined that GuySuCo is doing absolutely nothing for Guyana, since it is also taking a portion of its foreign earnings to pay the subsidies of foreign consumers.He said that without a restructured GuySuCo, it is impossible to see how the new government could reduce Value Added Tax and pay higher wages to public servants,Cheap MLB Jerseys, both of which have the potential to help the economy grow faster and stronger.He said, too, that the new administration also has to take a pragmatic position on the sugar industry.Lucas said that the malpractice of holding the majority of the population to ransom needs to be discontinued.? He reminded that the contribution of sugar to the economy has fallen significantly. He said that gold, other agricultural crops and rice have all surpassed sugar in importance to the Guyana economy. At the same time, gold, rice and bauxite bring in far more foreign exchange than sugar.※The sugar industry must undergo radical change if this country is to move forward, since GuySuCo can hardly qualify as a ※going concern§. The taxpayers did their part on May 11 and it is now up to the government to do the rest,§ he concluded.
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Mocha minibus operators decided to strike yesterday to demonstrate their frustration over the ※appalling§ road conditions. The operators said that the road condition has severely affected their trade. They are calling upon the Works Ministry to ensure that the road is suitably mended.Yesterday,Nike Air Max 2018 Release, commuters who had been stranded along the roadways were being facilitated by a minibus that operates in a nearby village. Some machines were placing ※crush and run§ on the road.A section of deplorable road※We are not working. Most of the vehicles are not going out the village; we strike three times in the past six months. Two cars even run off the road over a two-month period but right now it is overbearing to a point where you just can*t drive,NFL Jerseys China,§ one operator said.※Is only when we strike or block off the road then they does come grade the road and throw crush and run pun it. But when the rain fall and de big truck drive up and down is back to square one. The holes in road again,§ another said.Kevin Thomas a private car operator said: ※We are burning extra gas to reach the road head and every time I carry my car to service I got to pay additional money for damaged parts.§Thomas noted that in the event of emergencies persons are being put at a disadvantage because it is time consuming to manoeuvre the holes in the thoroughfare to get to the main road.The operators claimed that the last protest action against the road conditions resulted in an altercation between residents and workers attached to the Works Ministry.They said that the strike will continue and they vow that their actions will intensify if the issue is not addressed. The angry residents and minibus operators together criticized work being done to fix the road.They said that Minister of Works,Cheap Jerseys From China, Robeson Benn,Cheap NFL Shop, had promised to maintain the road and put temporary measures in place while trucks traversed the area to facilitate the nearby housing development projects.However,Brandon Doughty Dolphins Jersey, the operators said that the mechanism used to fix the road can be considered ※a lick and a promise.§ The minibus operators said that they had patched the holes in the roads in the past but that the present state of the road will require skilled work.※When they throw that stuff on the road the dust affecting us. We can*t see when we driving. Passengers complain about respiratory problems; that crush and run does only last two days and de road get even worse. Some passengers even vomit with the shake up going out to the road,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,§ a driver stated.The residents said that even the roads in the village are in a deplorable state but the council never attempted to fix them. The work done to address problems in the village is basically self-help work by concerned residents.※We does do all we talk to the chairman but he ain*t doing nothing.§Efforts made to contact the Ministry of Public Works for a comment were fruitless.
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Alliance For Change Chairman,Cheap Nike Huarache Shoes, Khemraj Ramjattan, has described as unconstitutional, moves byKhemraj Ramjattanthe Berbice Bridge Company Inc. to redirect marine traffic from crossing under the structure*s high span to the retractor span for a fee.Ramjattan is convinced that the bridge management implemented this new order to increase revenue by extracting monies from boat operators, who would have otherwise utilized the Berbice River without a fee.Several weeks ago, boat operators complained that the bridge management imposed an order that laden vessels,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, which cross under the high span free of cost, must desist from doing so. Instead,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, they must now cross whenever there is a retraction. And there is a fee attached.Vessels with foreign registration are charged $55,000 for in-bound pass and another $55,000 for out-bound. Locally registered vessels pay a fee of $28,000 for a one-way pass.However, according to Ramjattan, who is also an Attorney-At-Law, a perusal of the new regulation revealed that there is no provision for management to redirect river traffic from under the high span to the retractor span for the purpose of collecting a toll.He stated that to charge persons tax, fee or toll without proper authority under a law is unconstitutional and is a deprivation of property.※Merely administrative reconfiguration without proper authority like what the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. is doing is wrong#They cannot use security as the reason for this reconfiguration#They have no lawful authority to do that,§ he noted.Ramjattan suggested that the motive behind this scheme is to accumulate more revenue for the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. including Government, who is also an investor in the bridge.※My opinion is they want to earn more revenues in view of the management*s high cost for running the bridge.§Berbice River BridgeRamjattan noted, ※Under the letter and spirit of both the Act and Regulation and Order made there is provision that small boats with certain displacements should pass free of charge under the high span.§He emphasized that over the years small boats have been passing free of cost without hindrance from the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. authority.The fee being paid by this new flow of traffic via the retractor span is being viewed as an indirect taxation by the Government. He pointed out that Government has investments in the bridge and the mere fact it would allow this move it therefore means Government is looking to increase their returns.Ramjattan said that Government should not allow this. He dismissed as flimsy excuses of structure*s safety by the bridge*s management as the reason for this restriction.※Not only is this an extra cost to boat operators it is also time consuming because the retractor span does not allow the free flow of traffic– this is done according to a schedule,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys,§ he said.This limitation was highlighted by boat operators that transport sugar for the Guyana Sugar Corporation.Vessels that transport bulk sugar for the Guyana Sugar Corporation from Rose Hall to the Demerara Sugar Terminal have been affected. The shipping operators have been experiencing numerous hiccups and delays.Several factors such as tide, bridge retraction,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, rules and regulations governing transit time of 24 hours notice prior to transiting and heavy cancellation fees are some of the things that affect operators with this new system.The shippers emphasized that the fee being charged is adding to their operational costs which would lead to them charging their customers more. This could affect the already financially challenged state-owned sugar company.※The turn-around time in between shipments will be much longer and will obviously affect the estate grinding or storage capacity and this will no doubt have serious consequences for oceangoing vessels,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys,§ they said.
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#Artistes deliver high class packagesDespite the fact that US artiste T-PAIN at the last minute dropped out of the Mash night mega concert, hundreds turned up at the GCC Ground on Monday night and were treated to high class performances by both the local and international artiste lineup.China based Guyanese artiste, Jermaine Mc Beam wooed the festive audience.With a small crowd at the venue, the show began sometime around 22:00 hrs with opening act China based Guyanese singer, Jermaine Mc Bean, whose antics and ultra melodious renditions found favour with the audience to which he was an entirely new face.This singer truly possessed natural entertainment charisma as was noted by many and soon had the audience either dancing to his vibrations or singing along in unison.With zest and true fire he exploded with &Love and Affection*, &August Town*, and &Gully Side*, made popular by the Morgan Heritage group out of Jamaica.Wooing a lucky female much to the crowd*s delight, he closed his act amidst loud applause from the audience. Around this time the audience had increased considerably, eagerly awaiting the appearance of the next act.Next to come was the new Soca Monarch Queen, Shellon &Shelly G* Garraway who stormed the stage sporting a new sophisticated look. Taking a change from her customary two piece skimpy costumes,Cheap Air Jordan Shoes, the songstress this time around donned a figure hugging pants suit accentuated with glamorous fish net stockings and a smashing and fashionable black &go-go boots* which she did not hesitate to &hop out of* as she prepared for frenzied gyration.Well of course she started off as expected with her hit single &Touch Me* but quickly plunged into other spicy ballads inclusive of? &Swing It*, &Them Can*t Wuk Me* and her Soca Monarch entry &Work It*, which included her special &daggering content* that seemed to throw the large crowd in a frenzy. In the middle of her performance the crowd was plunged into hysterical laughter when the famous &Granny Fit* sensation &Ivelaw Campbell* stormed on stage performing some of his most hilarious dance routines. The crowd could not contain themselves when he took off his red, lacy underwear and spanked the unsuspecting entertainment journalist Mondale Smith who, tired from a day of Mash reveling, was perched beside the stage concentrating on recording the night happenings.Intent on &keeping the soca fire burning’, the promoters next presented X*s 2 entertainers Adrian Dutchin and Jomo Primo, who created a &soca inferno* never before experienced at the venue. Dressed in immaculate white costumes they performed their &Tick Tock* special and of course &It it impossible* which found favour with the ladies.When they blasted away their hit single &Crazy* the ladies went totally wild as they gyrated and trembled.To top things off, the singers climbed on top of two stereo boxes where they launched into frenzied waist and hip demonstrations that had the audience screaming their heads off.After performing a few more of their most rated singles,NFL Jerseys Outlet, the singers were joined by Carib Soca Monarch runner-up , Melissa &Vanilla* Williams,Cheap Jerseys USA, Celeste David and Junior Calypso third place winner? Tenecia De Freitas and Rhonda Dunbar,NFL Jerseys Outlet, all four executing a sizzling backup dance that had the audience shouting their approval.Sherwin Winchester and Maxi Priest deliver double excitement at the GCC Ground.Then it was time for the international acts and who could better open this segment than Trinidadian Soca Monarch,Cheap Air Max Tn, Sherwin Winchester who brought his usual raunchy and energetic performance to the stage.His act was entertaining, explosive and satisfying. Of course he never forgets to throw bottles of water in the crowd as he instructed them to &get wet* as he belted out some of pieces inclusive of &Aliqua*, &Dead or Alive*, &Open the Gates* and many others.When he ended his act amidst thunderous applause from the crowd which had increased significantly, he was joined by Maxi Priest who with his hyperactive personality delivered a stimulating performance. While Winchester performed backup routines, Priest wooed the ladies with &Wild World*, &Whatever My Eyes Can See* and some of his other hit singles to which the audience sang along in unison. The fact that he has gained a few pounds did noting to deter the ladies who were almost swooning from delight and admiration. One brave &ghetto gal* went as far as grabbing onto the singer*s groin and massaging for all she was worth as the crowd screamed in wild abandon.Peter Ram was a &real soca rammer*, &bigging up his ladies* the moment he came on stage. He was much more of a &smooth operator* but of course bridled with natural soca fire. As the audience screamed or either engaged in frenzied gyration, this entertainer belted out &White Pants Tight*, &Down the Road*, &Supervisor* and the soca pieces he knew would truly engulf the festive audience. He was well applauded and made way for Biggie Irie who was loved especially by the &big girls* who backed it up to show their appreciation or just jiggled their feminine curves. In their honour he sang &Big Girls* as they waved and beamed with pride, and of course &Nah Going Home* to remind the crowd of all night reveling. Choosing some of the more rated compositions he had on his platter he ensured his fans were &wet and satisfied* when he exited the stage.Serani as agreed by everyone &sang sheer stupidity* with hardly any backup from the band. Whether it was planned or not was not clear but his back up singer missed several notes and was often off key.Even his popular &It*s Serani* and &Everywhere I Go* lacked flavour and the singer seemed to have vocal problems as he screamed continuously into the microphone.Maybe the promoters saved the best for last, because Jamaican dancehall king,Cheap Air Max 90 Men Shoes, Beenie Man surely &sent the adrenaline pumping* as he stormed onto the stage full of smiles and super energy. The ladies screamed, jumped and some almost rent their clothing to pieces. He took them on a &scorching journey* that reeked of dancehall fire and delivered an entertainment thunderstorm that &rocked the joint*, as expected.His &Back it Up* was well received by the super-excited Guyanese females. So was his &King of the Dancehall* which saw several local lads in the crowd demonstrating in no uncertain terms that they too had dancehall crowns of their own.When the dancehall king exited and the show came to a close, there were wet bodies all over with satisfied smiles mirroring their enjoyment as they struggled to catch their breaths from all the gyrating they delivered.
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– Relatives thank all contributing citizensEight-month-old Kenneth Prince of 74 Supply, Mahaica,Cheap Jerseys Online, who at four months old was diagnosed with a hole in his heart, has on Sunday, underwent successful heart surgery in India.Flashback - Mr. Case makes his donationKenneth Prince was at the stage where the only hope of him having prolonged life depended on him undergoing the surgery which was carried out in Delhi, India at Max Health Care.Funds for the surgery were obtained through the assistance of numerous kindhearted citizens, among them Hamley Case,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who also pledged to continuously assist the infant throughout his lifetime.Case came to the rescue of Kenneth Prince, through the Fred Case Education Trust (FCET).Other kindhearted citizens and organisations included The Three Rivers Foundation,Nike Roshe Run Men, Giftland Office Max,Cheap Jerseys From China, Adam Harris,Wholesale MLB Jerseys China, Full Gospel Church,Nike Roshe Run Sale Outlet, and Nigel Johnson.The extremely grateful parents extend a heartfelt thank you to all.
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– D&I worker hacked to deathPolice have detained a Foulis, East Coast Demerara man in connection with the hacking to death of 58-year-old Gerald Indar called &Banja* around 17:30 hours yesterday.Indar*s brutal murder, two days before his 59th birthday, brought a tragic end to a 50-year-old friendship between him and the suspect in custody.According to reports, Indar, an employee of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority and attached to the Buxton/Foulis Neighbourhood Democratic Council, was chopped several times about the body by the suspect following a row at the suspect*s home at Fifth Street,China Jerseys Cheap, Foulis.Indar received two wounds to his back and one to his left arm and reportedly bled to death before he could receive medical attention.His body remained at the gate to the residence in a pool of blood for almost an hour before the police arrived on the scene.They subsequently took the suspect to the Georgetown Hospital for treatment of a wound that he sustained on his foot, which he claimed to have suffered at the hands of Indar.Relatives could not say what led to the incident since the two men were reportedly imbibing alone in the house.Kamini? Ramnanan,Cheap Jerseys USA, the dead man*s niece,cheap jerseys elite, said that she was at home not too far from where the incident occurred when she received a telephone call from her aunt.※She say, &come see Balo chop Banja.* She tell me call de police and I get a neighbour fuh call dem,§ Ramnanan told this newspaper.According to the woman,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, when she arrived at the scene,Cheap Jerseys From China, she saw Indar lying motionless in a pool of blood, while the suspect was standing at the door of the bottom flat of the house.※If you see blood. Like he (Indar) try fuh run,§ Ramnanan suggested.She said that she learnt that after chopping Indar, the suspect then picked up a bucket with water and tried to wash away the blood,Cheap Jerseys From China, even as the victim lay dead on the ground.She informed that both Indar and the suspect were childhood friends, and the incident has left everyone who knew them in a state of shock.Investigators believe they have a clear cut case and should institute charges as soon as a post mortem examination is performed on Indar*s body.
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The financial situation of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) yesterday came under severe scrutiny as a motion was moved to suspend the Standing Orders for the Council*s statutory meeting.The councilors stood firm, as they demanded accountability from the system and requested that the financial details of the Council must also be presented to them in written form. This resulted in Mayor Hamilton Green requesting that the details of the Council*s finances be prepared and disseminated to the councilors with the minutes of the statutory meetings.The discussions and questions thrown out to the treasurer focused primarily on the collection of rates and taxes for this recent amnesty period commencing September 15 and the re-evaluation period.According to Andrew Meredith, Treasurer,China Jerseys Cheap, the Council collected $80M as of last Friday for the month of September. This amount does not reflect the usual collection and he concluded that the amnesty period is not going as planned.Meredith emphasized that from September 15 when the amnesty period commenced to last Friday a total of $47M was collected.He recounted that in previous months this could be considered barely adequate. For instance, for the first four months of the year, each month the Council raked in $115M. For this month with the amnesty in progress the Council would probably earn $100M.This financial report did not satisfy the Mayor who contended that a pattern of collection within the past 10 years is required. He further pointed out that when details are presented it should include the amount received and the amount that is owed.According to one of the Councilors,Matt Ryan Falcons Jersey, Junior Garrett,NFL Jerseys Cheap From China, the amnesty period is a failure. Garrett stressed that the budgeted monthly rates and taxes collection is $132M and for September the Council only collected $80M.Another means of the council to obtain money from errant tax payers is through the Court. He said that this medium is not justly utilized and tax payers who owe, for instance,Air Max 1 Atmos For Sale, $39,000 should not be taken before the court. Instead,Authentic NFL Jerseys, the tax payers who owe the Council millions of dollars should be before the court.Garrett pointed out that regardless some tax payers are poor, they must pay their taxes.However, Garrett*s argument was refuted by the Town Clerk, Yonette Pluck, who contended that the Council does not discriminate when taking tax payers to court. She asserted that some of the tax payers who are before the court owe the Councils millions of dollars.Justifying the reason why a tax payer who owed the Council $39,000 is being placed before the court, Pluck noted that anyone who owes the organization three-month*s payment is eligible to be taken to the court.She emphasized that years of neglect to take aggressive actions against errant tax payers is being reflected in the Council*s financial woes.Discussions surrounding the progress of the re-evaluation of Georgetown properties revealed that this project is now under the ambit of the Deputy Mayor*s office. It is anticipated that when this project comes into full swing the body will earn over $400M per year.According to Meredith,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, the process to re-evaluate the properties has started but it is only 30 percent completed. He stated that the workers on the ground are getting results but there is need for better organization.He said that the team has to work together for the exercise to be done properly. Meredith added that he sensed that not all the players have the Council*s interest at heart.According to Deputy Mayor, Robert Williams, he summoned the parties involved to a meeting to discuss the exercise but no one showed up for it.In response, Pluck stated that the information was unavailable to conduct the meeting. She said that the evaluation office reported that there is duplication of data. As such, more work has to be done to produce a proper list.This resulted in the Mayor calling a meeting on Wednesday this week with the Finance Committee.
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Even as Government continues to boast of ※value for money,§ Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, in the recently released 2012 audit report, said that he found it alarming that four contracts were awarded for work at the Lethem and Linden Magistrate*s Courts to the same contractor who lacked the capacity to effectively undertake such works.According to the AG*s report,? the contracts were awarded on different dates and based on the outcomes, where it was awarded works had had to be terminated on May 21, last,? since it is clear that the contractor lacked the capacity to effectively undertake such works simultaneously.In 2012, a contract in the sum of $32.5M was awarded for the completion of Phase II of the Lethem Magistrate*s Court.The contract commenced on August 8, 2012 and was scheduled to be completed on November 30, 2012.?? However the completion date was revised to January,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, 15,Cheap Football Jerseys China, 2013,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, as a result of additional works required under the contract.Over the period, amounts totaling $30.1M was disbursed to the contractor, who nevertheless failed to meet the revised deadline.After several attempts by the courts and the consultant, no contact was made with the contractor. These circumstances resulted in the termination of the contract on 21 May 2013.Up to time of the report earlier this year the building was still to be completed.Another contract for the Linden Magistrate*s Court was awarded in the sum of $43.5M.This contract was signed on November 25, 2011, with commencement date of December,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, 22, 2011 and a planned completion date of May 25, 2012.The completion date was subsequently revised to 31 March 2013, owing to the Linden unrests and several other matters.The contractor however, failed to meet the extended deadline.The contract was eventually terminated on 21 May 2013. To the time of termination the contractor was paid a whopping $42.3M.The contract for the completion phase of the Linden Magistrate*s Court was $12.8M.That contract was signed on July 4, 2012, with a duration of four months following the commencement date of 10 July 2012.There was a planned completion date of November 18, 2012. As a result of variations, the contractor was given extensions in time, which revised the completion date to January 4, 2013.Like the first contractor, this one failed again to meet the revised deadline and several attempts to contact him, by both the supervising consultants and the client, proved futile.The contract was eventually terminated on May 21, 2013. At the time of termination, the contractor was paid amounts totaling $14.2M.It was recommended by the audit office that the department immediately undertakes a full review of the contractor*s obligations under the contracts to ensure that these, including applicable liquidated damages, are fully satisfied, without any overpayments.Meanwhile several discrepancies ranging from fraudulent acts to overpaying employees were also unearthed at the Supreme Court.According to the report from 1995 to 2001, there are nine matters which are either being investigated by the police or pending before the court.In each of the cases they were based on apparent irregularities or suspected fraudulent acts perpetrated against the state.The estimated losses, which remain outstanding to date, stood at $14.5M.The Supreme Court had indicated that it was pursuing these matters with the relevant authorities.A reminder dated November 27, 2012 was sent to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs,Cheap Air Max 90, requesting a status update as advised by the Public Accounts Committee.※It is unclear whether this request was sent to the auditor*s general*s office.§GPL owes #The report unearthed also that the sum of $21.5M was expended on electricity charges for 2012. However,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, of the 26 meters installed at the Supreme Court, three were not functional.Despite this, payments totaling $2.4M were made to the Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) on these meters.According to the Auditor General*s report, the Supreme Court tried to have the power company reimburse the money to a functional meter, or refund the money, but neither was granted. However the head of the budget agency explained that the Guyana Power and Light is currently verifying the meter to have the amount appropriately credited.
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Once again, Chief Magistrate (Ret*d) Juliet Holder-Allen staged a protest outside of the Guyana Court of Appeal,Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes, this time supported by some 20 persons, some from the public service, protesting over what she had previously called the &low class behaviour* of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).The supporters who joined Holder-Allen in her protest included teachers and workers at various Ministries, all of whom were armed with placards.According to one of the protesters who works at the Ministry of Health, they were all Government servants, just like Mrs Holder-Allen, and if it were possible for someone as high up as her not to get paid, then it could definitely happen to any of them.※If people work,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, then people must be paid,§ explained a teacher, who said that he had come out to show support to the retired Chief Magistrate.Mrs Holder-Allen went inside of the Court of Appeal while her supporters protested outside and met with the Chancellor of the Judiciary, Carl Singh.When she returned to her supporters,Jerseys From China, Mrs Holder-Allen said that she was satisfied with the outcome of the discussion.She added that she received a letter from the Secretary of the JSC, and was asked to return to the JSC next week Friday for a meeting with the Accountant General, who would tally up the number of years she worked and correlate the benefits she would receive.She said that things appeared to be on stream, but then she said that she would know for sure when she returns next Friday.The protesters outside of the Court of Appeal.Mrs Holder-Allen had begun her protest action a few days earlier, after she said that she received a brief note,China Jerseys, which came in response to her letter of withdrawal of service. The note contained nothing concerning the state or payment of her monetary benefits.According to the retired Chief Magistrate, ※I need to make it clear that it is the law which states that I must be paid. What Carl Singh has to do is to cause my Record of Service to be made up and that is not forthcoming.My presence here (outside of the Court of Appeal) is to force the commission to make up this important document so that monetary payments to me by the Finance Ministry could be effected. That is all that I am asking. Just do up my record of service.§Throughout the protest yesterday,NFL Jerseys Outlet, there was police presence outside of the Court of Appeal,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, but the ranks stationed there said that they had no problems with the protesters who were peaceful.
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Relatives of the Bonasika murder suspect made good on their promise to the police as they turned the suspect,Supply MLB Jerseys China, Dharmindra Persaud,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, over to the police yesterday.According to reports,Cheap Jerseys, Persaud visited his relatives and indicated that he wanted to surrender. The man*s relatives then contacted investigators and made arrangements for them to collect the suspect from the Hubu koker, located at Parika, East Bank Essequibo.Kaieteur News was told that the suspect has since admitted to killing his reputed wife*s lover and wounding his spouse, saying that the night he saw them together ※it was too much for him.§The man reportedly told investigators that he had tried his best to save his relationship but his spouse, Joy Meyers, was more interested in her lover whom he said is also a close relative of hers.Sources say that on the day the incident occurred Persaud went to the Bonasika Outpost and reported that his wife had walked out on him leaving him with three of their four children. At the station the man reportedly begged the police to assist him in getting his wife to come back for their children.He allegedly told investigators that he and his reputed wife never severed their relationship but she decided to leave their home after &falling in love* with the now dead man, still identified only as &Richard.*Kaieteur News was told that the man said he &tripped* after he saw his reputed wife half naked with her lover and their youngest child present.Meanwhile,NFL Jerseys Discount, investigators are expected to return to the Bonasika area sometime later today to retrieve the murder weapon. A post mortem is expected to be done later today on the slain man*s remains and charges are likely to follow.On Thursday evening last Joy Meyers and her paramour, identified as Richard were attacked while at the home of Meyers* father,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, located in Bonasika Creek.Meyers* lover sustained several gaping wounds, one of which almost severed his neck. He also hacked off Meyer*s left hand and she also sustained wounds to the head and neck. The woman*s three-year-old daughter, who was also in the house,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, was unharmed.
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–?? ?Pleased with response from Human Services Ministry Florence Tyndall is optimistic that her Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara house will be rebuilt, even if it takes years. She is confident that the insurance company of the ill-fated American registered aircraft that crashed into her house will compensate her.There is the belief that the twin-engine Piper Aztec with registration N27-FT may not be insured since the insurance company has not come forward after the plane crashed on April 13, last, killing the owner and pilot, Pierre Angiel and passenger Canadian Scientist Nick Dmitriev.A distraught Michelle Belle and one of her children stand by the doorway of her destroyed house.According to a source, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)*s Air Transport Management Department did not verify if the aircraft was insured. And, the regulatory body will be writing to the Federal Aviation Administration to assist in investigating the status of the aircraft.Despite this allegation, the 69-year-old believes that the aircraft is insured. She has confidence that the aircraft-owner would have had needed insurance to reach this far with the aircraft. Tyndall added that when Dmitriev*s widow and children visited the crash site she was informed that Angiel had divorced his first wife and has a son. His second wife is sickly and could not come to Guyana.Following the crash which flattened her house, Tyndall was staying with a neighbour to keep &a close eye* on the activities that were ongoing in her yard. A technical team from the GCAA and labourers from Ogle Airport and Air Services Limited were clearing the rubbles to retrieve the remains of the aircraft.When this publication visited the elderly woman yesterday she had relocated about two streets away to her son*s residence. However, the three children, who were in her care, have moved in with their aunt in Georgetown.According to Tyndall, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security headed by Minister Jennifer Webster, has been interested in the children*s welfare. She recalled that on Tuesday a team from the Ministry visited her temporary abode to find out about the children.She said that the Ministry and church have been helpful in providing support since the crash. Tyndall related, ※Something will be done even if takes year, God will take care of it#And if nothing is not done I don*t mind.§Tyndall was not the only Sparendaam resident to suffer directly from the fatal crash. A section of her immediate neighbour,, Michelle Belle*s Lot 127 Sparendaam Housing Scheme wooden structure was badly burnt during the chaos.According to Belle, when the plane crash-landed between the two buildings her house caught fire. And, it was after the plane exploded that Tyndall*s house went up in flames.The mother of nine recalled that the aircraft hit a coconut tree splitting it in two, pitching one section into Tyndall*s yard. One of the plane wings grazed on her roof tearing piece of zinc before reaching the ground.The fire destroyed two bedrooms, kitchen and a chicken pen she was building to rear poultry as a small business venture. Attempts by residents to help save her house, though successful, resulted in her appliances, including television and microwave being destroyed.Currently, Belle, six of her children and a grandchild are living in the house despite the deplorable environs.The Guyana Relief Council and Ministry of Human Service among other organizations provided support to Belle and her family. The woman said that she is thankful especially for the support Government has given her. She is waiting patiently to see what additional support she will receive.Dr. Roger Luncheon after one of his post-Cabinet press briefings had mentioned that Transport Minister Robeson Benn had informed Cabinet of the extent of damage to Belle*s house.
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– Robeson BennPublic Works Minister Robeson BennMinister of Public Works Robeson Benn said that there was no formal discussion in Cabinet to ban any of this year*s anti- government calypso songs. According to him, after he made a personal objection about one of the calypsos,Cheap Jerseys From China, ※the issue seemed to take on a life of its own.§The Minister said that he was returning home from a function when he heard a calypso which was in his view, ※abusive, and libelous or rather slanderous,§ playing on the radio.? At that time, Benn said, he was in the vicinity of the radio station. It was then, he said, he went into the radio station and requested a copy of the tape, ※because I felt it had to be discussed in the government at the highest levels.§Benn said that he was told that he could not immediately get a copy of the song. Sometime after his arrival at National Communication Network (NCN) acting Chief Executive Officer, Michael Gordon, arrived.? The Minister said that Gordon contended that ※approval was given from the Director of Culture or somebody in respect to playing,§ the music.Benn said that he promised to further discuss the matter, ※and maybe talk to some lawyers.§ He said that there was no uproar, ※but I did make a personal opinion that I didn*t think it should be played through the government radio station.§Minister Benn however continued that he had no idea who authorized the banning of the calypsos as his only interest was to get a copy of the song he heard on the radio.Benn said he would have felt better if the songs were ※played in other places which I am not associated with. I felt it should not have been played on the government radio station and I expressed that view and still hold that view.§※Usually when there is commentary about things, and it takes a certain life of its own it has to be based on some fact, and the persons who sing? and promote these things have to have some right or reason which propels them to make those comments which reside in some basis or fact.※If I had stood up in Parliament chambers and made some of those statements which were made, I might have been ruled out of order; I might have had to withdraw my statement on the grounds that they would have been non parliamentary, abusive.§Benn said that there is no evidence to support the statements made in the calypsos; they do not have any real basis in fact that could be proven in a court. ※I would think that if a public and government sponsored activity is undertaken and certain statements are made, not in a satirical way but in an abusive way, that it should be based in some fact that can be properly contested in a court.§He further charged that if there is any good to come out of the matter, he would hope ※that proper, appropriate vetting of calypsos would be done and at the standard of lyric and satire that one expects in calypsos and Soca.§The Minister emphasized his belief that he had the right as a citizen and a Minister to go down to the station and speak out against something that ※Impacted me.§The Calypso community has however condemned the decision to ban the calypso. Veteran Calypsonian Geoffrey Phillips, aka &the Mighty Rebel* and President of Calypso Association took offence over the recent banning of what was dubbed &anti- government* calypso tunes.Rebel and calypsonians charged that nothing was degrading, vulgar or disrespecting about the tunes as the information revealed in the songs come from information in the public domain.? Many also charged that the purpose of the ban was to silence the reigning calypso king, Lester &De Professor* Charles, but fear of retaliation from Linden, where he hails caused all the 2013 tunes to be barred.The calypsonians said that the act is, ※Damaging to Mashramani, and damaging to calypso and the entire fraternity.§ As such the calypso president has called an urgent meeting scheduled for tomorrow. All patrons and entertainers were asked to make a special effort to attend.
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Three men who are well known to the authorities and were nabbed in a car two Sundays ago, with a 22 Beretta Pistol in their possession were remanded to prison.The men are Premchand Kalicharran, also called ※Boysie§, 28 of Lot 81 Grant 1780 Crabwood Creek; Cordel Small called &Bumpy Mouth*, 23, a porter of Lot 34 Jukes Town, Corriverton and Jermine Jason Gulbia, 27, a fisherman of Lot 1780 Grant Crabwood Creek.They appeared on Tuesday before Magistrate Maurica Mettleholzer in the New Amsterdam Magistrate*s court to answer the charge.The defendants were charged with having in their possession one .22 semi automatic beretta pistol and one matching round while travelling in motor car PSS 8296 on Sunday 12th July at Sheet Anchor Public Road, while none of them was the holder of a firearm licence.Cordel SmallPremchand KalicharranJermine Jason GulbiaProsecution Sergeant Phillip Sheriff told the court that around 12:10 hrs the police were on mobile patrol when they spotted the car which was being driven by Kallicharran with two other suspicious looking characters inside.The vehicle was intercepted and upon searching, the police unearthed the firearm in the left side pocket of the car.Prosecutor Sheriff objected to bail on the grounds that the men are not from the area. The men did not put forward any special reason for bail. The prosecutor reminded the court that two of the accused had committed the act while they were on bail for other offences.?? He also cited the prevalence of such offences.The men will have to return to court on July 31st for a continuation of their trial.Back in January this year Kalicharran was charged with five counts of robbery under arms. He was one of five men who ambushed and robbed a couple along the Adventure Access Road,Wholesale Jerseys Online, Black Bush Polder. The man had made a gateway, but police subsequently intercepted the vehicle with him inside at Scottsburg Public Road, after a high speed chase. He and his accomplices were subsequently placed on $250,000 bail.Small was previously charged for wounding, break and enter, and robbery under arms.
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Last year when dem still had money in de budget Donald and he Ministers had to find a way to share out de money. Dem sit down at Cabinet and wuk out a strategy. Jagdeo who was not a Minister was also at that Cabinet meeting and he come up wid de idea fuh tek money fuh cleanup de country.Luncheon announce that Donald put one billion dollar pun de table fuh de clean up. Dem seh dem buy shovel,Wholesale Jerseys China, spade,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, fork and hoe. Dem even buy a frontend loader like if one front end loader can clean up de whole country.De elections come and de furniture man, Bulkan,Nike Shox Clearance, go into de office wheh de Whittaker de minister use to sit down,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, he call a meeting fuh de Boardroom. When he and de people go inside dem see dem same spade and shovel pun de chair. He couldn*t tell old shovel and spade from new ones. In fact all look old,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, like if Noah did use dem to dig a canal.Is then he understand why dem use to hold all dem meeting at de Sleep Out.When Furniture Man Bulkan see all dem spade and shovel he wonder how Georgetown was still stink so he call de Sharma, Not See Hen, not Jaipaul but de Audit Man. He tell him to check up pun de billion dollar. Sharma barely check three bills and he see money short. He ask fuh receipt fuh dem spade and shovel and dem can*t give him.When he ask dem fuh bring de spade and de shovel dem bring some handle and some spare wheel belonging to de front end loader. De same time dem bring de wheel is de same time Bee Kay send fuh a check fuh de wheel wha he sell to dem.De Pee Ess collect more than $300 million fuh clean up de country area. De place still flooding and garbage still deh stockpile and de Pee Ess can*t account fuh de money. He get send home. But dem boys seh that the one home rich.Soulja Bai got to be a fool fuh let people go away wid de money. That is why de Audit Man seh that he got to audit Soulja Bai because he and all cleaning up and he spending plenty millions. People now lining up to get job wid de Furniture Man, even if is to polish dem spade and shovel wha Whittaker and de Pee Ess lef.Talk half and don*t borrow no tool from Bulkan,Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Shoes, de Furniture Man.
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By Abena Rockcliffe Though A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) now essentially have differing opinions and positions on the Amaila Falls hydro power project, it seems, so far, as if both parties are still on the same page as it relates to securing employment for Guyanese during the construction phase and life of the project.AFC executive member, Dominic GaskinDuring the last stakeholders* forum on the Amaila Falls project, it was revealed that the language used in the contract between Sithe Global and China Railway was to ※secure§ employment for Guyanese during the construction of the hydro plant.China Railway First Group has been contracted by Sithe Global to construct the facility.The Chinese construction company is currently undertaking section &seven* of the Amaila Falls Access Road and has not employed any Guyanese on that venture. The company has further stated that it will not be employing any Guyanese as it proceeds with that section of the access road.However, president of Sithe Global, Brian Kubeck, indicated during the stakeholders* forum that the construction site will attract just about 1,500 persons, of whom between 15 to 20 percent of will be Guyanese. This however, is being provided for, using ※very discretionary language§ as was presented by Sithe Global.Kubeck said that the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract with China Railway ensures that the conditions are made so that Guyanese workers will have work ※opportunities.§Some of the phrases used to ※secure§ jobs for Guyanese include phrases such as, ※reasonable efforts§, ※where possible§, ※as-needed§, ※reasonable provisions§ and the word ※adequate.§According to Kubeck, Guyanese will be accommodated at the site at the same standard with foreigners and Sithe Global has an overtime ※obligation§ to train Guyanese for the senior positions.APNU*s Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs and Labour, Basil Williams, told Kaieteur News that employment for Guyanese is always a priority of APNU. He said that if the Amaila Falls project is to go through, Guyanese must be first priority in every way; including employment.Williams saw it fit to refer to ※PNC time (as government) when &Guyanization clauses* were used§.He explained that a &Guyanization Clause* is one used in contracts with foreign investors, companies/contractors to ensure that Guyanese will be employed and that the system be so designed that Guyanese can ※take over in full.§APNU*s Basil WilliamsThe lawyer detailed, ※We had that in place so that even if half of the workers on the project construction were Guyanese, after some time, Guyanese would have been able to take over. We had those clauses back then and I would recommend that they be used now, because Guyanese should all time be first priority.§Williams also told Kaieteur News that discretionary language is not advisable in contracts since they aren*t really enforceable in a court of law.Similarly, yesterday at an AFC press conference, the party*s treasurer, Dominic Gaskin, said that the AFC is ※very concerned§ about the discretionary language used in the contract between Sithe Global and China Railway.He emphasized that discretionary language can*t be relied on to secure employment for Guyanese labourers.Gaskin added that the AFC hadn*t as yet gotten a chance to review and discuss the Engineering Procurement and Construction contract, but said that the party would advocate that the language be tightened.Sithe Global*s presentation to stakeholders at the forum had under the heading ※Guyana Goods, Services and Labour,§ the following bulleted points.※The Engineering Procurement and Construction contract requires China Railway to undertake the following:每Use reasonable efforts to use materials produced in Guyana by Guyanese citizens, and services provided by Guyanese citizens.每Use reasonable efforts to hire individuals who are Guyanese citizens and resident in Guyana每Actively recruit local, qualified citizens of Guyana where possible to work at the AHP site每Advertise upcoming hiring needs by skill category on an as-needed basis in Georgetown, Linden, and the Amerindian villages.每Provide adequate contractor supervisors capable of speaking fluent English to avoid discrimination against Guyanese employees.每Provide housing in the labour camp for Guyanese employees that are equivalent to that provided to employees from the contractor*s country.每Make reasonable provisions for Guyanese workers.Eminent forestry expert, Dr Janette Bulkan, who was also present at the stakeholders* forum, is among those who have pointed to the language used.? She had highlighted that this kind of discretionary language does not match Guyana*s Investment Code of 1988.The Marriott Hotel, which is currently under construction, has seen no Guyanese labour being used,Wholesale Jerseys China, with the lone exception at one time being a security guard. Various officials, in defending the exclusive use of Chinese labour on the project, spoke to the unavailability of Guyanese skills.
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-had revoked government officials visas for inaction– calls for Rohee, Greene to be dismissed ?By Dale AndrewsPresidential candidate of the Alliance for Change, Khemraj Ramjattan, has disclosed that the United States State Department has a wealth of information on local cops who are linked to the drug trade.Speaking at the party*s weekly press conference, Ramjattan who is also a prominent attorney-at-law indicated that this information has been relayed to him at every meeting he has had with members of the State Department over the years.Khemraj RamjattanRamjattan was responding to questions about the link between senior officials of the Guyana police Force and characters in the local drug circuit, of which reports have been carried by this newspaper following revelations by Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai.Merai*s revelation is certainly nothing new to the police since, according to Ramjattan, US officials have informed him that they have provided information to the local law enforcement authorities with regard to officers of the Guyana Police Force who have benefitted from the trade in illegal drugs.However, nothing has been done until recently when Merai made the allegations at a force admin meeting, prompting Police Commissioner Henry Greene to order an investigation.※We have been speaking to the State Department officials who have indicated to us, on my last trip to the State Department, that they have been giving the information to the Government of Guyana. The Government of Guyana, however, has been telling the people that they have not been getting the information.※And it is for that reason that the State Department has indicated that the Minister*s visa has been taken away and the Commissioner*s visa has been taken away,§ Ramjattan stated.A recent US State Department report had pointed to massive corruption within the Guyana Police Force and overall government.※Many police are reportedly paid off by criminal elements and are alleged to work with the criminals by either assisting or protecting them,§ the report had stated.Even the Commissioner of Police had his US visa revoked by the United States for allegedly benefitting from the proceeds of the drug trade.Clement RoheeKaieteur News understands that over the past years, the United States of America has revoked the visas of no less than 11 government officials for various reasons.Yesterday, Ramjattan called for the immediate resignation of Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee and the Police Commissioner in light of the recent allegations by Merai which were described as highly credible.※The concept of ministerial responsibility that we know in a normal democracy demands that his lackluster performance in that ministry, and his absolute failings to ensure that the Police Force do its job to provide service and protection and abide by the law, leaves so much to be desired. He has failed, there*s no doubt about it,§ Ramjattan said.The AFC Co-Leader pointed out that apart from these failings, the jailbreaks and other shortcomings are enough for the minister to relieve himself from the office that he presently holds.※And if he does not want to resign, which is the moral thing, in accordance with a convention called ministerial responsibility, he ought to be dismissed by the president,§ Ramjattan stated emphatically.He highlighted several cases where in normal democracies leading officials have taken the blame for transgressions that occur under their watch.According to Ramjattan, government ministers in England and in Canada have resigned for less than what he described as the abhorrent and abominable development in Guyana.He also called for the resignation of the policemen against whom the allegations have been leveled, as well as the Commissioner of Police.With respect to an investigation into the allegations, the AFC Presidential Candidate said that a Commission of Inquiry headed by an international team of experts preferably from CARICOM, the US Drug Enforcement Agency or Scotland Yard, should be set to deal with such.※This is a dangerous development, when policemen#are controlling blocks, in relation to how the cocaine is to be transported and couriered,§ Ramjattan said.He stressed that he had no doubt that the information coming out of Merai*s revelations are credible.Like Minister Rohee, Ramjattan said that there was strong suspicion all along about the links of police officers to alleged drug dealers. However it was not brought to the fore before now.※And now that the evidence is coming from an Assistant Commissioner of Police, it substantiates and vindicates all that we have been feeling, as happening in the Guyana Police Force. The fact that some of these policemen do have fancy motor cars vindicates that there is accuracy about what is being alleged here, there is authenticity of what is being alleged,§ Ramjattan stated.The police Criminal Investigations Department and the Office of Professional Responsibility have been mandated to investigate the Merai allegations but the AFC Co-Leader has no confidence in the internal investigative arm of the local law enforcement agency to investigate allegations of such magnitude.※Those offices are tainted with a bias,Cheap Jerseys Free, in my view. When it (allegations) is so high and so significant a development, that office should not be the place that should be dealing with investigations of policemen on those high ranks. It should require an international quality team,§ Ramjattan said.He added that he will feel confident with the independence of investigators from outside the jurisdiction.※And also because of their expertise and experience, they can come up with better recommendations than our team of officers in the CID and the OPR,§ he added.According to Ramjattan, when retired Assistant Commissioner Paul Slowe remarked that both the upper and lower echelons of the force are corrupt, this was dismissed as reckless by both Minister Rohee and President Bharrat Jagdeo.※This is a major, major development which demands inquiry, which demands dismissals, which demands interdictions, which demands resignations right up to the minister,§ he said.His calls are not likely to be taken to the National Assembly, since the AFC*s position is not to return to Parliament during the official recess period.Additionally, Ramjattan is convinced that the ruling PPP/c which has a majority in the Parliament, will not consider the issues as a matter of urgent public importance.※They*ve always blocked motions of this nature,§ he said.Ramjattan is also of the view that since the administration appears to be turning a blind eye to the entire situation, they are complicit.※If you turn a blind eye as a Minister, knowing that the thing is happening under your nose, you are by your omission, responsible and that is what has been happening here.§Ramjattan also pointed to the fact that the administration appears to be very comfortable with the present commissioner who had reached the age of retirement three years ago.※It just goes to show that there is absolute loyalty to the Commissioner, they feel safe with him and that is what I am saying here, that Commissioner must also go. He ought to have gone a couple of years ago. You only extend, not because you don*t have bright young policemen, but you feel safe with what you got and what you got had his visa taken away by the American Embassy§.Ramjattan said that the Americans must know plenty about cocaine dealings at the very highest levels within the mafia in Guyana and they probably know who are connected with it.※And that is why it has reached the abominable wretched state and there is a stench now and it is stinking to high heavens now,§ the AFC co-leader stated.
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Government, in its thrust to promote a green economy and environment, is moving ahead with plans to ban the importation and use of closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam, popularly known by the trade mark brand, Styrofoam, as of January 1, 2016.The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment has begun implementing a series of measures to address waste management and to promote the utilisation of bio-degradable materials.? The proposed Expanded Polystyrene Ban Regulation is being finalised before the effective date to ensure the ban is legally reinforced.Cabinet has already granted approval for the immediate development of a legal framework to implement the ban on the importation and use of polystyrene foam products, as well as a public awareness programme to educate the public on the consequences of its usage and the benefits of the alternatives.This decision follows a series of consultations, which were held previously with industry operators, importers and other key stakeholders. However, more consultative sessions are planned for the duration of the year, before the ban fully takes effect in January.It is hoped that this initiative will see a significant reduction in the effects of polystyrene foam products?on solid waste management in Guyana and its negative impact on the environment, while leading to the further development of new enterprises in the alternatives sector. With the ban,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, Guyana will become one of few countries in the world to ban the product.In Guyana, polystyrene foam makes up about five percent of the waste stream and is most popularly used in the food service industry. The improper disposal of the single use item has been, and remains a threat to human health and the wider environment, incurring clean up and disposal costs amounting to millions of dollars, a cost borne by the taxpaying public.The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment will be collaborating with the Ministries of Business, Legal Affairs, and Finance via the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), to implement the ban.