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A man,Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes Cheap, who intended to take the life of another,Wholesale China Jerseys, was on Monday remanded to jail when he appeared before Magistrate Hazel Octive- Hamilton at the Georgetown Magistrate¡¯s Court.Nineteen- year- old Wazim Pereira of Lot 111,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap, North Sophia Georgetown was not required to plead to the indictable charge that said he tried to kill Bahadur Leral on February 16 in Georgetown.According to Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield,cheap jerseys elite, the victim and the accused are known to each other. On the day of the incident,Cheap Jerseys Store, Leral was standing in his yard when Pereira walked up to him and said something. An argument started between the two men during which Pereira reportedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Leral.He then ran away leaving the badly wounded man to be taken for medical attention by public-spirited persons.The prosecutor subsequently requested that Pereira be kept in state custody since the victim was still hospitalized and is listed in a critical condition.The accused stood unrepresented and did not attempt to refute the argument of the police.The court accepted the prosecutor¡¯s request and ordered that Pereira be remanded to prison until March 9.
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A 24-year-old man is dead,Jerseys NFL Cheap, following yet another vehicular accident in Guyana¡¯s hinterland. Dead is BonavenaBonavena KattowKattow,Wholesale Jerseys, of St Cuthbert¡¯s Mission.According to reports reaching Kaieteur News,Cheap Jerseys From China, the incident happened about five miles from where he lived,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, on Thursday around lunch time.A relative of the dead man yesterday told Kaieteur News that Kattow was heading back home when the accident happened.This newspaper was told that Kattow and two others were in the vehicle when the vehicle suffered a ¡°blow out¡±.Kattow was rushed to a nearby medical facility where he died.The driver of the vehicle Ridley Ferreira received minor injuries,Wholesale Jerseys China, while another passenger Waveney Williams received a broken arm.
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Government has announced moves to introduce taxes and other disincentives to reduce a major problem with styrofoam boxes and plastic containers.Government plans to introduce legislation to reduce the importation of Styrofoam boxes and plastic containers, as a means to battle the garbage problem. (KN File Photo, June 2012)Speaking with reporters yesterday, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, disclosed that the waste disposal problem facing the country has prompted the administration to launch its ¡°Pick It Up Guyana¡± campaign.The country has been battling a growing problem of waste disposal,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, made worse by widespread use and importation of the non-biodegradable styrofoam food boxes, plastic soda bottles and aluminum tins.Waterways and drains have been clogged by the containers,Wholesale China Jerseys, with millions spent to clean up afterwards. It has been blamed for flooding and the unsightly look of several wards of the city and the country.According to Luncheon,Cheap Air Max 2018, government is looking at legislation that will reduce these imports and encourage the use of recycled materials.There are also likely to be measures put in place to encourage more investments into waste disposal and even in expanding in areas of recycling.As a matter of fact,Cheap Air Max 2018 Shoes, government-sponsored events will be banning the use of the Styrofoam boxes,cheap jerseys cc, plastic bottles and aluminum containers.There will be ¡°zero tolerance¡± for littering under new measures to be introduced, the official said.Already, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development is moving to collaborate to come up with strategies to deal with solid waste disposal issues. There will likely be considerations for the establishment of community dumping sites,Nike NFL Jerseys China, Luncheon said.
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A cashier from the Guyana Revenue Authority, who last week stole almost a million dollars from the entity,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, has been taken into police custody.The cashier,Wholesale Jerseys China, 32-year old Ian Havercombe, was arrested on Friday at his residence,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, 29 Railway Road, Beterverwagting,Nike Roshe Run Online Shop, East Coast Demerara.Kaieteur News understands that ranks from the Police Fraud Squad along with their counterparts from the Beterverwagting Police Station swooped down on Havercombe¡¯s residence around 11:00 hours.There were no reports of the cashier resisting arrest or attempting to escape.This newspaper understands that the arrest came as a surprise to Havercombe who had freely mingled with ranks from the Beterverwagting Police Station the day before his arrest.However,Jerseys From China, the ranks there were unaware that he was wanted by the police.On Monday last, Havercombe disappeared with $976,000 which he was supposed to have deposited into the entity¡¯s Bank of Guyana account.Although he subsequently returned the cash, he had not reported for duty since he left work on Monday afternoon.There was some initial confusion over the reporting of the matter to the police.The GRA had indicated that its officials had reported the matter to the police on the day it occurred.It was only Thursday, that the police kicked into action after verifying that a report was made.Crime Chief Seelall Persaud had told this newspaper that the return of the stolen money does not negate the actual larceny.“Paying back the money does not negate the crime,Wholesale Jerseys China,” Persaud said.Police have since taken statements from several employees of the GRA and have launched a search for the missing cashier.Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur had expressed disgust over the recent theft, which came just two months after the GRA uncovered a massive fraud involving millions of dollars.“There would be increased emphasis on integrity, professionalism and honesty of the staff of the organisation and this has to start from the point of recruitment,” Sattaur said.He emphasised the role of the Integrity Committee launched in December 2009 in achieving this objective.The entity has been stern in dealing with employees implicated in frauds and reassured that once a person is found culpable they will be charged and dismissed from the job.
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By Leonard GildarieWow! What a week. From the national budget to Prince Harry¡¯s visit, accidents and robberies,Leonard Gildarieand a mayor being voted out in Berbice months after taking office, it all indeed seemed a bit overwhelming.I will start with the one that appears to be on everyone¡¯s lips – the presentation of the 2017 national budget, that came with the salary threshold being raised and a number of fees and taxes being hiked.There are announcements of tough measures against tax evaders and against businesses that keep poor records or double records to fool the inspectors. I have no issues with these measures.CRIPPLING EFFECTOf course, the one that rubbed wrong is that announcement of a 14 percent VAT introduction to the water and electricity bills of consumers.According to Government, the vast majority of customers for Guyana Power and Light Inc. will be excluded from paying those VAT charges. According to GPL figures, it has approximately 138,000 residential and business customers. About 105,000 residential and 4,800 business customers pay $10,000 or less per month. This means that over 80 percent of consumers will not have to pay the tax.My research on what prevails overseas has found taxes being applied to electricity and water bills in quite a number of countries. The big question is whether Guyana is ready for this. We have had a tough year, made worse by global conditions and falling prices for commodities like timber, bauxite and rice.Undoubtedly, it will have some effect on disposable income of consumers – meaning that it will affect spending power.Taxes are very critical to the running of a country. They are what fix the roads, pay for education and free medical services and a host of other things.However, too much taxation can have a crippling effect on the economy.The timing of this new tax must be considered in the greater scheme of things.It is a fact that this administration has made it harder upon itself when it comes to accountability.A number of big bank accounts, including at NICIL and Lotto Funds; the ones at the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) can no longer be used as slush funds. There is too much scrutiny. Spending has to be approved by the National Assembly.The Government can no longer try to move monies from GGMC to fix problems in housing. That is irregular.In other words, quick fixes to crises that pop up at intervals have be tackled in a more responsible, long-term and legal manner.DEEP TROUBLEIt appears to me that this administration recognized that the economy was in deep trouble from as early as two years ago. The growth was sliding. There were no major investments. Money to run the country has to come from somewhere.Sectors like housing and forestry were all grinding to a halt. This was what the administration met with when it entered office. The loss of the rice market to Venezuela was by no means a little ripple in the water. Rice is life for a vast majority of citizens from Berbice and Essequibo, with overseas markets tough to negotiate and lock down.The clamping down on the drug and fuel smuggling trade have also badly affected the economy. We can discuss this more, but there is not enough space here.Trinidad, Suriname,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Brazil and Venezuela are facing some of the toughest times in their history.In Guyana, we have to take stock. A number of businesses are threatening to pass on their ¡°extra costs¡± from taxes to consumers.The fact is quite a number of large companies are hiding their taxes. Many businesses are not issuing receipts. Many businesses have been under-reporting. The budget is promising heavy fines for both local and foreign companies if caught fixing their books to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.So there is significant unease over the actions of Government. I am worried.Leading up to the budget presentation Monday,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Kaieteur News has been updating this nation on the consultations that took place over the year. Stakeholders from the business sector were engaged. I recall hearing invitations to the Opposition.Did the administration relay to the stakeholders what was some of the thinking?If the Opposition did not turn up to the meetings, where should blame be laid? The Opposition represents almost half of the voters.In my estimation, we have a broken system. The budget debate begins tomorrow. The National Assembly is where we should show some maturity. There is nothing that says that Government and Opposition cannot compromise on a number of things. There can be some backroom negotiations. After all, we are talking about the well-being of the entire country.We are at a crossroads. Should we take the tough decisions that have to be taken and ready this country for oil? Or should we continue along the same lines that have left us with a shameful title – one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere.Instead of nit-picking, at this 11th hour,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, we have to sit at the table and work things out. I am sure the Opposition can call the Finance Minister and talk with him. I am sure he will listen. After all, he and the administration represent all of Guyana.So we will watch and see how this debate unfolds. I expect it to be anything but boring.HORRIFIC ACCIDENTAs I pen this piece, there is news of a horrific accident involving three vehicles, including a minibus,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, at Herstelling,Wholesale Jerseys China, East Bank Demerara.I am a little worried about this piece of the four-lane roadway. The median has been widened to allow cars coming from the city to turn right into Herstelling. But the median appears to throw drivers off, with a number of accidents reported in the area.Our taxi and minibus drivers appear to be on a suicide mission. They switch lanes at the blink of an eye. We don¡¯t care for pedestrian crossings. A little boy in Berbice lost his life this week.At Eccles, a woman was crushed by a truck at the Haags Bosch dumpsite road on Friday. On the East Coast, a former regional executive officer was killed after a collision, reportedly by irresponsible driving.I am nervous every day as I head to and return home from work. We need to examine how these drivers are receiving their licences.Aside from this, I read with much interest the news that the Mayor of Corriverton has lost his seat. This is because of internal elections at the municipality there. He was only voted in earlier this year.All the local government offices – municipalities and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils – are expected to hold internal elections by mid-December. It is a good thing. No mayor or chairperson should think the office belongs to them.All eyes will be on the city when Mayor Patricia Chase-Green comes up against her deputy,China NBA Jerseys, Sherod Duncan. I believe that this is democracy at work.In office, we should all strive to leave a mark, a legacy. It is not about the money or contracts or fancy speeches. It is all about service.An expectant population is watching. The rules of the game have been relaxed and a younger crowd is roaring, and expecting.
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¡­to host roundtable discussion to develop five-year strategic planWith the ultimate goal of attaining national unity, the government, through the Ministry of Social Cohesion, is pushing for a five-year strategic plan to address all forms of inequality, disparity and ethnic barriers existing today.From left: International facilitator of the Social Cohesion Roundtable Chris Spies, British High Commissioner Greg Quinn, Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally, and Local facilitator of the Roundtable, Lawrence LatchmansinghThe Ministry will be hosting a national discussion with at least 50 national stakeholders, focusing on social togetherness, programme planning and development of initiatives that can help to promote national unity and nation building.During a conference at the Media Centre at the Ministry of the Presidency on Monday, Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally, explained that the event is expected to create an opportunity for Guyanese to contribute to the framework for planning the social cohesion agenda and equality programming over the next five years.According to the Minister, the event will be the roadmap for implementation and a final report with key ideas and recommendations that inform social cohesion and equality programming will be presented at the end of the activity.The Ministry¡¯s aim, she said, is to bridge the gaps between all forms of inequality, disparity and ethnic barriers. ¡°We believe that in Guyana there is need for national unity and togetherness so that we can work together to build our country, our nation.¡±Ally said that the role of the new Ministry is challenging, but she expressed the belief that it can be achieved with the support of international bodies, stakeholders and locals. The Minister divulged that they have rolled out sensitization programmes across Guyana.Ally said that the roundtable is fully financed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the British High Commission.As stakeholders converge at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown tomorrow, they will be listening to feature presentations from international experts, representatives of UNDP, the British High Commissioner James Gregory Quinn, Deputy Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Dr. Josephine Ojiambo, President David Granger and Sir Shridath Ramphal.Ally said that following the presentations, working groups will be established to examine a number of areas suggested by stakeholders. There is to be an examination of the areas affecting the people of Guyana.According to the Minister, the main programme will be held tomorrow. On Friday, the facilitators,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, rapporteurs and experts will together produce reports that will offer guidance as to the direction of the Social Cohesion Ministry.The Minister remarked that it will be implementing the results as soon as the discussions conclude. ¡°We mustn¡¯t expect that tomorrow we are going to achieve social cohesion in Guyana¡­but the important thing is that we must begin working towards that.¡±The Minister said, ¡°We must resolve to take our country to another level, there is too much at stake.¡± Ally assured media operatives that if the need arises for legislative changes, the government will not hesitate to propose such.British High Commissioner Greg Quinn said that the United Kingdom and the British Government view Social Cohesion as very important. Quinn, who originates from Northern Ireland, said that his country has its own issues dealing with social cohesion and issues surrounding that.¡°This is not just for the Minister or the Ministry or us or anybody to control. This is for everybody within Guyana to take responsibility for and to be part of. Everybody in this country has a role and a responsibility in promoting, encouraging and ensuring there is social cohesion.¡°What we need to do is to make sure that those people have got the space to say what they want and feel able and willing and able to say what they want and get involved in a constructive debate,¡± Quinn remarked.The High Commissioner expressed that Thursday¡¯s roundtable, which will be guided by the theme ¡°Social Cohesion for Lasting Unity and Peace,¡± is an opportunity to push that process.The goal of the roundtable is to engage and garner contributions from citizens to enhance social cohesion in our communities and the country as a whole, with the objective of developing a strategic framework for implementing Guyana¡¯s social cohesion five-year plan.It is also designed to understand region-specific and national factors that should be examined in formulation of strategic plan and work programme; to identify practical options, strategies and capacities for building social cohesion and addressing inequalities and how to effectively monitor change; to create national awareness and sensitisation among stakeholders on issues of social cohesion in planning for effective programme implementation.The roundtable will provide perspectives on gender, ableness, and environmental and geographic dimensions of the four thematic. These are ethnic relations and politics, social and economic equality, community and safety and well-being, and political participation and governance.More than 50 local organisations, including inter religious bodies, human rights organisations, cultural groups, the Private Sector, representatives from all 10 regions, and civil society are expected to take part in the Roundtable.
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Several Pandits who have successfully completed a training course conducted by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha on Wednesday received their certificates at a special ceremony held at the Sanskritik Kendra, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown.Dr. Vindya Persaud, Assistant General Secretary of the Dharmic Sabha, explained that after the Kendra (Prashad Nagar) was constructed some time in 1991, Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud was the first to begin training for those who were interested in becoming Pandits.However; due to some difficulties such as poor turn out and class sizes the sessions were not as successful as the Organisation had hoped for.Still, the Dharmic Sabha remained committed to such a venture and about five to six years ago it attempted to restart the classes.The persons in charge of these classes were not all Pandits but the team also consisted of persons who were versed in the Sanskritik language and more.Dr. Persaud explained that the Dharmic Sabha has been training and providing facilities for their Pandits to improve their standard of education.These activities have been made possible by collaborative efforts between the organisation and the Indian High Commission.Purshotam Shivraj, the person who is said to have ¡°spearheaded¡± the training programme,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, explained that these Pandits have written the Sanskritik and Gita Examinations in 2011/2012 of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Mumbai, India.Kaieteur News understands that there were two batches prior to Wednesday¡¯s graduates who sat the examinations in 2006 and 2008.The latter year saw participants and graduates from both the Kendra and from Berbice.He stated that the results showed maximum passes.? Five pandits wrote level three- Pravesha of Sanskritik examination; three wrote level four- Pariachaya.Nine Pandits wrote Parambha- first level of the Gita Examination; five wrote Pravesha ¨C second level, three Pandits wrote the third and fourth levels Pariachaya and Kovida.All students were successful at the examinations which were set and marked in India.President Donald Ramotar, who was present at the graduation ceremony with his wife, First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar, told the gathering that such initiatives are gladly welcomed by the Government of Guyana as it seeks to ensure that persons are well grounded in their roots.He stated that languages play a big role in society and Hinduism should not remain a theory or a concept but it should be put into practice.While the country and the world at large continue to evolve in areas such as science and technology, it is imperative that individuals be firm in their religious beliefs and cultures since they both attribute to someone¡¯s personality, the President acknowledged.It was noted that in today¡¯s society youths may have a more difficult time adjusting and meeting demands in comparison to what was expected many years ago.Therefore religion and culture are both necessary in the lives of both youths and adults.Guyanese live in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society and this allows persons to make tremendous contributions to the country.¡°Pandits have a big role to play in educating youngsters and we need to ensure that the Hindu culture makes big contributions to the national culture on the whole. This initiative should be seen as a stepping stone and enriches our way of life,¡± added President Ramotar.Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, stated that it is important to ensure that Pandits receive training since some of the cultures and practices brought to Guyana from India have lost some of their elements.Therefore, training should be done on a regular basis to ensure that these Pandits and others are aware of each step that they must upkeep and conduct their prayers and duties correctly.¡°Training them makes them aware of how rituals should be done and the manner in which they should be taught to do these makes a big difference. When you know the language, it is even better because sometimes when you get translations, these lose the essence.¡°By knowing another language you would be able to detect additional things which you can absorb in the original form,¡± said Dr. Anthony.He added that the Dharmic Sabha and the Indian High Commission should also aim to create linkages so as to allow the possibility of ¡°virtual classrooms¡± where Guyanese Pandits and persons undergoing training for the Sanskritik language can converse with persons from India.This will allow for the students to improve their language skills. (Kristen Macklingam)
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Old people seh that de eye is de most important part of de body other than de heart or de bam bam. If de heart stop you dead and if de bam bam shut up everything dead.People got to see eye to eye wid one another. That is how a family does start.? You got to see eye to eye to get and maintain a friendship. Kwame couldn¡¯t see eye to eye wid Julius and that is why he cry.Jagdeo, Brassington and Babbie does see eye to eye because all of dem scampish. And all of dem sue de Waterfalls paper but dem nah got nutten fuh get because de people at de paper don¡¯t see eye to eye wid dem.De head of de IDB come to Guyana. He come looking fuh people who he could see eye to eye wid. He find Ash Knee who got de same height as he. Dem shaat alike.? Because of that dem fall in love right away and dem gun start a new life. And that is how Ash Knee get he fuh give way de IDB money wha GHRA,? Hap New plus dem old padna Hay Heff See cussing up about.Dem boys want know when Donald Duck and Bow Foot Granger, and Harper and Moses gun see eye to eye to debate issues that gun mek this country better.Everybody see Maduro in Venezuela want to mek he country better,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, suh he mek eye contact wid Kamla in Trinidad. Then de two of dem meet in Trinidad, secretly. Dem boys read that he tell she he gun give she oil and she seh she gun give he toilet paper in return. Is only in very intimate condition dem two things¡ªoil and toilet paper¡ª does come into play. And especially between a man and a woman.Harper better watch out. Moses got plenty oil. Dem boys want know if she got plenty toilet paper. Dem boys ain¡¯t certain wha gun happen between de Duck and Bow Foot¡ªwho gun give de oil and who gun use de toilet paper.Talk half and keep you eyes pun de Duck, Bow Foot, Moses and Harper.
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De holiday weekend was a time fuh vacation. Some people spend it at de beach,jerseys nfl wholesale, some had bush cook and end up killing people,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, and some just sit and drink.Two people from Ohh Pee jump pun a plane and fly to Barbados. One of dem park de government vehicle in de special parking lot and he lef it deh whole weekend. Then he join he partner inside de airport and dem fly to Barbados.Was a weekend of love. Two men in one room in Barbados; two men on de beach, one wearing bikini; and two men having dinner by candlelight.Dem boys see when dem come back Monday. One try fuh fool people by walking out and leffing de mate inside de airport,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, but dem boys still see when de mate join de red vehicle in de parking lot.And while de two had eyes fuh each other, Clement couldn¡¯t see de report that dem Americans put out. De report talk about how de police don¡¯t investigate murders and it talk about how de police corrupt.De report was bad,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and when dem boys ask Clement fuh a comment,China Jerseys Cheap, he claim that he did not see de report. Well one man seh that he didn¡¯t even see de goat that bite he.Fuh sure he didn¡¯t see de lady car wha get strip. She go to a show at de Stadium and some people pick it up and carry it away. Dem tek off everything,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, including de seat.Although de photo of de stripped car den pun de front page Clement didn¡¯t see it. That is wha dem boys seh.Is cussing whole day today and dem boys know how de day gun end.Talk half. Lef half.
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In its pursuit to track and provide services to victims of sexual violence, the Ministry of Social Protection in collaboration with the Canadian Government, commissioned its Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Unit, today.The unit is located at the Ministry¡¯s Cornhill Street office. Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence and Minister in the Ministry, Keith Scott, and Canada¡¯s High Commissioner to Guyana, Pierre Giroux, were among those present at the event.The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), as part of an agreement with the Government of Guyana and Canada, provided the equipment to furnish the unit. This agreement also provides support to the hinterland,NFL Jerseys China, especially indigenous communities in responding to issues of rape, gender based violence, trafficking in persons and domestic violence.Minister Lawrence expressed gratitude to the Canadian Government for affording the Ministry the opportunity to fast track the unit¡¯s establishment. This division, she explained will be able to give support, not only to Government¡¯s policy makers, but to victims of domestic violence.¡°It is really an accomplishment by the Ministry of Social Protection¡­We are here to stop domestic violence and so ¡­We begin with the first step,¡± Minister Lawrence explained.Under the theme of gender issues and violence against women, Canada has been supporting Guyana over the years, said High Commissioner Giroux.He noted that Canada is pleased to be associated with such initiatives, which seek to tackle domestic violence and to lend support to victims.The unit aims to increase reporting of cases of abuse, investigation and prosecution of sexual violence crimes and the provision of data analysis on trend and patterns of sexual violence in Guyana.
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A seventeen-year-old, of South Ruimveldt Park, has been remanded to prison after he was charged with robbery under arms. The teen made his appearance on Tuesday last at the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ Court before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle.It is alleged that on Wednesday, September 3, on the Kitty seawall, armed with a gun, he robbed Alanceso Stoll of one diamond earring, two cell phones, a wallet and a quantity of cash all totaling $113,000. To the charge the teen pleaded not guilty.He was represented by Defense Counsel Euclin Gomes. In making a bail application for his client Gomes told the court that the accused is gainfully employed at a car wash and at an auto sales establishment.According to Gomes,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, the entire issue stemmed from a vendetta which the virtual complainant¡¯s family has against his client¡¯s family, and this would come out as the trial continues.He added that his client has no previous convictions and it was not only his client who allegedly committed the robbery.?However, Police Prosecutor Denise Griffith objected to bail given the seriousness and prevalence of the offence.She further admitted that indeed it was not only the accused who allegedly committed the robbery.According to Griffith, if the accused is released on bail it is likely that he would interfere with the virtual complainant. She added that during the incident the virtual complainant was injured and he was whipped with the gun. A medical report was tendered in court to that effect.Meanwhile, the virtual complainant, who was present in court, said he was walking along the seawall when the accused and two others approached him, placed a gun to his head, choked him and ran through his pockets, relieving him of his belongings.At that point Gomes interjected, as he pointed out to the court that it is virtually impossible for his client to hold a gun to the victim¡¯s head, choke him and run through his pockets at the same time.Bail was, however, refused and the teen is expected to make his next court appearance on September 16.
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Imagine how this country so rough that people stop wukking in office and looking fuh teaching job. Everybody want a job that encouraging scampishness. Today Guyana got more contractors that it got contracts.De other day dem boys see three contractors line up fuh a wuk that good contractors use to refuse and shovel men use to do. Is now a technical thing to dig a drain wid a shovel and de government paying good money.Was a time when dem village council use to lot out drain digging. Now dem boys seh that any wuk like that got to go to de government fuh a public bidding and a tender.And dem got nuff policemen. Dem boys seh that de beggars now ketching hell because dem can¡¯t compete.Was a time when beggars use to sit down and collect. Now dem got to hustle. Some of dem buy bicycles because de police wukking from cars and pick ups. Dem is now de ones who mekking money that beggars use to get long time.Dem boys seh that it ain¡¯t easy. And Khurshid vex because he claim that de police is a public servant and dem mekking money and not paying tax pun de extra.De police seh that when dem pay tax de government giving dem contractor and how dem ain¡¯t wukking suh hard fuh give away dem money. De beggars seh that dem gun protest outside Office of de President because if dem go to police headquarters dem gun get arrest and taken to Leonora.Talk half. Lef half,Wholesale Jerseys Supply.
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Three teenagers accused of robbing the First Choice Pawn Shop were all remanded to prison when they appeared before Magistrate Hazel Octive Hamilton, at the Georgetown Magistrates Court.Avinash Ramcharran, 19, of Cummings Lodge East Coast Demerara, Jermaine Canterbury, 17, of Hogg Street Albouystown and Leonard Allicock, 17, of Independence Boulevard, were not required to plead to the indictable charge of robbery under arms.The allegation was that on May 21,Cheap Sittched Jerseys China, the three who were armed with handguns robbed Rajendra Singh of gold jewellery valued at $2.4M.It was further alleged that the men stole a cell phone valued at $10,000 and $100,000 in cash.Their lawyer Mohamed Zafar in a bail application told the court, that none of his clients were known to the police.He added that no statements were made against his clients by the virtual complainant. Mohamed asked for reasonable bail since none of his clients were a flight risk.However Police Prosecutor Joel Ricknauth objected to bail. The prosecutor explained that Ramcharran and Canterbury both signed a caution statement.Bail was refused. They are all expected to make another court appearance on June 7.On Friday last, two armed bandits carted off a quantity of gold jewellery and cash from the First Choice Pawn Shop.The men fled with their booty from the scene in a gold coloured AT 192 Carina.Eyewitnesses had told this newspaper that two men ran into the business entity and forced their way through a door and into the cashier area where they stuck up the teller with a gun and later ran to a getaway car.This was the first time that the pawn shop was robbed.
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Yesterday, Johall Abram Mauget, 31,Jordan Sneakers Wholesale, of 100 Mount Vermont, apartment 107, Canada, was brought before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates Court, where he was made to answer to the charge of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.The particulars of the charge stated that on June 4,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, last,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, the defendant had in his possession,China Jerseys Cheap, 2.615 kilograms of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. He pleaded guilty.Court documents revealed that on the date in question the defendant was an outgoing passenger at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Ranking officers were conducting a search and found a white substance which they suspected to be cocaine,Nike NFL Jerseys China, tucked neatly beneath a false bottom of a suitcase.The unrepresented Canadian was subsequently fined $30,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys,000 and sentenced to three years imprisonment.
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New York (New York Daily News) – A Queens doctor was busted Tuesday for allegedly acting more like a dealer than a healer ¡ª taking money for prescriptions for painkillers without examining patients,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, officials said.Anand Persaud,China Jerseys NFL, 44, who has offices in Jamaica, Queens,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, and Baldwin, L.I., was charged with illegally selling prescriptions for Oxycodone on two occasions. But investigators believe he made $1.4 million from 5,800 office visits in 2011 and 2012 in which he prescribed the addictive meds to patients, officials said.Investigators leading Dr. Anand Persaud shortly after his arrest.¡°It¡¯s unconscionable that a doctor,Dale Murphy Braves Throwback Jersey, a trusted licensed professional, would violate his professional duties and abuse his licence to traffic in prescriptions for narcotics,Cheap Womens Jordan Sneakers,¡± said Attorney General Eric Schneiderman,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, whose office conducted the investigation.Persaud, born in Guyana, and who faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in a Nassau County Court Tuesday and was ordered held without bail.He allegedly charged $250 or more for office visits in which all he did was write prescriptions for the painkillers.A new law set to take effect next month will make New York the first state to require doctors to consult an online database showing patients¡¯ drug histories before prescribing a controlled substance. The law is designed to make ¡°doctor shopping¡± by prescription drug abusers much more difficult, officials said.
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– elect new executiveThe Guyana Scrap Metal Dealers Association (GCMDA), currently facing a crisis after Government banned exports last week in the wake of an increase in vandalism, says that it wants to propose a legislative framework that will assist in managing the industry.The association made the revelations yesterday in a statement which also announced that a new Executive Committee was elected on Monday to serve, until the next Annual General Meeting.The new President is Alfred Branche with Amar Samaroo the Vice President. Also elected were Michael Benjamin,Wholesale China Jerseys, Secretary; Treasurer- Shalini Diaz; with the Committee Members being Joseph Baskarran, Percy Cole,Cheap Sittched Jerseys China, Fernando Melendez and Raghu Raman.According to GSMDA,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2017, it is a trade association of scrap metal dealers in Guyana which remained a strong advocate for best practices among its members.¡°The association has been very instrumental in having its members adhere and comply with a Rules and Standards of Conduct Code whereby meticulous transaction records are kept, and suspicious transactions are reported to the Government of Guyana Task Force on scrap metals.¡±The association also said that it is in the process of commissioning a comprehensive study of the scrap metal industry in Guyana.¡°This study will detail the state of the industry and its contribution to the Guyana economy, industry management practices,Nike Air Max 2018 Release, and will propose a legislative framework to assist the Government of Guyana agencies in managing the industry. Additionally this study will look at export markets and marketing efforts of association members.¡±GCMDA stressed that the scrap metal industry in Guyana remains viable and vibrant,cheap jerseys from china, and continues to make positive contributions to the economy of Guyana.¡°The industry employs approximately 500 fulltime or equivalent employees. Peripheral business such as fuel, transportation, machinist and welders accounts for another 500 employees.The association members are also in full compliance of all the statutes and laws governing their industry. GSMDA is committed to the Government of Guyana goals for economic development and endeavors to do its part in nation building,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys China,¡± the association said in the statement.
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–?? ?media houses vow to continue action Private media houses continued their protests over what they say is the unfair distribution of radio licences by former President Bharrat Jagdeo.Yesterday, scores of media workers,Wholesale Air Max Tn, newspaper vendors and journalists took the protests to NBTV Channel 9, on Mandela Avenue, in the city. They bore placards calling for a level-playing field and demanding that the ruling party stop its practice of ¡°grabbing¡± Guyana for its friends and close party members.Protestors in front of the NBTV Channel Nine studios yesterday.The media houses affected are claiming that they were deliberately ignored by former President Bharrat Jagdeo who used his executive power days before stepping down in late 2011, to grant close party members and family radio licences and other frequencies to operate cable TV and internet.NBTV is one of the several longstanding TV stations ignored.At the end of day, the radio frequencies essentially allow the ruling People¡¯s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C),Cheap NFL Shop, through the radio licences, to control the airwaves across the country.With government already granting a number of duty free and other concessions to the companies that have been given radio licences,cheap jerseys authentic, the affected media houses which included NBTV, Kaieteur News, Stabroek News, RBS Channel 13, CNS Channel 6, MBC Channel 46, WRHM Channel 7, GWTV 2 and Capitol News, are complaining that the intention is to eventually close them down. They have been critical of government on a number of projects in which details were questionable.But President Donald Ramotar has insisted that Jagdeo did nothing wrong in granting the licences.Rather, the granting of the licences was in keeping with a commitment made by the administration that the radio monopoly by the State would be broken.Neither Ramotar nor Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon, however, could explain what criteria Jagdeo used to grant the licences, in the process sidelining others who have been in the media business for years.Already, the media houses have protested for a number of days on Saffon Street, Charlestown, in front of Kaieteur News, home of the largest selling daily newspaper in Guyana.Yesterday, Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, who joined the picketing exercise at NBTV, reiterated that the action would continue. ¡°I still want to ask Dr. Luncheon what media experience Omkar Lochan and ¡®Bobby¡¯ Ramroop have that made them get five channels each??Lochan is the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud,Cheap Jerseys Online, who is closely affiliated with MTV Channel 65, another channel controlled by the ruling party.There are now questions whether he could as an official in that Ministry be allowed a licence. He was granted five frequencies.Ramroop is a very close friend of the former President. A number of tax concessions for his media outfit, including the Guyana Times and TVG 28, which was also acquired under unclear circumstances, are also about to be investigated by Members of Parliament. He was also given five frequencies for his radio station.Also granted five frequencies was the ruling party¡¯s newspaper, The Mirror. It also received five frequencies through Dharamkumar Seeraj, a Member of Parliament for the ruling party.According to Lall, Dr. Luncheon¡¯s explanation that the number of frequencies to close party members and friends had to do with geographical consideration is even more strange.¡°To hear this is a determining factor is laughable. The doctor also said that Jagdeo used his discretion in granting the licences. Yes,Cheap Jerseys USA, I agree with Dr. Luncheon, that Jagdeo used his discretion. The only thing is that he used his discretion for was to give only his family, best friends and his party the licences.¡±Lall said that to make it appear balanced, licences were granted to a few ¡°outsiders¡± who each got one frequency.¡°In essence,Cheap Jerseys, these licences are village radios that have limited coverage. What they have given themselves is countrywide radio¡­that is the difference. Until President Ramotar corrects this injustice that Jagdeo perpetrated on this land, we will never stop this fight. It will go on and on.¡±Also there at NBTV was representative Charles Griffith and Capitol News principal, Enrico Woolford, who said that the matter is now engaging the attention of lawyers and that a court case is likely.Griffith said that he is convinced that Jagdeo broke the law when he granted the licences.¡°We will continue to protest. This is not about radio licences alone. It is about our rights which have been stolen.¡±Also granted frequencies to transmit Cable TV via the airwaves are Vishok Persaud, son of former Agri Minister, Dr. Reepu Daman Persaud, and Brian Yong, a close friend of Jagdeo and former candidate in the 2011 elections for the PPP/C.Radio and TV licences had been placed on a hold for years after government and the opposition agreed that new legislation would be tabled and a special body, the Broadcast Authority, should be established first.However, two months after signing the Broadcast Act in September 2011, Jagdeo went ahead and issued the licences. It was not until August last year that the Broadcast Authority was appointed and even then, it was lined with government MPs, and other party officials.Details were not available until the opposition, using their one-seat majority, forced government to divulge the information as to who was granted the licences.The granting of licences has been roundly condemned by media associations.
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Finally, after months of inaction the contractor has recommenced works to widen the East Bank Demerara Public Road into four-lane. The works extend from the ¡®high bridge¡¯ at Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) to Diamond Housing Scheme entrance.Before August last year the project was stalled because of the presence of utility poles and pipelines. Initially,Cheap Jerseys From China, when the consultants did the designs, provisions were made in the contract for the relocation of utilities, but while executing works, the cost estimated by consultants was more than that estimated by the utility companies.The Inter-American Development Bank was approached to provide additional funding,Nike Roshe Run Men, outside of the contract,Air Max 97, for the relocation.The US$3.4M contract was awarded in November 2011 and physical works began on site in January 2012. However,Wholesale Jerseys From China, after carrying out excavation works and placement of sand creating the outline of the additional lanes the project stalled.Now,, that the utilities have been relocated the contractor,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, BK International, is back on site carrying out works.? While the relocation of the utilities has solved the delay on the project commuters would have to brace for longer travelling time when construction works begin. This project entails the lowering and widening of the ¡®high bridge¡¯ at DDL.According to Public Works Ministry¡¯s Engineer, following discussions with management of DDL it was decided that a sleeve would have to be placed over the gas line that is near the bridge.
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A Middle Road, La Penitence man is now seeking compensation after he was struck down by a speeding motorcar,wholesale nfl jerseys, two Sundays ago on the West Bank Demerara Public Road.Keith JuniorKeith Junior, 22,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, has been hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) since the incident. The injured man told Kaieteur News that on January 3,Jerseys From China, he ventured over the Demerara River to visit his older sister.He said that he cannot remember the exact village in which his sibling resides.He stated that as he was making his way to her home during a downpour,China Jerseys Cheap, he was knocked from behind by a grey motorcar,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, which later toppled several times before coming to a halt.The young man said that he was taken to the hospital by a friend,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, whom he contacted via phone.Both of his legs are fractured and he received several lacerations about the body.? He stated that he has never seen or heard from the driver of the vehicle since the accident but has provided the police with a statement.
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¨C a hallmark of proposed ¡®Professional Standards¡¯The Ministry of Education is looking to introduce a ¡®Professional Standards¡¯ for Teachers that is expected to help improve the delivery of education.? This strategic tactic, according to Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, was devised with the intention of addressing all of the expectations for education practitioners.Sam, who was speaking at an Education Ministry press conference last week, disclosed that this mechanism is one that will seek to give attention to the required skills and knowledge of educators. Additionally, he pointed out that it will direct much focus to the professional dispositions that ¡°are expected of our teachers or the attitudes and behaviours that they should exhibit.¡±The Professional Standards for Teachers will therefore set expectations for achieving desired educational outcomes and also amplify the importance of the performance of those who teach, lead, and/or supervise the education system.And according to the information out of the Ministry of Education such performance is the collective outcome of pre-service training, ongoing professional development,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, and the experience gained through the practice of the profession.However, since the education professional is ultimately responsible for his or her impact on the system, it is therefore expected that the assessment of the standards will be based on practice rather than on examinations.¡°These standards are not intended as a tool for punitive action. Rather they reflect professional consensus of what is desirable in the supervision, leadership and delivery of education. They also provide a framework that permits professionals to engage in self-assessment,¡± a statement from the Education Ministry indicated.The proposed standards are aligned to the Organization of American States (OAS),China Jerseys, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and other international standards, and therefore offer the professional community specifications against which teachers are able to set goals for personal development and progress in the profession.Moreover, the need for teachers to embrace professional standards has even been amplified by CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, who has urged teachers to place emphasis on standards to meet demands for a competent workforce in the Region.According to LaRocque, ¡°Our community needs a workforce that is healthy, competent, and literate with strong basic skills,Air Max 2018 Shoes, and which can adapt to a rapidly changing labour market and technological world.¡±As a consequence, he stated that there was need for ¡°more than passing assurance¡± that persons functioning as teachers are certified to teach,Dale Murphy Braves Throwback Jersey, thoroughly prepared and maintained performance standards.¡°This assurance can be ascertained through the introduction of a set of measures that will enable the regulation and management of quality within a framework of professional teaching standards and,cheap jerseys from china, consequently, improve status of the teaching profession,¡± Secretary-General LaRocque stated.Teacher career policies and programmes stimulating the profession; the provision of incentives to attract the best prospective candidates; established entry-level professional standards; and certification and licensing in accordance with established professional standards, were among the specific measures he suggested.Consultations for the proposed Professional Standards for the local education system were held in each Region of the country¡ª71 altogether between February and July 2014.The consultations saw attention being given to the teaching standards detailed in a Draft Standards for Teachers in Guyana.Minister of Education Priya Manickchand, during the early stages of the consultations, had intimated that the response was heartening, and during an interview with this publication, she said that the document was even attracting overseas attention.¡°It is very pleasing to me to see persons living abroad giving their input too….¡± the Minister informed. The overseas response, she disclosed, allowed the Ministry to access other similarly crafted documents from various countries in order to help guide the way forward.¡°It has been extremely good, the input we have been getting so far, because people are telling us what they think is wrong or right,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,¡± the Minister said.And the local response has been no less gratifying, she pointed out, even as she alluded to the overwhelming turnout at the stakeholders¡¯ consultations. This is especially pleasing, the Minister said, in light of the fact that the meetings were attended by choice.¡°I am very satisfied¡­our aim has been to make it known that we have these draft standards and get feedback from everyone in the country about how they feel about them. This is to allow them to see if they want to delete stuff, if they want to add stuff¡­and that is the aim of the conversation and I am extremely pleased to see the turnouts, because these are not mandatory meetings,¡± the Minister said.Currently the Ministry is in the process of compiling a report which will entail input drawn from the various consultations that were had over the course of last year, Manickchand has disclosed.