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Linden Town Week queen, twenty-one year old Keisha Fraser, is no stranger to pageantry.Proud moment: Keisha Fraser savours victory with her designer, Crystal LamNeither is winning a novelty. In fact, Keisha was simply continuing her winning ways when she captured the Town Week crown three Sundays ago.For our reigning queen, the Town Week crown is the second tangible evidence, that she is as beautiful as she is intelligent. Keisha captured her first crown, at the very first pageant to be held at the New Silvercity Secondary School, as a student there. She was sixteen years old.To the people of Victory Valley, it was a major victory- to them,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, she was already Miss Linden, and that was how they began to address her.Well as they say, words have molding power, and in Keisha¡¯s case being called ¡°Miss Linden¡± by residents of her community, after being crowned Miss New Silvercity five years ago, was certainly prophetic.Sure WinnerLooking resplendent in a black evening gown, Keisha copped the coveted Miss Linden title from a field of nine beauties that competed fiercely in the areas of intelligence, talent and poise.The victorious Victory Valley lass became a strong contender from the moment she stepped on stage, exuding the charm and grace of a queen.For her talent piece, Fraser chose dramatic poetry, which she executed to the delight of the audience. She was awarded the best talent prize for her efforts and also voted the most intelligent- not at all surprising considering the fact that she is a school teacher. Our new Queen is attached to the Wismar Hill Primary School and not the New Silver city Secondary, as was inadvertently published in this newspaper.Keisha was not at all surprised at her latest victory. ¡°I was confident, and the crowd response certainly gave me more courage, so I just did my best in answering the question and everything.¡±The queen with first,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, second and third runners-up. Senelle Brown the third runner-up, is on her right, while first runner up Carlotta Johnson and second runner up Nickieta Mac Farlene are at left.She says that she is however not sure what her prize is yet.¡°At first we were told that the first prize was to be a car, but then on the very day of the pageant our parents were called in by the organizers,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, who told them that there were some problems with that.¡°I think quite a few persons were disappointed- including myself, but contrary to what some persons are saying that I planned to sue the organizers, that is not true.¡±No date has been set for the prize giving ceremony, and the queen insists that she be informed before the event, what her prize will be.But prizes and pageantry aside, who really is Keisha Fraser?¡°I¡¯m a pretty simple person. I¡¯m presently a school teacher, with a special love for languages.At present I¡¯m learning French and loving it- and I have a passion for the English language.¡±She is the eldest of four girls for her mother, who is also a school teacher.Keisha admits that at first she was not too enthused by the idea of teaching, but was greatly influenced by her mother, who is a great role model.¡°Now I can safely say that it has grown on me-Im growing to love it.¡±Victorious ambassadorAs would be expected, Keisha represented the Victory Valley community, where she grew up and presently resides with her family. A victorious ambassador, from Victory Valley, one might say.And she is adamant that the sometimes negative picture painted of the community is not entirely true.¡°I mean I grew up here, and everything is not perfect, but the people are very nice. They are caring and hospitable. People here live like family. If you should take a stroll in here any day,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, you would be most welcome!¡±The Linden Town Week Queen automatically qualifies to enter the Miss Guyana World.However, that is a prospect, she says, she is not entirely sure of, given her hectic work schedule.¡°I¡¯m supposed to sign a contract with the VYBZ Entertainment group, but so far I have not been told anything.¡±For now,Wholesale China Jerseys, Keisha is focused on her teaching and learning French,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, for as she says, you never know where life might take you! ?(Enid Joaquin)
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Police are hoping that a laptop computer that was retrieved from the Bel Air apartment of Cuban physiotherapist Guillermo Valintin Martinez Stable will reveal why he apparently killed his friend, Usawatie Persaud,China Jerseys Cheap, then took his own life.Kaieteur News has confirmed that the computer was found submerged in water-filled washing machine in the apartment.The unusual location of the computer has led investigators to suspect that it is somehow linked to the tragedy.A police official said that efforts are to make to retrieve the information that was stored on the computer.The decomposing bodies of 58-year-old Martinez and 47-year-old Persaud were found in the apartment, located at Lot 136 Eping Avenue,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Bel Air, shortly after 14:00 hrs on Thursday.Persaud¡¯s nude and mutilated corpse was found on a blood-soaked mattress in the hallway.Police said that the woman¡¯s body bore five stab wounds to the throat,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, chest and stomach. Some investigators suspect that she was attacked while sleeping on the mattress.Police retrieved a bloodstained knife from the apartment.Martinez¡¯s body, with no marks of violence, was found on his bed. He was clad in a pair of three-quarter pants.According to a source,Air Max 1 Atmos, he was lying on his back,China Jerseys Cheap, with his hands on his chest. His spectacles were nearby.Yesterday, police again stated that they believed that Martinez murdered Persaud before taking his own life.Police stated that the Cuban¡¯s mouth was filled with an unidentified liquid, which they suspect he ingested.Investigators took samples of the liquid which is to be tested in the police laboratory.Yesterday,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Persaud¡¯s husband and a son travelled to Georgetown to identify her body.
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Former Director General for the New Building Society, Maurice Arjoon, who was charged with conspiring to defraud the company of $69M, has filed a High Court motion against the Director of Public Prosecution Shalimar Ali Hack for malicious prosecution.The motion was filed last week by Attorney at law Nigel Hughes. Arjoon is seeking damages in excess of $100,000.The former director is also seeking exemplary damages, costs, interest and other claims which the court may deem just. The matter is expected to come up this week.Maurice Arjoon Arjoon, and Operations Manager Kent Vincent were charged with conspiracy to defraud the NBS of $69 million. The matter against Arjoon was discharged earlier in the year by Magistrate Fazil Azeez after Arjoon¡¯s lawyer Nigel Hughes argued that there was no evidence linking his client to the crime.Furthermore the lawyer had stated that the police couldn¡¯t even justify why Arjoon was even charged.Charges were also instituted against Ashley Legall,NFL Jerseys China, Imran Bacchus, Amarita Prashad and Mohanram Shahebudin. They were all charged with conspiracy to defraud the NBS.It was alleged that they withdrew $32,230,384 from an account using two cheques.The latter four employees were subsequently fired.The first charge alleged that on November 20, 2006 Legall, Bacchus and Shahebudin conspired with others to withdraw $20.5M from the Savings and Prosper account in the name of Bibi Khan at NBS by way of two cheques.The second charge stated that on November 1, 2006 Legall, Bacchus, Prashad and Shahebudin allegedly conspired with others to withdraw $15M from Khan¡¯s account in the form of two cheques in the name of M. Kryshundayal and Compton Chase respectively.The third charge states that Bacchus,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Legall,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Shahebudin,Wholesale Jerseys Online, Baldeo and Vincent on November 17 allegedly conspired to withdraw $22,664,000 from Khan¡¯s account by using two cheques, one in the name of M. Hussein and the other, Compton Chase.The matter was being prosecuted by Special Prosecutor Hukcumchand.Arjoon along with operations manager Kissoon Baldeo had sued the NBS for $1B in punitive damages in their claim that they were wrongfully dismissed during a fraud investigation.He also demanded that he be reinstated to his position and that his sacking was null and void.The matter was brought against NBS, Trust Company (Guyana) Ltd and Ahmad Khan, Seepaul Narine and Nizam Mohamed¨C the latter three in their capacity as trustees of the NBS Pension Fund. The writ,China Jerseys, similar in nature, is asking the court for a total of $500M for Arjoon and Baldeo.The two claimed damages of $50M for wrongful dismissal on August 14,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, 2007 and another $50M their unlawful removal from office.Another $100M each is being demanded for a breach of contract of employment and for termination and severance benefits and outstanding leave payable by NBS. Both of the former executives also asked the court to make a declaration that they are and still remain employees of NBS.
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With the modifications and additions to the Berbice River Bridge successfully completed,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, the retraction period will now be mainly dependent on the number of vessels transiting the retractor span.Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI),Cheap Jerseys From China, Omadat Samaroo explained: ¡°If there are six vessels passing through,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, we expect to close for about an hour and a half at the max, but if there are only one or two vessels,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, we can now open and close the span and reopen the bridge in less than 45 minutes,¡± he said.Consequent to the modifications and additions, the hydraulic system of the retractor span is now fully automatic.¡°The modifications mean that there are unlikely to be waiting periods of more than two hours because of defects in the span, as had occurred on some occasions in the past,¡± Samaroo said.The Berbice River Bridge was closed from June 1 to June 5, last, to facilitate the upgrading and testing of ramps and the retractor span.Two vessels from the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) went into operation during the period.Mr. Samaroo had earlier disclosed, that in January during the testing period for the Bridge,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, a flaw had been found in the design of the ramps for the retractor span.This had posed difficulties in lifting the ramps, thus,Cheap Jerseys China, causing them to have to be operated manually.The manufacturer had been contacted and the hydraulic system had been modified at no cost to the Company, since the Bridge is still in the ¡°liability¡± period.
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Relatives still in the dark about ¡°mystery illness¡±¡­¡­.David Leander in Male Medical Ward.Murder accused,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, David Leander, called ¡°Biscuit¡±, yesterday still remained in an unconscious state at the Georgetown Public Hospital.Yesterday, at the hospital, his left foot appeared to be discoloured starting from his toes and wrapped with a bandage. He was also being given oxygen and intravenous fluids.His aunt, Evelyn Estwick, said that the relatives are still being kept in the dark about her nephew¡¯s ¡°mystery illness¡±.The aunt further told this newspaper that Leander is still being kept in the male open ward even though his condition would require him to be in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.Estwick had told this newspaper that doctors have told her that Leander¡¯s kidneys are failing and that his body is ¡®shutting down.¡¯But she said that medical staff who are treating her nephew continue to keep her in the dark about what may have caused his sudden illness. Chief Executive Officer for the Georgetown Hospital, Michael Khan, said that he is not involved in the clinical aspect of a patient. He added that it¡¯s the doctor¡¯s responsibility.He said that if the relatives are being kept in the dark they should make a formal complaint to Dr Madan Rambarran,NFL Jerseys China, who is in charge of all doctors at the hospital.The 26-year-old man was admitted to the GPHC last week Thursday after collapsing in his prison cell.He was first taken to the Accident and Emergency Unit where he was reportedly treated for a persistent vomiting. According to the aunt, he was also treated the previous Thursday at the GPHC after he complained of feeling unwell.Leander, along with now-dead gunman, Jermaine ¡®Skinny¡¯ Charles,Cheap Jerseys From China, were charged with the murder of Minister Satyadeow Sawh,nfl jerseys authentic cheap, his brother Rajpat Sawh, sister Pulmattie Persaud and security guard Curtis Robertson who were all shot dead on April 22,NFL Jerseys Cheap China, 2006. A gang of heavily armed men had invaded the Minister¡¯s La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara home.The preliminary inquiry into the murder of the former minister and his siblings is presently on hold because of Leander¡¯s condition. The matter would be called on July 24.His attorney, James Bond,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, had told this newspaper that he would be attempting to meet with the minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, in a bid to have an official investigation launched into his client¡¯s sudden illness.
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¡­..Memorandum of Understanding signedKarl Samuda, Minister of Investment, Industry and Commerce of Jamaica, has recently said that his country will increase importation of rice from Guyana next year. He said that Jamaica wants the relationship between the two countries to be further strengthened, and as such, a Memorandum of Understanding was recently inked to ensure that commitment comes to fruition.According to the document, inked for the period of one year commencing from January 1, 2009, Guyana will make available to Jamaica 60,000 tonnes of rice at market prices,Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Shoes For Women, at an average of 5000 metric tonnes per month over a twelve-month period.Prices negotiated between exporters and importers at the commencement of the crop, or contract period,Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey, will be applicable to that crop or contract period.As of January 1, 2009, Guyana will not impose an export commission on rice exported to CARICOM member states.When Guyana is unable to supply, it will immediately notify Jamaica, and will not object to a request by Jamaica for a suspension of the CET on an amount to be agreed to by both parties.Exports and imports will be monitored by the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) on behalf of Guyana, and the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce (MIIC) on behalf of Jamaica.The MOU will not supersede the existing arrangements between Guyana and Jamaica in respect of the trade in rice.Subject to contractual dispute settlement provisions,Cheap Jerseys Online, where a dispute arises among importers and exporters concerning the interpretation and/or application of the Memorandum of Understanding, the GRDB and the MIIC will collaborate to mediate the said dispute.Where a dispute arises between Guyana and Jamaica arising out of the interpretation and/or application of this Memorandum of Understanding, the countries will first seek to settle the dispute through consultations between the GRDB and the MIIC.? Either country may thereafter have recourse to any of the other dispute settlement procedures set out in the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas establishing the Caribbean Community, including the CARICOM Single Market and Economy.Minister Samuda recently told participants at an international rice conference held in Guyana that last year Jamaica purchased approximately 50,000 tonnes of rice, but in 2009, his country would increase its rice imports to 60,000 tonnes.From left are Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud, President Bharrat Jagdeo and Jamaican Minister of Investment, Industry and Commerce, Karl SamudaThe minister commended Guyana for celebrating its 100th year of exporting rice, and added that it has provided a foundation for the next generation.The minister, in citing ¡°severe challenges to provide food,¡± encouraged Caribbean nations to expand their capacity to grow more food.Minister Samuda remarked that arable land for agriculture is shrinking and there is need to replenish those areas. In countries such as China, he said, there is a shortage of water, which is due to the increase in technology, such as high speed water pumps.He commended Guyana for its interest in the agricultural sector. In CARICOM, he said, there were only few countries that offered opportunities for food production, namely Guyana, Belize and Jamaica, and to some extent Suriname. This was by and large as a result of them having arable lands for agriculture.Minister Samuda said, ¡°We in Jamaica realize the importance of putting more lands into agriculture.¡± He added that Jamaica endorsed the offer by President Jagdeo for investors from the Caribbean to invest in Guyana, so that Caribbean nations could expand food production, not only to serve the immediate Caribbean Community but elsewhere.The Jamaican Minister urged the Caribbean region to put greater investment into agriculture. This,NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap, he said, would offer the Caribbean people ¡°a better quality of life¡±.Agriculture, he noted, has great potential in the region. He urged Caribbean nations to seize the opportunity, since ¡°no one is coming to our rescue.¡± He added that these nations should come together and help themselves.Minister Samuda remarked that Jamaica is a net importer of food, and only last year the import bill exceeded the export bill by some $375M. The high price of oil has resulted in a large trade deficit to CARICOM countries. That, he said, made them vulnerable,Nike Jerseys Wholesale Store, and the inflation rate has increased to 17%.He said that the decrease in demand on the world market would not benefit Caribbean nations, and he added that the banana industry was now a ¡°thing of the past.¡±In Jamaica, they are re-focusing on the domestic market rather than on the international market, the minister said. He noted that Jamaica has failed to become competitive on the international sugar market.The only solution to all these problems in the region, according to the Jamaican Minister, is co-operation, which he said, ¡°will lay a solid foundation for the community¡±.By 2010, the minister said,Cheap Jerseys From China, a foundation would be laid for meaningful expansion for Guyana¡¯s exports, which should have been there in the first place.He urged Guyana to get more involved in packaging, so as to capture attention on the world market. This, he said, would be ¡°marketing in a dynamic and modern manner.¡± In this way, he added, Guyana could take on ¡°big players¡± like the United States.Minister Samuda urged Guyana not to forget its traditional markets, of which Jamaica is a part, and said that Guyana must not ¡°give up the certain for the uncertain.¡±
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Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, yesterday tabled, successfully, the Hijacking and Piracy Bill aimed at increasing the penalties for the offences given that provisions of the Criminal Laws (Offences) Act (Cap.8:01) relating to robbery and piracy are not stringent enough to have a deterrent effect on the crime.According to the explanatory memorandum accompanying the Bill,Cheap Jerseys 2018, ¡°Of late,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, there have been a considerable number of cases where sea-going vessels are hijacked or otherwise attacked, the passenger boats crossing rivers are robbed or the fishing boats fishing in the rivers and territorial waters of Guyana are looted by armed robbers or pirates.¡±It adds that if piracy, armed robbery and hijacking continue to be unchecked by deterrent punishment, the fishermen will reduce their fishing activities, the country¡¯s food security will be jeopardized and the exports diminished. The memorandum noted also that passengers will be under constant threat of fear and in the circumstances it has become necessary to have stringent measures to deal with these menaces.¡°This Bill, therefore, seeks to make special provisions for punishment for the offences of armed robbery,Wholesale Jerseys USA, hijacking and piracy committed in rivers, internal waters and territorial sea of Guyana and the high seas.¡±When assented to, under the new piece of legislation,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, piracy will carry a sentence of life imprisonment together with a fine of not less than $200,000.It also stipulates that any vessel or weapons used in the commission of the act will be forfeited to the State. Piracy,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, according to the Bill, is defined as any illegal act of violence or detention or any act of depredation committed for private ends by any person on board including the crew or passengers of a private vessel and directed on the rivers, internal waters or territorial sea of Guyana against another vessel, or persons or property on board such vessel.The act also seeks to increase the penalty for the commission of robbery under arms to life imprisonment.The commission of murder during the act of piracy will see person(s) sentenced to death on conviction.Hijacking a vessel could make the perpetrator also liable to conviction on indictment to imprisonment for life together with a fine of $1M.As it relates to bail,Cheap NFL Jerseys, under the new legislation bail will not be granted to a person accused of murder while committing the act of piracy.
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Already for the year the Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force? has recorded 18 road deaths as compared to 20 for the same period last year.However,Wholesale Jerseys Group, according to Traffic Chief,Stitched Cheap Jerseys, Hugh Denhert,Cheap NFL Jerseys, figures over recent years have shown that the East Bank Demerara Public road can be considered the country¡¯s deadliest thoroughfare.This,Cheap Air Max Shoes, the Traffic Chief said,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, is as a result of that roadway being the main artery to the southern parts of Guyana as well as a secondary access path to West Coast and West Bank Demerara.¡°The East Bank road is used by thousands of vehicles on a daily basis,Wholesale Jerseys Online, travelling to our interior locations. There are also people who have taken up residency in new housing schemes which have been established,¡± Denhert noted.He added that being one of the most frequently used thoroughfares and the only leading one into the capital city from the south, there is always a rush by commuters.Hence the Traffic Department¡¯s head said efforts are ongoing to monitor that thoroughfare. Some of these initiatives include increasing patrol on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway and along the East Bank Demerara during peak hours.Already for the year the East Bank Road has claimed seven lives. In February, there were four fatalities.
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– Identifies short term fixes to tame situationMinister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan recently noted a glaring but somewhat unrecognized link between the prevalence of white collar crime and conventional crime in society.As he acknowledged to the National Assembly that Guyana is suffering from an overdose of both forms of illegal activities, the Minister identified greed and desperation as the leading causes.With regards to white collar crime, Ramjattan said that the greed of some former government officials led them to take everything for themselves, friends and family, leaving nothing for other citizens.¡°One of the major terrible human conditions called greed is a leading cause like the eight cars certain persons who use to be in high office took for themselves,¡± said Ramjattan.Minister of Public Security, Khemraj RamjattanRamjattan said that situations like the one cited resulted in the unavailability of resources for the rest of the society, including jobs. This unavailability, he said then led to desperation on the part of those who are not getting jobs.As he delivered his speech, Ramjattan quoted President David Granger when he said, ¡°Your Government will introduce measures to reform the defence and security sectors to ensure that our Defence and Police Forces protect our citizens and our territory, allowing Guyanese to feel safe as they go about their daily lives.¡±He further quoted the President ¡°Your Government will refashion the Guyana Police Force into a more professional and better equipped law-enforcement agency.? We shall pay policemen and women better so that they are not easily led into temptation.We shall suppress serious crimes and stem the spate of armed robberies. We shall reduce other everyday crimes ¨C including banditry, murder, piracy, fatalities on the roads and interpersonal violence that are scaring foreign investors, driving away the educated ¨¦lite, stifling the manufacturing sector, strangling local enterprise, scuttling the economy, undermining economic growth and impeding social development.¡±Ramjattan told the House, ¡°This is a formable set of instructions to be executed to make Guyana a safer secure place and to ensure the happiness of all.¡±The Minister said that the crime situation left him somewhat embarrassed but said that ¡°as a good soldier,¡± he has to do the task assigned to him by the President.Ramjattan said that in addressing the recent spate of gun crimes, he met with some Commanders of the Guyana Police Force as well as the Commissioner and started a conversation on the possible reasons for the spate.He said this meeting was necessary as the concern about criminal activities ¡°runs from suits to the streets. I have been to some of the lavish hotels in the city and have been in the streets.¡±Ramjattan said that ¡°a number of possible reasons have been identified and these include increases in drug use and the availability of alcohol, the growth of juvenile gang activity, high unemployment, especially in Georgetown¡­I cannot name all.¡±As he outlined some short term fixes, Ramjattan said that more patrols will be deployed in and around those areas identified to have clusters of criminalities.He noted that there could not have been better responses from police to crime in targeted areas before because of the shortage of vehicles.However, the Minister told the House that this situation was remedied as he made a decision to give to the Police Force some vehicles that were procured for Community Policing Groups.¡°I recommended that those be given to the police for immediate use.¡±Rogue copsMinister Ramjattan reminded the house that the Police Force needs to get rid of all rogue cops.He told the House that, ¡°Over the years, we have seen a number of rouge cops coming our way but disgustingly we have seen them getting retained and even promoted.¡±Ramjattan said that in this regard, he indicated to the Commissioner of Police and has written a ¡°very strongly worded letter¡± to the Police Service Commission ¡°that the promotion of rogue cops ought not be the course of action to be taken.He said that certain police ranks should not be promoted, especially at a time when senior judges form the High Court are ready to pronounce that torture? was committed on a vulnerable citizen¡ªa 14-year-old.Further,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, he said that a plan to ensure that rouge cops are caught and removed from the Police Force will soon be executed and the House applauded this innovation.Ramjattan said that the ¡°plan will require some technology to get the evidence of what they (police ranks) have been saying¡­but it must be done.¡±Another measure outlined by Ramjattan for the elimination of crime was the technological upgrade of the Police Force.He said that Guyana will be getting some bilateral help in this regard.According to Ramjattan, the new government has been able to ¡°hype up¡± the confidence of supporting countries that understand ¡°our predicament and they have come forward to help.¡±Ramjattan said that on Thursday last, the Chinese Ambassador indicated China¡¯s willingness to help in relation to a number of equipment needed for the Force. He said that China will invest about US$4.5M in paraphernalia that will boost security.Ramjattan told his colleagues that the Argentinean Ambassador also pledged his country¡¯s support and ¡°Friends in the ABC countries too indicated that they will continue that support.¡±Continued support for community policingRamjattan told the House that ¡°without the confidence of the community in the Force we are not going to get the necessary information as to who are the Bad Johns in the community, who are the ones selling the dope on the street, who are selling liquor to those under age ¡­we need that kind of confident community who can speak.¡±In this regards he solicited continued support for the Community Police Groups.Ramjattan also spoke about having a more educated Police Force that understands better crime scene management and one that understands more about human? rights, gender violence , and leadership roles in the community.
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The release of Standard Operating Procedures for the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) has been extended yet another week.According to Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan, a Draft of the Protocols is set to be presented to the Cabinet and National Security Committee before it is circulated to the relevant bodies and made public. Ramjattan said that the Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud was tasked with drafting the procedures in which SOCU will be guided.The Public Security Minister disclosed that he has since seen the guidelines drafted by the Top Cop.¡®It is in my opinion well done,¡± Ramjattan added. He noted however that there may be a bit of fine tuning of the document, hence the delay.During last month¡¯s budget debates, Minister Ramjattan announced that protocols had been already drafted for the unit.? He told the National Assembly that the document consisted of six pages of standard operating procedures.According to Ramjattan, the protocols are aimed at ensuring that SOCU, which comes under the purview of the Guyana Police Force, comes in line with the Force¡¯s Standing Orders.Public Security Minister Khemraj RamjattanSOCU was established under the then People¡¯s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) administration, but the regime failed to implement the protocols for that specialised unit that is tasked with probing financial crimes.However a call for the standard operating procedures to manage the affairs of the SOCU intensified? following the deaths of Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Sgt. Robert Pyle, his wife Stacy, and Canter truck driver, Linden Eastman. They died in an accident on December 30.The Guyana Police Force (GPF) had stated that Pyle,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, driving motor car PRR 9118, was in pursuit of another vehicle during a ¡°Special Operation¡± on behalf of the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU), when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into an oncoming Canter truck on Carifesta Avenue.According to reports, Pyle was part of a team that was carrying out an operation in the vicinity of the residence of embattled head of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited, (NICIL), Winston Brassington.
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Three longstanding employees of Muneshwers Limited were yesterday arraigned before the Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry for allegedly embezzling a hefty sum from the store over a period of time.According to Corporal Bharat Mangru, who led the Prosecution, the investigations thus far have revealed that in excess of $50M has been embezzled by them from their employer. However, the charges yesterday read to Sabrina Rahaman, 28, of Well Road, North Ruimveldt and the two sisters, Bibi Twaheeda and Bibi Shimoon Ali of Industry at the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ Court,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, amounted to just over half a million dollars.The charges laid against Rahamat detailed that in Georgetown on January 13, May 1 and July 1 last year, while under the employ of Muneshwer¡¯s Limited, she allegedly embezzled the total sum of $223,972.62. The three counts of Embezzlement by Clerk/Servant read to her claimed that the sum was taken into her possession for/in the name of/on the account of the said company, her employee.The three counts of Embezzlement by Clerk/Servant read to Bibi Twaheeda Ali claimed that on April 1, 20 and 28 last year, she,Nike Air Max 90 Black Women, who was a clerk/servant of the said store, embezzled a total of $218,008.68,Jordan Sneakers For Sale, on those dates.Meanwhile, her sister, Bibi Shimoon Ali faced three counts of the said charge. It was alleged that on April 1 and 2, and October 4,Stitched NFL Jerseys, while also employed at Muneshwer¡¯s, she embezzled a total sum of $188,123.18 from the store.The three women who were all represented by Defence Attorney Nigel Hughes, pleaded not guilty when the charges were separately read to them by the Chief Magistrate.The Prosecutor stated that the facts are as charged in the matter. He added that investigations are ongoing and more charges are pending.He offered objections to bail on account of the quantity involved and further revealed that the amount the investigations have currently unearthed is in excess of $50M. Mangru further opined that the three women are flight-risks who, owing to the quantity of cash involved, would not return to face the charges instituted against them.However, their Attorney in an attempt to quash the Prosecution¡¯s claim of them being flight-risks said that investigations in the matter had started since October and his clients have since been reporting to the Police Station.He informed the court that it was on one such occasion (last Friday) that the allegations were put to them and they were subsequently granted $100,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000 station bail. The lawyer added that they attended yesterday¡¯s court hearing of their own free will.He even stated that he was surprised at some of the charges since ¡°half of the days are holidays; days when work is closed.¡±However, the Prosecution interjected,China Jerseys Free Shipping, stating that the women were placed on station bail prior to the charges and added that since they are now charged, the situations differ. In an attempt to offer clarifications, Mangru said that it was back-dating on holidays which led to the accountant discovering the embezzlement.Hughes also informed the court that Rahamat who has an unblemished record had been employed by the store for about seven years, whilst the sisters have been there in excess of three years. He added that no complaints have ever been made against any of his clients.The Chief Magistrate ordered the Prosecution to have the statements filed for the next court hearing and the Prosecution requested three weeks to complete their investigations. The case is set to be called on February 7 and each of the women was granted bail to the tune of $50,000.
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¡°We challenge KN to provide document¡± ¨C Dr LuncheonGovernment has distanced itself from a feasibility study for a new national airline.The front cover of the feasibility study which was prepared for the Guyana government for a new national airline.The Office of the President (OP) in a statement yesterday also denied that the study, conducted by Canada-based Unimac International,Wholesale China Jerseys, was paid for by government.¡°The administration rejects the claims absolutely and in its entirety stating the following – at no time has the PPP/C administration used public funds to commission a feasibility study in establishing a national airline in Guyana.¡±Last week,Nike NFL Jerseys China, a series of full-page advertisements in Kaieteur News said that government paid a hefty sum for a feasibility study on an airline business. That study recommended the construction of a new, upgraded airport so that the Guyana flag carrier could fly directly to any United States port.The advertisement also said that government recently announced a US$150M project to build a brand new Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) and expand the runway.Yesterday, in its statement, OP said that Cabinet, the highest decision-making body of the executive government, has never been approached and as such, ¡°Cabinet has never issued an approval for the use of public funds for such a study. Furthermore, at no time has the PPP/C administration sought to incorporate a national airline nor to establish such an airline as a national flagship carrier.¡±However,Wholesale China Jerseys, Kaieteur News is in possession of a copy of a feasibility study titled ¡°Air Guyana Corporation Business Plan¡±, which according to the document was prepared ¡°for the Government of Guyana¡± by Unimac International.OP insisted in the statement that it is a ¡°ridiculous¡± claim to say that the announced expansion at CJIA was an effort to obtain a new category from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).¡°The records would show that CJIA had that original category,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, (and) lost that category because of human capacity constraints and it was not any reconstruction or rehabilitation of the airport that is needed to restore the loss (sic) category.¡±The administration said it is ¡°calling on the accusers, Kaieteur News,NFL Jerseys Cheap, to produce the evidence,Wholesale Authentic China Jerseys, to make public the documents they claim that show that this administration was involved in their ridiculous claims.¡±According to the newspaper¡¯s Publisher, Glenn Lall, he is more than willing to provide a copy of the feasibility study to government.¡°The Office of the President can as early as today pick up a copy of the study from Kaieteur News¡¯ offices in Saffon Street.¡±
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By Kiana WilburgFrom being described as the secluded nerd in high school to ¡°bombshell beauty queen¡­and still nerd,Cheap Jerseys Authentic,¡± Tamika Affia Henry has made it implicitly clear that she is determined to make a difference in the lives of others.Tamika at workSome of us, if not all, recognize this slimly built woman as being the articulate delegate that won Miss Guyana Universe 2010 or from the regular Digicel advertisements. But what is kept under cover, for very important reasons, is that this Guyana scholar is our country¡¯s youngest and only analyst who specialises in Forensic studies.Henry, who works along with local law enforcement officers, has three sisters and five brothers.The Tucville-born damsel attended Tucville Primary school and was transferred to Stella Maris Primary School because her mother believed that she was not being challenged enough.In 1999, she attended Queen¡¯s College and wrote the Caribbean Secondary School Examinations in 2004. She was to emerge as the top student of that year. ¡°I wrote eleven subjects then and with these kids writing so many subjects now, my eleven sounds so¡­regular,¡± said Henry.¡°My school life was very difficult, though,China Jerseys Cheap, because I was very asthmatic. I remember being very ill. It was a very painful period of my life. I would get horrible migraines and nosebleeds. Sometimes I would fall unconscious and wake up in a hospital, hours later. But thankfully I grew out of it, thanks to a lot of prayers and medication,¡± Henry saidShe moved on to sixth form at Queen¡¯s College where she wrote her General Certificate Examination (GCE) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and emerged as the top student for both exams.The 26-year-old said,Authentic China NFL Jerseys, ¡°I took a year off to work. I did not want to attend the University of Guyana for they were not doing anything that I wanted to do. However,Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes, I applied to different colleges abroad. As I awaited a response, I applied for my first job with the Human Rights Association. I had other jobs during that period. I guess I bounced around a bit but all this was in an effort to save money for school.¡±Of all studies, why forensics? ¡°Since I was a child, I was always determined to know who broke what in our home. I knew I liked solving mysteries but I never knew the name for such a study or career. I was on the internet on day and I found the name of the career and right there and then I realized that forensic studies was what I wanted to pursue.¡±Moreover, Henry describes forensics to be a ¡°mind blowing¡± field of study. ¡°It is thrilling to see that you can start with a small fragment of something and literally work backward and create an entire story.¡±In 2007, she left for school again. This time she was heading to the University of Miami and though it was not her first choice, she said, ¡°I have no regrets.¡±Tamika Henry in biology class at Queens College.¡°I graduated from the University of Miami in 2010 which is earlier than I should have but I did extra courses and also had my A¡¯ levels transferred to University credits. I basically just wanted to get started with my work.¡±Today, Henry has a Bachelors Degree in Health Science, with a major in Forensics and a minor in Chemistry and Criminology.The Guyana scholar was also an Honour student at the University where she also completed a course in Public Management.The television host described her return to Guyana in May 2010, as bitter-sweet. ¡°I was sad because I know I was getting accustomed to a certain lifestyle and didn¡¯t want to leave. I met some of the most amazing people as well. But, I was happy to return because I would be able to meet with my friends and family whom I have missed so much.¡±Life, however, took quite a turn when Henry¡¯s sister encouraged her to enter the Miss Guyana pageant.? ¡°A big part of my entering the pageant was due to my sister,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Keisha,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, who believed that I had the all the ingredients of a perfect queen. After I applied, it became my personal goal.The pageant was certainly an eye opening experience as it unlocked a different side of me which I am still learning about.¡±Was Henry a different person before the pageant? Definitely! ¡°I mean if you saw me before; High heel shoes? Never. Make up? Never, Eyebrows done? Never. None of that stuff.? The pageant made me more girly. It made me care a lot more about myself physically and it has made me a lot more outgoing,¡¯ explained the once ¡°semi-introvert.¡±But apart from the glitz and glam of pageantry, the queen noted that it was her best and worst kind of ¡°wake-up-call.¡±¡°While winning was great, when you examine the way the other countries prepared their girls, it makes you realize that we really don¡¯t value our own. We don¡¯t invest in them. And that was difficult for me to accept. ¡°¡°There is no prepared portfolio after you win the Miss Guyana pageant. Honestly, you win the pageant, you compete internationally and when you come back that is it. They cut you loose. So whatever you do is entirely of your own initiative. So when a queen disappears after the international appearance, it is not entirely her fault. There isn¡¯t a programme prepared for her.¡±Currently, Henry has started a teaching class, which is basically a community project called the, ¡°IQ Lessons,¡± founded by a childhood friend, Denisha Victor, and herself.She said that while this may be a challenging task at times, the fact that you are making an irreversible difference in the lives of others is simply ¡°priceless.¡±
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One resident recalled that on one occasion a young man was struck by the bar and was left unconscious on the road,Wholesale Jerseys Online. The driver of that vehicle was unaware that the person had been struck off of the vehicle,NFL Jerseys China.
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…holds out that Chancellor and CJ¡¯s tax-free salaries are discriminatoryBy Zena Henry A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Shadow Legal Affairs Minister, Attorney at Law Basil Williams, is unconvinced by Attorney General (AG) Anil Nandlall¡¯s response to the granting of tax free salaries to the Chancellor of the Judiciary and the Chief Justice.He called the AG¡¯s parliamentary response to questions on the matter, ¡°a feeble effort in justifying discrimination¡± against other members of the Judiciary.Shadow Legal Affairs Minister Basil WilliamsWilliams asked the AG at last week¡¯s National Assembly about the revision of salaries and emoluments for judicial members, about his thoughts on whether it is discriminatory against the majority of members of the judiciary that only the CJ and Chancellor should receive tax free salaries and about whether all members of the judiciary will be receiving tax free salaries.The AG said that the last major revision of salaries and emoluments for members of the judiciary was done in 2008. Since then,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, percentage increase in salaries given to public officers is also given to judicial members. The AG said that the Executive and the Judiciary are currently discussing a revision of salaries and emoluments for judicial officers.The AG added that government does not consider the granting of tax-free salaries to the Chancellor and CJ only as being discriminatory. He said historically,Wholesale Jerseys, there has always been a differential between the emoluments of the Chancellor and the CJ and other Judges because of the administrative responsibly passed on to those two senior functionaries of the judiciary,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, including their duties as ex-officio members of the Judicial Service Commission.The current emoluments, the AG said, ¡°were negotiated by Chancellor Desiree Bernard or /and accepted by former President Bharrat Jagdeo.¡±The AG also stated that the government is not inclined to grant tax-free salaries to all members of the judiciary.Williams, on the other hand, sees only the CJ and the Chancellor receiving tax-free dollars as a breach of the law which speaks to,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, ¡°discrimination against classes of people.¡±Williams said that it is recognized that there must be higher salaries for the CJ and Chancellor,Cheap Jerseys From China, but questioned how the two could be equated as the same when the Chancellor is the head of the Judiciary. Even more so, Williams continued, how can the government justify not paying the CJ a sum of money specific to his status/ dignity of a Senior Council.Attorney General Anil NandlallWilliams went on to question how the AG can justify the CJ and Chancellor receiving higher salaries than all other judges? and are further granted tax free dollars,Wholesale China Jerseys, while receiving percentage increase as given to public officers, and received by judicial members.Shadow Legal Affairs Minister, Williams, charged that it is improper for the Chancellor or the CJ who are supposed to head the independent Judicial arms of the state to be forced to go ¡°cap in hand¡± to beg the government for increases in salaries because ¡°on the face of it, it compromises the Judiciary¡¯s independence and offends the doctrines of the separation of powers.¡±¡°I have long now suggested to the government that it should establish an independent legal and judicial salaries commission, like Trinidad and Tobago, with the jurisdiction to review from time to time salaries and conditions of work for members of the judiciary.¡±
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ADVENTURE,Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit Men, CORENTYNE – The Region Six Administration has undertaken to rehabilitate a building at the Felix Austin Police College Division ¡®B¡¯ situated at Adventure on the Corentyne.Regional Chairman Zulfikar Mustapha indicated that the Regional Engineer Paul Luyken is in the process of preparing an estimate for work on the structure.The process began last Monday and so far it appears as though the figure should be in the vicinity of $3.5 million.Work is expected to get started within one month and be completed by June.According to Mr. Mustapha, late last year the Regional Administration expended some $2.6 million on restoring another block at the college which is now used as the staff quarters.Mr. Mustapha said that he had discussions with representatives of the Office of the President and is also encouraging private entities to contribute towards making the venture a success.According to Mr. Mustapha last year he approached the President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo and he approved the last sum of $2.6 million, “Again I plan to approach him to get this $3.5 million. I am very optimistic that the President would approve this sum because of the interest he has been showing in helping to rebuild our security forces.”Commander of Division ¡®B¡¯ of the Guyana Police Force, Assistant Commission George Alexander Vyphuis indicated that plans are on the drawing board for the facility to have, inter alia, a computer laboratory, an officer for training instructors, and a gymnasium and also to offer a range of service to the community.Some individuals from the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce and other agencies were identified to be a part of an oversight committee for the college.He indicated that donations continue to roll in – last week the management of the Church View Hotel gave $10,000. This week, the $400,000, a freezer and a vehicle, promised to the facility by Commissioner of Police Henry Greene, are to be delivered.The Felix Austin Police College Division ¡®B¡¯ was re-commissioned on two Fridays ago and is now back in operation after some six years.Last week some 14 recruits are at the facility, they had commenced their training stint in Georgetown and were transferred to their home base.
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¡­ but given permission for ¡°one-off flight¡± The Venezuelan state-owned Conviasa Airline has been given permission by local authorities for a ¡°one-off flight¡± to take Venezuelans who were stranded in Guyana back to their native country.The flight departed Sunday night with over 40 Venezuelan passengers who were stranded since Saturday.The plight of the passengers was owed to Conviasa¡¯s failure to honour certain financial obligations. Conviasa owed landing and administration fees to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. Also, the airline failed to lodge a passenger bond.As a result of the airline¡¯s failure to lodge the required bond, it was not given permission to fly into Timehri last Saturday morning at 11:00hrs.This bond is required of all charter operators operating in and out of Guyana and constitutes a safety net in the event of any unplanned event affecting the airline¡¯s ability to deliver the service it was contracted to provide to passengers.Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge had disclosed that his Ministry had made moves to assist the airline but the airline was unable to get even a required Letter of Comfort from the Venezuelan government.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had however advised the Guyana Ministry of Infrastructure, the relevant authority, that the airline be allowed to remove passengers.At the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on Saturday, the stranded passengers were forced to sleep in the departure lounge.Kaieteur News understands that some passengers had booked themselves into hotels on Sunday while others, apparently cash-strapped,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, remained at the airport.The authorities informed the airline that future resolution of the matter will depend on the prior lodging of a bond by the airline. It is understood that most of the other debts owed to suppliers of services and ground handling in Guyana were paid off by the company on Friday afternoon.Conviasa Airlines is the only carrier offering direct service between Guyana and Venezuela. Conviasa began its weekly flights between Guyana and Venezuela back in 2013.Kaieteur News understands that the bond was never lodged before.
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A Supply, East Bank Demerara (EBD) teenager has reportedly disappeared without a trace, leaving her mother fearful that something terrible has befallen her.Missing: Entiyah SinghEntiyah Singh went missing around 06:30 hrs on Sunday when she left her Lot 12 Supply home to uplift something from a relative who resides nearby. She has not been seen or heard from since.The 14-year-old left home wearing blue jeans and blue jersey, and a pair of slippers. Her mother, Indira Boodram, is convinced that someone in the village might be responsible for her daughter¡¯s disappearance.In fact, the teen was in contact with an individual in September last, and he (the individual) tried to lure her to neighbouring Venezuela.The schoolgirl reportedly told her mother that the individual had told her that he owned a lot of properties and cars in that country. He even questioned her about her having a passport.That individual was arrested for human trafficking but he was never charged. ¡°I don¡¯t know what happened but I want her home,¡± the desperate mother cried.Since her daughter¡¯s disappeared, the woman said that she has not slept. She has been searching for her day and night.¡°Tia, wherever you are please come home back,Cheap NFL Jerseys,¡± the woman begged, tearfully.Anyone with information on the teen¡¯s disappearance can call 697-1814, 663-4429 or the nearest police station.