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A combination of speeding and high spirits may have resulted in the death of an unidentified senior citizen,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, last night on the corner of Durban and Lime Streets, Georgetown.Eyewitness reports are that while driving east bound along the usually busy Durban Street area,Wholesale Jerseys, a route 41 minibus collided with a man as he was leaving a popular bar in the area.The man, who some say may go by the name ¡°Romel¡±,Wholesale MLB Jerseys China, was apparently leaving the bar with a female companion in high spirits as a minibus was speeding along the route.As Romel made his way across the street,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, witnesses said that the minibus collided with the pedestrian and ¡°pitched him 15 feet from the collision spot¡±.While the senior man lay bleeding on the street, the bus driver frantically transported the unconscious body to his vehicle and rushed him to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporate (GPHC) with the help of public spirited citizens.A witness,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, who followed close behind the minibus to the hospital, related that Romel was still breathing from the time he was transported to the vehicle to his arrival at the hospital. However, after doctors¡¯ observations,China NFL Jerseys, the man was pronounced dead shortly after his admission.
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As the threat on the sugar industry continues, with workers being on strike,Cheap Jerseys China, the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday revealed its tender process for an external review of the Guyana Sugar Corporation.The ministry is advertising for an interested firm to conduct an examination of the financial projections against actual performances, and assess the impact of production shortfalls against financial performance.An examination will also have to be conducted on the reasons for the financial shortfall at the company.A recommendation of appropriate corrective actions needed to strengthen financial efficacy is also expected from the firm.The structure and terms of reference of the management contract will also be examined, while an assessment of the company¡¯s suitability regarding incentivising financial performance and management efficacy of the industry is also to be done.The consultant will be required to do reviews and comment on profitability, cash flow, cost management,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, economic factors and business planning over the past twelve years.Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, last week announced that there is concern about the downward revision in the production at GuySuCo.As such, he said, there will be a production review of GuySuCo.The minister added that this will be done to ensure that when targets are set, the constraints can be successfully addressed.He said that the sugar company has been relating that weather conditions and industrial relations¡¯ matters have been affecting its ability to meet targets.Meanwhile, the minister said that he hopes that there is an early resolution of the negotiations between GAWU and the sugar company in relation to the strike action.Chief Labour Officer Mohamed Akeel met with representatives of the two bodies as conciliation continues in the wages¡¯ dispute between the two entities.Kaieteur News was told that there has been no progress in the negotiations.GuySuCo is contractually obligated to supply its main European customers with 55,000 tonnes of sugar by September 5.Presently,cheap jerseys cc, the corporation has shipped 16,400 of the 55,Cheap Jerseys Free,000 tonnes.This year, GuySuCo stands to lose close to $1.2B in revenue, due to the price cut.Late last week,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Rose Hall and Albion estates joined in the industrial action.Kaieteur News was told that GAWU and the workers are flagrant in their industrial relations procedures.However,NBA Jerseys China, GAWU said that it did not advise workers from the other estates to join the strike.? This newspaper was told that the Ministry of Labour will be looking at whether penalties can be imposed.The union and workers have totally disregarded the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) signed by both parties each year.Officials within the labour circles see this most recent development as ¡®dangerous,¡¯ if the strike actions are allowed to continue.
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Rafael Jordan,cheap nfl jerseys, 21, of Prince William Street, Plaisance, was pronounced dead yesterday at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).According to reports,Cheap MLB Jerseys, Jordan allegedly robbed a 17-year -old student of the Plaisance Community High School and had chopped his victim with a cutlass to relieve him of his cellular phone.But a short while later, Jordan was confronted by the police and in his efforts to resist arrest, he was shot in the right thigh.He was under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital.Police in a press release stated that about 13: 40 hours on Thursday,Cheap Air Max 2018 Shoes, the suspect who gave his name as Rafael Jordan was shot and injured by a policeman during efforts to arrest him.Jordan was positively identified as the perpetrator by the victim of the robbery. He was pointed out to the police by the victim of another armed robbery as one of two persons who had robbed him at gunpoint of $150,000 at Victoria Road, Plaisance, last November.According to an eyewitness, he heard two gunshots and Jordan screamed and fell to the ground. Then a neighbour started begging for him,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, however, Jordan was picked up and dashed into the police pick-up. Then news came of his death early yesterday morning from his cousin.According to a resident,Air Max 90 Black Leather, the man had no weapon and had not attacked the police officers. However,Adidas Superstar Shoes On Sale, he was still killed. ¡°He gon get a trophy for dis cause he ain¡¯t kill nobody yet,¡± one resident related what he heard a police officer say.
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By Zena HenryA little over twelve years after a series of deadly explosions which resulted in the loss of three lives, at the Guyana Defence Force (GDF)¡¯s largest ammunition dump, Camp Groomes, on December 18, 2000, two victims are claiming that they are still to be compensated for injuries sustained. The men also recalled the early morning moments of terror,cheap jerseys from china, in an exclusive interview with this publication on Friday last.Samuel Archer, 35, and Wendell Cort, 33, who both held the rank of Private, claim to have been abandoned by the entity they faithfully served, and by the country that they once placed their lives on the line to protect.The men stated that in September 2012 they were ¡°kicked out of the army¡± because they are medically unfit, but have received ¡°no compensation¡± for the aforementioned occurrence that now prevents them from functioning.Private Samuel Archer during his recovery period overseasArcher and Cort are now asking how they would be able to take care of their families, having dedicated 18 and 16 years of their lives, respectively, to an entity that has now discarded them like worn-out material.The soldiers are adamant that there was nothing they enjoyed more than performing their duties.¡°We were soldiers that love what we were doing,Wholesale NFL Store,¡± Archer said emphatically.¡°I do a lot of things for the army and the army do things for me. Dem send me out of the country to represent dem in ¡®run and shoot¡¯ competitions and things like that, these are things that I use to enjoy. I was a marksman for them and you losing a man like me and now yuh unfair to me? You tink dat is right? No compensation? Nothing at all?¡±The soldiers were in agreement that, ¡°We are Guyanese and we were harmed in the line of duty. We need to be compensated, we need to take care of our families, and our colleagues need to be compensated,Cheap Jerseys Online, because they have families too.¡±The men claimed that when they became strong enough they performed desk duties and light work since their bodies could handle no pressure. ¡°But they (army) would pressure you as a sick person to get back into the work, just trying to frustrate you into leaving.¡±Since their salaries were ceased last September, the men said, ¡°the army got us running around.¡±? ¡°When you speak to the seniors, they always tell you next week, next month.¡±Archer said last week he spoke to the army¡¯s welfare officer (name provided) about compensation and benefits, and was told that he (officer) knew nothing about that and the only payment he knows of is their gratuity and pension.¡°While everybody tink that we get couple million from the army, we ent receive nothing. There was rumours that the army woulda give we $700,000 and knock we out de wuk. Everybody get knock out de wuk, but people still sick and nobody get anything.¡±They claim that Calvin Lewis, whose injuries were the worst, has still not recovered. ¡°To this day, that man feet continue to run stink water. He never get better.¡±¡®PROMISES, PROMISES¡¯The soldiers remembered many promises being made.Four of the Camp Groomes survivors, from left: Archer, Wilson, Calvin Lewis and Ross¡°The President, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo said to our parents that he shall compensate each and every one of the soldiers that was at Camp Groomes and he didn¡¯t want to compensate some and leave back some. He said he would do it when everybody come back. Well everybody come back and nothing didn¡¯t happen.¡±On many occasions, they said they had gone to former President, the then Opposition Leader, Desmond Hoyte, who also made several promises. Cort said subsequent PNC leader Robert Corbin came to his home and assured his family that the soldiers would be compensated.They claimed that recently they ¡°tried to reach¡± Opposition Leader David Granger but after waiting, were told by his secretary that this was ¡°not possible at the time¡±.¡°All they doing is just promising we and nobody ent doing anything.¡±Cort said he has a small eddoe farm, ¡°But what can that do?¡±¡°We almost die for them and nothing for duh. I got two sons, I would never let dem join de army, ¡®cause de army promise you de world and don¡¯t give you nothing.¡±The men are insistent that the army continues to lie.¡°Everything in the news that the army said were lies. Imagine I deh over in New York and an ex-chief living over there come to my bedhead and tell me that he heard from the chief in Guyana that we de smoking. How disgraceful, even if we de smoking cigarette and it go next to the concrete wall, how can dat affect what¡¯s in dis closed,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, sealed building?¡± Archer asked.¡°The chemical that burned our skin was since before we born. They had to get rid of the chemical years ago and they lied about that, cause as the breeze blow, your skin falling off and it wasn¡¯t fire.¡±¡°No one wants to take blame for anything, so they will put all kind of thing in the papers,¡± the men charged. They said it was until later that they learnt something interesting.What remained of the facility after the devastating series of explosions. The uprights for the barbed-wire fence stand in the background¡°Some old soldiers would tell us that there was an underground tunnel leading to the bond and all the time we guarding, we never knew that.¡±The soldiers now believe that no one was out to kill them, but that the bond had to be blown up, as they think that arms were stolen from the storage and the action was to erase any traces.¡°If dem de want kill we dem coulda do it in de night, ¡®cause all we had is a flambeaux (a lighted torch)¡­ no proper light, but dem had to blow it, so you couldn¡¯t tell if anything was missing.¡±The two men¡¯s recollection of the incident that led to the current contentious state of affairs is as compelling as it was disturbing in detail.A STRANGE LIGHT AND THE HORROR OF DECEMBER 18, 2000¡°It was a normal evening,¡± Archer recounted.? At the time he was a Lance Corporal, part of a 14-man unit that was guarding the three-storey ammunition bond located deep into the woods along the Soesdyke/Linden Highway.¡°Everything was going okay,¡± he reflected, except that the men who had to take over guard duty that night had not showed up. With that, he and the officer in charge, a Lieutenant, left to go to Camp Soweyo, some six miles away, to make phone calls to their families to inform them that they would not be coming home.While Archer was doing that, Cort, who was an acting Lance Corporal at the time,Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit Women, said he was at Camp Groomes with the other men when they noticed, ¡°a light shine from the Camp¡¯s front gate straight to the bond,¡± and the movement of figures.The surroundings were completely dark since there was no lighting. The strange light continued to shine and it seemed to be flashing as the figures moved through the bushes.A decision, he said, was taken to go towards the light, and some of the soldiers started in its direction until he (Cort) decided that it might be too dangerous to go towards the flashing torch in pitch darkness.? Instead, those who had moved off returned to their post and everyone manned their stations.Archer related that on his way back to Camp Groomes he met up with a Sergeant (name given) who was heading to Camp Soweyo. Archer remembered asking the soldier why he had left his post since his orders were to stay put. The senior soldier opined that Archer had spent ¡°too long making the phone call¡± and he (Sergeant) decided to come over to Camp Soweyo.Archer said the Sergeant then told him something very strange. He recalled him emphasising that, ¡°If anybody ask who was shining light, I must tell dem is he (Sergeant) was shining de light¡±.Archer said he continued on his journey to Camp Groomes, but a gut feeling told him that something amiss. He further recalled Cort relating what he had seen in the bushes and he (Archer), immediately brought the matter to the Lieutenant¡¯s attention.Archer remembers that a ¡°small meeting¡± was held that night, where plans to remain vigilant and steadfast were made between the 13 men at the facility, since the Sergeant had not returned from Camp Soweyo.DREAMING OF WAR¡°No one does sleep until foreday morning,¡± Archer said, and he remembers that after he had completed his shift and handed over to another soldier, he took off his boots and went to bed. Then all hell broke loose.¡°I drop to sleep, and all I dreaming is dat I deh in a war and these enemy shooting at me and I shooting back and throwing grenades¡­But then a big explosion went off¡­ ¡°BOOM¡±¡­ and I jump out me bed.¡±¡°When I wake up de whole place was red and the roof was black, black. I seh I must be dreaming with me eye open, so I wipe me face and I try fuh go back to sleep. But den I feel like something saying ¡®get up get up, if you know wha yuh deh in get up.¡¯¡±Archer said he jumped up and that is when he realised that the place was on fire.¡°I jump up and ask ¡®is wha¡¯ going on hay?¡¯. We had a canister with grenades and rounds in de guard room and duh start going off, going off¡­ and I sit down flat on de ground. Then I started to holler out, ¡®we in explosion, whoever deh in hay get up and run!¡¯¡±Archer said he heard someone call out his name and when he looked down one of his ¡°squaddies¡± was pinned by a bed. ¡°When I raise de bed and he crawl out, I hold he up and we had to take the hard way out¡­ over a thirteen feet barb wire fence.¡± This was the safer route, since exiting through the front gate meant getting closer to the building and the rapid explosions.¡°I had to risk my life now and put he to climb over the fence. I remember everything the army teach me. I watching how these bombs blowing up next to me¡­ and I just tuck in low, telling me squaddies ¡®climb, climb, climb.¡¯¡±He recalled that as the explosions became more intense, ¡°I step back and I jump, I don¡¯t know how I do it, but I jump halfway up the fence and throw over me foot. Next thing I hear is ¡®BOODOOM¡¯, that was de loudest blast. By that time I was over de fence, and land on my feet¡­de whole compound light up bright, bright and glowing.¡±Archer said after clearing the fence he was looking for his partner (Alfred) but it was not until, ¡°I come back from getting treatment overseas I gon hear Alfred die holding on pon de fence. Dem seh current from de bomb run on de fence and catch him right there, all his fingers lef¡¯ on de fence.¡±Cort described the horrible sight. ¡°A bombshell fall pon he and cut-off he waist clean, all he guts come out. From he belt down deh pon de ground and he upper half still hold on pon de fence¡­he foot look like if it put pon a grill and barbeque it.¡±Archer said he and his surviving colleagues headed to Camp Soweyo, and were about three-quarters of a mile to their destination, when they came across a creek ¡°and that¡¯s when I realise that my legs get burn¡±.¡°One ah my squaddie, Samuel, wanted to jump in the creek to ease he burning, but I had to hold him back cause he woulda drown.¡±¡°All this time, you could hear bombs going off in the distance. Even as we running, is as if people throwing these bombs behind we.¡±The men reached Camp Soweyo where soldiers there assisted and a search party was dispatched for those who were missing.Cort¡¯s account was that after five that morning the place started to ¡°blow.¡±¡°When I woke up I couldn¡¯t see anything except fire, but it wasn¡¯t fire burning my skin. Cause I feel a hard breeze blowing, so I put my hand to block my face from the dust, but when I look all my skin gone¡­ but it wasn¡¯t fire. My face everything turn pink, pink, pink and bleeding.¡±The whole camp he said was blown open.? He remembered crawling about five miles on his knees, after having ¡°walked through the fire to save myself¡±.¡°I reach to the Highway¡­ almost five miles on my hands and knees cause my foot bottom, you could see the bone underneath.¡±The original intention, he said was to get to the Demerara River and swim as far away as possible, but being unable to see, Cort said he took the wrong direction and ended up on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway.¡°No bus would stop,¡± he said, ¡°I could even talk and I felt like from my waist down had freeze. But then I saw a GDF jeep pull out from the side of Camp Soweyo and I thought it was dem come to finish we off. I don¡¯t know where I get the strength, but I get up and start run till I fall down.Cort related that his injured colleagues were rescued and they were taken to the Linden Hospital before being transported to Georgetown.Between Georgetown Hospital and Camp Ayanganna, Cort said he spent about four months seeking medical attention, while Archer said he was lucky to get treatment in the United States, but that was not until the victims¡¯ families started ¡°to make noise for us to get help.¡±LINGERING EFFECTSAnd there have been lingering effects. Following the horrific events at Camp Groomes, the soldiers admit to having been severely traumatized. They related that they are unable to function normally, as time and again sounds, explosions and arbitrary noises would make them ¡°lose time¡±, ¡°freeze¡±, ¡°trip¡± or become highly annoyed and fearful.The soldiers said that to this day they are plagued by nightmares, they find themselves screaming wildly and jumping out of their sleep,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, and continue to feel as though ¡°the enemy¡± is out to get them.Archer said he has serious problems with his right eye, and his right ear drum as well which had to be repaired after it had ruptured. He said that at times the chemical that was administered can be tasted when he eats. The other soldiers, he pointed out, have also complained about it.¡°Sometimes my body would start rocking and I would feel out of tune¡­like I losing my balance. It¡¯s not easy.¡±Cort related that since the mishap it has extremely difficult for him to cope with noise.¡°Imagine I on de road, and a tyre buss and I freeze¡­ next ting I wake up in de hospital¡­is a canter knock me down. When de tyre buss, I jus¡¯ zone out and de canter pick me up.¡±At Christmas he would plug his ears because he could not take the noise.¡°I had a girl I was living with, she move out telling people I mad, because sometimes I deh good with my children and sometimes I can¡¯t even tek my own son noise. I start behaving different and people start calling me mad man,¡± Cort said.Archer said he was warned by the overseas specialist who tended to him that if follow-up treatment had not been given for the chemical that burned their skins, a serious skin cancer could have developed. He said he was further warned about the effects the explosion would have on their bodies and minds.¡°Down to the tick, tick, of a watch or clock used to trigger me like if is a bomb ready to go off,¡± Cort stated.
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Two brothers,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, one of whom was shot by police last Sunday at a wedding house in Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, are expected to appear in court today to face a series of charges.But the men¡¯s relatives are alleging that the police used excessive force to apprehend them, adding that their incarceration following the incident was inhumane.Vidyanand Ramrattan called ¡®Romel¡¯ who was shot in the left leg during the incident was discharged from hospital yesterday was escorted by police to the Mahaicony Police Station despite visible signs of him being unable to walk properly.His brother Totaram has been in custody since the incident, and according to relatives, the condition he is being kept under is a cause for concern.The two men¡¯s mother, Sushila Ramrattan, told this newspaper yesterday that her son has complained of being beaten by the police and made to lie in a wet cell after he was stripped of all his clothing.Police sources said that the man, who was heavily under the influence of alcohol when he was arrested last Sunday, had threatened to commit suicide, so precaution was taken to prevent this.They denied beating Ramrattan.According to the police, last Sunday at a wedding house in Mahaicony, the two brothers were involved in an altercation with some other guests.A senior police officer who was present at the wedding ceremony called ranks from the Mahaicony Police Station to the scene.The police said that when ranks attempted to arrest the two brothers, Vidyanand Ramrattan pulled out a knife and attacked one of the policemen who discharged a round from his firearm to defend himself.The injured man was subsequently taken to the Mahaicony Hospital from where he was transferred to the main public health facility.However, relatives have painted a different picture of what transpired.Sushila Ramrattan told this newspaper that on Sunday afternoon, she observed several police ranks at the wedding ceremony and suspected that something was amiss.She said that she subsequently received a telephone call advising her to make contact with her sons who were at the wedding ceremony.The woman said that she was told that her sons had been beaten at the wedding house.¡°They lef the wedding house but dem wheel blow off and dey stop fuh fix it up and a police vehicle come up and block dem off,¡± Sushila Ramrattan told this newspaper. She claimed that the ranks proceeded to assault her sons with their fists and batons.¡°He feel a burning in he foot; he nah bin know ah shoot he get shoot. Den dem pick he up and put he in de vehicle,¡± Sushila Ramrattan said. She denied that her son attacked the police with a knife.? ¡°No, no! Me son dem nah go with weapon fuh harm nobody, dem go fuh enjoy demself,¡± the woman added.¡°Ah de prefer fuh dem handcuff me son dem and carry dem to de station before they had to beat dem and kick dem up,¡± she cried.
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For the second time, a Judge Advocate in the Court Martial of Captain Ronald Hope of the Guyana Defence Force, has declared the summary of evidence proceedings a nullity due to procedural irregularities.Last Tuesday at Camp Ayanganna,Cheap NFL Jerseys USA, in the second trial by Court Martial of Captain Hope, Judge Advocate, Justice Oslen Small, upheld the defence submissions made by attorney-at-law Gregory Gaskin and discharged the accused and brought the trial to an end.Captain Hope first appeared on Court Martial in October 2009, charged for the unlawful uplifting of a service pistol from the arms stores at Camp Stephenson, Timehri.That trial was aborted in November 2009 when the then Judge Advocate Justice Winston Moore found in favour of the defence that the trial was a nullity due to procedural irregularities in the Summary of Evidence proceedings.Such proceedings are closely akin to the committal proceedings that are preliminary to an indictable trial before judge and jury.At that first trial, the State was represented by prosecuting attorney at law Melissa Stewart and the defence attorneys were Leslie Sobers, Gregory Gaskin and Trenton Lake.The second trial by Court Martial of Captain Ronald Hope on the same charge began in December 2009 and was presided over by Lt. Colonel K Persaud and with Justice Oslen Small sitting as Judge Advocate.The State was again represented by prosecuting attorney Melissa Stewart while Gaskin led a team that also comprised attorneys at law Trenton Lake and Chandrawattie Persaud.Early in January this year, as the first prosecution witness was being cross-examined, it was revealed that yet again there were breaches of procedure with respect to the summary of evidence.At this juncture the defence successfully applied for a Voir Dire so as to explore the admissibility of evidence from four of the State¡¯s six witnesses.The Voir Dire lasted two months and at its end, the learned Judge Advocate upheld the submissions of the defence and declared this second Court martial a nullity due to grave irregularities and defects in the summary of evidence proceedings.Captain Ronald Hope is once more a free man.In an invited comment, attorneys at law Gregory Gaskin and Trenton Lake opined that the Army had once again shot itself in the foot, and that any future attempt to re-lay charges against Captain Hope would be met by strenuous and lengthy pre-trial challenges of several sorts.Attorney at law Gregory Gaskin further questioned the bona fides of the GDF high command in its relentless pursuit of Captain Hope by way of court martial, for an offence that has routinely been tried summarily by unit Commanding Officers.This is especially obnoxious, he said, when it has recently come to light that the GDF is treating departmentally with an officer of similar rank who has lost a GDF pistol with full magazine while on a frolic of his own at a popular city night spot.
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¡­gearing for segment in Linden and EssequiboThe Jingles and Song Competition host, Malcolm Pereira chats with one of the successful candidates.Just as the company had predicted, GT&T has indeed managed to execute a smashing launch and initial auditions for their 2K9 Jingle and Song Competition.After very entertaining auditions in Georgetown, they moved to Berbice Sunday last and hosted auditions that were well attended by potential singers craving to sample the ¡®Blue Power Experience¡¯.The auditions were hosted at the Little Rock Suites, New Amsterdam, Berbice.As expected, there were disappointments for some but many experienced the excitement of receiving the blue ¡®Pass¡¯ card, which signified they that found favour with the judges.At the Berbice leg of auditions, 50 persons attempted to impress the judges but only 19 were successful.Meanwhile, reports from GT&T officials are that from some 379 persons that auditioned in Georgetown, 122 were successful.The GT&T team is now preparing for auditions in Essequibo. These auditions commence today.On Sunday the Linden segment will commence.At the end of the countrywide auditions, successful candidates from Linden, Georgetown, Berbice and Essequibo will come together for a special ¡®riveting audition,¡¯ which serves as the climax that will decide the selection of the top 25 finalists.These will move forward to the first quarter final to be staged at the Theatre Guild.The semifinals are set for July 12 at the Theatre Guild, while the final showdown is carded for July 26 at the National Park.This year the winner of the competition will take home a Toyota VIOS (Blue) motor car, a one year endorsement contract with GT&T, complimentary recording of a single, an Apple IPOD Touch, a Samsung Bluetooth Headset and a cellular phone.The second place winner will bask in the glory of taking home $500,000, a one-year endorsement contract with GT&T, an Apple IPOD Touch, a return trip to Jamaica and a cellular phone.On the other hand, the third place contestant will take home $250,Cheap NFL Shop,000, a return trip to Trinidad, and an Apple IPOD Touch and cellular phone.The GT&T Cellink Jingle and Song Competition will be aired every Thursday night on NCN and HJTV from 21:00 h and 20:00 hrs respectively.This year¡¯s event is sponsored by Ansa McAl Ltd, Beharry Automotive Ltd, NCN, Impressions, HJTV, Caribbean Airlines and Wireless Connection, under the theme ¡®Caribbean Rhythm, Guyanese Vybz¡¯.
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Wanted man Clifton Ramcharran,China Jerseys Online, called Witch, 38,cheap jerseys paypal, of Number Two Village East Canje,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, Berbice who escaped from the New Amsterdam Magistrate¡¯s court last Monday is back in custody.The man who is a regular offender had escaped from the New Amsterdam Magistrate court which was being conducted by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo. He used a commotion created by another prisoner, Clarence ¡®Wild Hog¡¯ Williams.Clifton Ramcharran,China Jerseys Cheap, called WitchThe wanted man surrendered on Monday after being on the run for one week. It is understood that he was turned over by attorney at law Mursaline Bacchus who facilitated his surrender to the police. He was arrested at the prominent attorney¡¯s office.It is understood that a relative had contacted the lawyer informing him that ¡®Witch¡¯ wanted to give himself up.? The lawyer then made arrangements for the convict to come in. The police were then informed that ¡®Witch¡¯ was at the lawyer¡¯s office and that he would be taken in; however,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, the police turned up and took him into custody.? He is expected to be charged shortly with escaping from lawful custody.Ramcharran is on a joint charge with Seepaul Parsram and Ravin Samaroo for breaking and entering the dwelling house of Simone Rampersaud and stealing a quantity of items. He was previously charged with a number of offences including possession of marijuana and simple larceny,Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit On Sale, when the police had raided his home and found the drugs and a number of items concealed in various parts of his house.He had pleaded guilty on that occasion and was sentenced to jail. He was also jailed on a number of other occasions.
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Clive Knights,Jerseys From China Online, who was in August 2012 charged with the murder of insurance executive Bert Whyte, was yesterday committed to stand trial in the High Court. Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry who presided over the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) informed Knights that a prima facie case had been made out against him.Murdered: Bert WhyteThe charge states that on May 14 last year, Knights stabbed Whyte to death.During the PI, Prosecutor Steven Telford stood for the state and was able to convincingly present evidence that linked Knights to Whyte¡¯s demise.Police witnesses were presented in the case,Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Shoes For Women, with a few relatives of the deceased also testifying.At Knights¡¯ first court appearance,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, prosecutor Denis Griffith stated that on the day in question, around 19:25 hours, Whyte and Knights, who were said to be friends, were in the vicinity of Main Street when they ended up in a misunderstanding that turned into a scuffle.The accused reportedly stabbed Whyte several times before running away. Whyte fell a few yards from where the incident occurred, in front of a popular night spot,Nike Air Max 2018, before he was transported to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.Knights had been on the run for a little less than three months after the fatal stabbing of the 45-year-old former Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Life (GTM) Insurance Company employee. The accused was said to have narrowly escaped police officers in Cow Dam Angoy¡¯s Avenue,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, New Amsterdam, when he was reportedly spotted in the victim¡¯s car which bore cardboard licence plates.A few weeks later,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Knights was caught when a routine police operation which was conducted at Yarrowkabra on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. He had given a false name, but was taken in for questioning, where he finally gave his real name and was detained. Police sources said that the accused had reportedly given a confession statement.Clive Knights being escorted to court
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British hostage, Peter Moore,cheap authentic jerseys, who once worked in Guyana with the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), has been released alive from captivity in Iraq, Britain¡¯s Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said.He said that Moore, an IT consultant from Lincoln,Cheap Jerseys China, who was seized in Baghdad in May 2007, was in good health and ¡°absolutely delighted at his release¡±.Moore, a computer expert, came to Guyana in 2004 through Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) UK. He then worked at the Lands and Survey Department before undertaking the task of volunteer Database Administrator during the flood relief operations in early 2005.In January 2006, Moore joined GGMC where he worked as a Systems Administrator/Programmer before resigning in April, but maintaining close contact with friends and former colleagues here.The 31-year-old Moore was apprehensive about going to work in Iraq,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, but took the job there to help, friends had said.Miliband said the Moore family felt deep relief after two-and-a-half years of ¡°misery, fear and uncertainty¡±.Four bodyguards were seized with Moore. Three were shot dead; the fourth is also thought to have been killed. The bodies of Jason Swindlehurst, from Skelmersdale, Lancashire, and Jason Creswell, of Glasgow,nfl jerseys authentic china, were returned to the UK in June 2009, followed by that of Alec MacLachlan, of Llanelli,Cheap Air Max 90, Carmarthenshire, in September.Miliband has called for the release of the body of the fourth guard – Alan McMenemy from Glasgow.Miliband said that Moore, who had been released on Wednesday morning, was in the British Embassy in Baghdad and would be reunited with his family as soon as possible.The foreign secretary said he had had a ¡°very moving¡± conversation with Mr Moore, who was ¡°to put it mildly, absolutely delighted¡±. He is undergoing medical checks.¡°The joy and relief that will be felt by Peter¡¯s family will be mirrored by the continuing anguish of the family of Alan McMenemy, the last of the five men taken hostage. We have believed for some time that he has been killed and his family has been told our view of his likely fate.¡±The Foreign Secretary also told the BBC there were no concessions or deals made to secure Moore¡¯s release.¡°This was an Iraqi-led process of political reconciliation in which an armed group has made vows to come within the political system and to renounce violence, and that¡¯s the foundation of Peter Moore¡¯s release,¡± he said.Moore had been working for US management consultancy, Bearing Point, in Iraq. The other men were security contractors employed to guard him.The group was captured at the Iraqi Ministry of Finance by about 40 men disguised as Iraqi policemen.They were understood to belong to an obscure militia known as the Islamic Shia Resistance, which demanded the release of up to nine of their associates held in US military custody since early 2007.Several had already been handed to the Iraqi Government. Some had then been freed under a national reconciliation process, with armed groups which renounce violence being brought into the mainstream as Iraq prepares for elections.BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said it appeared ¡°some kind of deal¡± had been done, though not necessarily involving the British government.¡°The main person the abductors wanted back, I¡¯m told, is out of US custody… and handed over to the Iraqis,¡± he said.Qais Al-Khazaali had been suspected of involvement in the kidnapping and eventual killing of five US soldiers, Gardner added.Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in comments, expressed relief ¡°by the wonderful news that Peter has been freed. At this moment of celebration, we also remember the families of British hostages who have been killed in Iraq and elsewhere. And we pledge to continue to do everything we can to bring British hostages back to their loved ones.¡±Moore¡¯s father Graeme, 60, from Wigston,, Leicestershire, said he was ¡°over the moon¡± at the news.
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Even de devil got a friend. When de night come people deh in dem house and dem use to sleep wid one eye open.De grill dem had pun dem house was not enough. Wha mek other people even get more frighten was when dem hear that dem same bandits go inside a gated community.Well as dem boys seh,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, something happen and all de running and jumping that dem criminals use to do come to a full stop. De police ketch de gang just like how fisherman does ketch fish or like when dirt get ketch in a strainer.But something is a reality. Long time de police use to use dem commonsense. De big ones use to call it intelligence.Dem would ketch a old criminal and give he something to mek he sell out even he mother. That is wha dem must be do this time.But something does always bother dem boys and that thing is how fast de news does travel. A woman deh in she house.De next thing she get a message that she son get shoot. She know and she ain¡¯t been nowhere near de place. She hear even before dem reporter.Another thing that mek dem boys realize that de devil got a friend is when some people jump up and defend Jagdeo. He announce big and bold that he gun be de opposition leader.Some people decide to picket Jagdeo and call he a scamp and a liar and all kind of things. Some people seh is true. De same Jagdeo who couldn¡¯t go to court de other day tun up at Freedom House. De people confront him and ask he if he ain¡¯t shame.Jagdeo stammer and before he could seh anything all dem people who he give land in Pradoville and all who living big,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, tun up.Dem seh how Jagdeo is a good man and how he never do anything good,Nike Huarache Shoes For Sale, but people should give him a chance to do good. He do something fuh dem when he give dem house in Pradoville.It look like people got to give him a lifetime. De man just don¡¯t know how to do anything good.Talk half and wait fuh see when Jagdeo do something good.
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People Progressive Party Stalwart,Bruce Smith Bills Jersey, Former Government Minister and Presidential Advisor Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud has passed away. Persaud who was 77,Cheap Nike Air Max 2018, died at the Georgetown Hospital¡¯s Caribbean Heart Institute yesterday morning.According to reports Persaud was undergoing treatment, since had fallen ill early Saturday. Kaieteur News was told that he was taken to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital but later transferred to the GPHC for further tests and assessment at the Caribbean Heart Institute.Persaud was one of the longest serving politicians in Guyana. He served as Agriculture Minister, then Minister of Parliamentary Affairs under the Peoples Progressive Party Government and was a Member of Parliament for some 41 years.Only last year Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman had paid homage to Persaud. He was celebrated and honored by the Full House for his service as a Member of the Parliament of Guyana.APNU Member of Parliament and Historian Dr. Rupert Roopnarine said then that Persaud will always be remembered as a diligent and committed politician and religious leader who loved his country.Reepu Daman Persaud formed the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha and worked over the years as a politician,Wholesale China Jerseys, patriot and religious leader according to close friends.Pandit Reepu Daman PersaudIn 1996, Persaud received Guyana¡¯s second highest National Award,Marshon Lattimore Jersey, The Order of Roraima.He would later form a Foundation in his name as part of an education drive.Only last week the PPP/C lost another long serving member. Reverend Dr. Dale Bisnauth, a former Minister of Education and Labour,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, Human Services and Social Security, succumbed from a heart ailment. At the time,Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit Womens, the 76-year old was a patient at the Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI), having been admitted there mere hours before.
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New York (New York Daily News) – A Queens doctor was busted Tuesday for allegedly acting more like a dealer than a healer ¡ª taking money for prescriptions for painkillers without examining patients, officials said.Anand Persaud, 44, who has offices in Jamaica, Queens,Cheap Mens Jordan Sneakers, and Baldwin, L.I., was charged with illegally selling prescriptions for Oxycodone on two occasions. But investigators believe he made $1.4 million from 5,800 office visits in 2011 and 2012 in which he prescribed the addictive meds to patients, officials said.Investigators leading Dr. Anand Persaud shortly after his arrest.¡°It¡¯s unconscionable that a doctor,Cheap Jerseys From China, a trusted licensed professional,NFL Jerseys Cheap From China, would violate his professional duties and abuse his licence to traffic in prescriptions for narcotics,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys China,¡± said Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, whose office conducted the investigation.Persaud, born in Guyana,China Jerseys Cheap, and who faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in a Nassau County Court Tuesday and was ordered held without bail.He allegedly charged $250 or more for office visits in which all he did was write prescriptions for the painkillers.A new law set to take effect next month will make New York the first state to require doctors to consult an online database showing patients¡¯ drug histories before prescribing a controlled substance. The law is designed to make ¡°doctor shopping¡± by prescription drug abusers much more difficult,Hank Aaron Braves Throwback Jersey, officials said.
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A well-known West Demerara businessman was last night shot dead after heavily armed bandits descended on his Meten-Meer-Zorg home, leaving the community in shock and anger, and continuing what has been a surge in violent crime across the country in recent weeks.Dead: Zulficar ¡®Vicky¡¯ NamdarDead is Zulficar ¡®Vicky¡¯ Namdar of 76 Third Street, Meten¨CMeer¨CZorg.Also shot in the leg during the ordeal which lasted less than 10 minutes was Stephen Mohamed, a teenager who works part time for the family.Namdar,Cheap Jerseys From China, in addition to running his popular grocery also has a trucking business with the Guyana Sugar Corporation and is a prominent member of the Muslim community. Crowds of shocked residents, relatives and government officials were at the scene last night.According to Mohamed, the attack began around 20:45hrs when six men entered the business place and demanded everybody lie on the floor. A shot was immediately fired and this was what struck Mohamed after ¡°bouncing¡± of the floor. One of the bandits had apparently been aiming at Namdar and missed. He again fired and the bullet, said to be from an assault rifle, struck the businessman in the throat.¡°They ask for all the phones, and knock up the mistress in she head and tek a bag of money. The bossman was in the washroom.¡±Mohamed was referring to Namdar¡¯s father, Goolzar, 50, and mother, Fazila.According to the grieving father, Vicky was his only son, and he was doing well.¡±Everything was going for him and he wanted his family to be happy.¡±¡°I was in the washroom preparing for prayer and I hear one shot. I hear somebody demanding to give everything over.¡±The elderly Namdar said he remained in the washroom, not knowing his son was shot. ¡°This thing lasted five minutes. I found my son in the corner and I knew he was dead.¡±Goolzar is a popular Commissioner of Oaths in West Demerara area and the Regional Vice President of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG).Injured: Stephen MohamedThe bandits are believed to have escaped with jewellery, over $400,000 in cash, passports and other valuable documents.¡°I am very hard hit by this. My son is of good disposition, known by lots of people and doing good business. He and his mother birthday is the same day¡­ on May 28th. He never left home.¡±The dead man¡¯s wife and his daughter were reportedly at Enmore, on East Coast of Demerara at the time of the shooting.Residents said that the armed gunmen quickly exited the business place, and fired several warning shots before escaping.In recent weeks, there have been several high profile killings, raising concerns about the crime situation.
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The son of the Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Water Inc. Shaik Baksh is now hospitalized after writing off a Toyota Hilux double cab pick-up that is attached to the state owned utility company.The GWI vehicle is a total wreck.The young Baksh was reportedly heading towards the mining town of Linden when in the vicinity of Yarrowkabra, the vehicle he was driving clipped an oncoming car before turning turtle several times and then land in the nearby bushes.The impact caused the tray of the pick-up to separate from the cab.The driver reportedly suffered a fractured foot and hand and was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he was admitted.According to a source, the young Baksh was not authorized to drive the vehicle, since he was not carrying out the official business of the GWI.¡°That vehicle belonged to the GWI and was not a Baksh family vehicle,Nike Air Max 95 Mens,¡± the source said.Kaieteur News understands that the elder Baksh, who once held at least two Cabinet posts in the Bharrat Jagdeo Administration, was out of the country at the time of the accident.He flew into the country early yesterday morning after learning about the mishap.
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Defeat is not something people can accept, easily. Some people kill demself and others kill de people who beat dem. In boxing dem had Mike Tyson who was losing, suh he bite off piece of Holyfield ears.In cricket when de li¡¯l boys lose dem does tek dem bat and ball and go home. Dem big boys does sit down and cry. Even dem Test players does cry.Elections is a different ball game. People does lose and seh that dem nah lose. Dem can¡¯t accept. Donald is one. Before de elections Donald tell de whole world that all parties must accept de result. But he didn¡¯t seh that he gun accept and that¡¯s a scamp.That remind dem boys of de teacher who seh ¡°Do as I say and not as I do.¡± Well scamp does end up in jail. But Guyana don¡¯t have proppa jail fuh dem. De present jail overcrowded.De Waterfalls boss man intend to change that situation. He tell dem boys that he intend to start a fund. He putting de first $5 million to build a new jail¡ªone that is big and fancy. He want it to have air-condition like de big countries.But this jail is not fuh de Bees. Dem boys gun tell de new Soulja Bai in town fuh move out all dem prisoner who deh at Lot 12 and put dem in this new prison.This new set wha coming in, Jagdeo and his boys and some girls, will head straight to Camp Street jail wheh dem can enjoy de facilities wha demself build and call a jail.This was de set who use to spit pun people and kick and stamp dem. Suddenly dem can¡¯t do that no more. Dem find dem foot tie. Is de people of this country tie dem foot.Dem boys know de Soulja Bai wha dem cuss and seh how he kill people and how he thief ballot box gun tie not only dem foot, but dem hand, wid handcuff.De Waterfalls boss man seh that if de Soulja Bai don¡¯t have vehicle to drive dem to jail,Nike Air Max Shoes Sale, he gun lend dem transportation.He seh that he gun cut out a li¡¯l hole at de side of de vehicle so that when Jagdeo going to jail in it people can jook he through de hole.De boss man seh that he nah too keen fuh de main man, Brassington, go to Lot 12 wid Jagdeo. Wid he size he gun tek up too much space that would hardly lef any fuh de rest of de Bees and de cabal.Dem boys plan to recommend to Soulja Bai fuh throw he pun one of dem island in de Essequibo River and leh he build he own Brazziott.Talk half and contribute to build de new jail.
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Yesterday, an admitted drug addict,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, appeared in court after he was accused by persons of stealing from their business place,NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap, he was remanded to prison.Emshan Khan, 68, of Diamond Housing Scheme, is accused of breaking and entering the business place of Rodlyn Austin, between April 4 and 5 and stealing one gas stove, one gas bottle, two coolers, along with other items,Wholesale Stitched NFL Jerseys, all totaling $482,200.Further,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, it was alleged that between April 2 and 3, he broke and entered the business place of Forbes Christian and stole one generator and two tool kits,Cheap Air Max 2018, a total value of $85,000.The defendant pleaded guilty to the charges after they were read to him by Magistrate Judy Latchman.Khan explained that he did not steal the items and he was ¡°set up¡±, by the victims. Further,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, he asked the magistrate to jail him because he is hooked on cocaine. ¡°Yuh worship gi meh a light sentence, a promise to behave mehself when I come out¡±, Khan pleaded.After hearing his explanation, a not guilty plea was recorded for him by the magistrate.Police Prosecutor Renetta Bentham objected to bail, citing the nature, seriousness and penalty the offence attracts if the defendant should be found guilty. She argued that the defendant was seen by eyewitnesses removing the items from the premises.Bentham also pointed out, that the defendant has no fixed place of abode and there is a likelihood that he might not return to court to stand trial if released on bail.He will return to court on April 15.
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On the eve of his brother¡¯s wedding,Cheap Air Max 90 Shoes, 69-year-old Walter Wilson became the latest road fatality after being struck by a car near Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara.According to reports,Cheap Jerseys USA, Wilson,Nike NFL Jerseys China, of Blueberry Hill Linden, was attempting to cross the public road at around 23:00 hrs on Saturday when the mishap occurred.According to a police press release,Cheap Air Max 90 Kpu Sale, after hitting Wilson,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the driver of the motorcar PKK 7636 left the injured man on the roadway.Wilson was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he died from massive head injuries.Police sources told Kaieteur News that the female driver later showed up at the hospital. She has reportedly been detained.The dead man¡¯s brother, Joseph Wilson confirmed that the tragedy occurred on the eve of his wedding.Despite this,Nike Air Max 95 Mens, the relatives yesterday opted to go ahead with the ceremony.
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It¡¯s been more than a month since 25-year- old Jairam Tilkuram was last heard from and his family is becoming more anxious about his whereabouts as each day passes. Tilkuram, also known as ¡®Joshie¡¯ and ¡®Toney¡¯, had returned from Curacao only a month before. He was staying at a relative¡¯s home at Black Bush Polder and also spent time at his uncle¡¯s residence at Bloomfield. According to the missing man¡¯s mother, Padmawattie Tilkuram, she last heard from her son on the telephone on May 24. She was overseas at the time. She further stated that Tilkuram told her that he had a girlfriend, with whom he had ended things in Curacao.MISSING: 25-year-old Jairam Tilkuram¡°What he tell me over the phone that day when I talk to him was ¡®Mom, I might get into some trouble, because I went over there [in Bloomfield] and curse the girl father.¡¯ I said ¡®Why you do that? Why you going around the people place?¡¯¡±¡°He said the girl¡¯s father threatened him. He was laughing over the phone; I really didn¡¯t take it seriously. He said the man said he will chop him up and kill him [Tilkuram]. I did mention that to the police,¡± the mother stated.She said she warned him not to go back to the girl¡¯s father home at Bloomfield.On May 25, Tilkuram left his uncle¡¯s home at Black Bush to collect some cash from Moneygram, which his mother had sent from Curacao. He spent the entire day out on the Corentyne and then reportedly left from Whim to Bloomfield.Later that afternoon Tilkuram left for his mother¡¯s home at Bloomfield. His aunt (his mother¡¯s sister) was staying at the home. That was the last time anyone ever heard from Tilkuram. ¡°All we hear is that he borrow a cycle from a boy in Whim and he was heading home (to Bloomfield), but he never reach home,¡± his mother said.Padmawattie, upon hearing from the family in Guyana that her son had been missing, left Curacao to come home and join in the search. She noted that the family and friends had scoured the Corentyne backlands, bushes, riverside, burial grounds, even hospital mortuaries in search of Tilkuram but came up empty handed. They also posted flyers all across the Berbice area with the hope that someone might have seen the man.¡°As a mother, I am very much depressed and confused right now. I think I am losing faith in God right now. It¡¯s long; it¡¯s too long now. We¡¯ve been searching in the bushes and sea dam¡ªif people must have killed him and throw him anywhere¡ªbut nothing like that,¡± she added.The man¡¯s father, Dhanesh Tilkuram said that his son is a much loving and caring person ¡°who was always concerned with the family¡¯s welfare.¡±¡°I am very much sad and depressed about the situation. I think the police should do a lot more to help us,¡± he said.Meanwhile, the family has given mixed reviews of the work of the police. ¡°I think the Police Force is a bit ¡®slack¡¯ in this matter. They¡¯re supposed to come out and make checks,¡± his father said.They also spoke to Commander Steven Merai and he told them to contact the police if they heard any news about their son¡¯s whereabouts.Tilkuram¡¯s mother said that up to early this week, the police never visited them to ask any questions and that the family has to ¡°go there to them and beg them but they keep telling us when we hear anything, to go back to them.¡±She said that the police from the Whim Police Station never even assisted with searching for their son until earlier this week.¡°I don¡¯t feel satisfied with them at all, because this is a human being and he born and grow in this community. The Police Force know where the bad people is and they should have done something better, raid the places and see if they got my son there, because since we not finding him dead anywhere,¡± she said.She stated that the family has not received any calls for ransom and believes that her son is still alive somewhere but that he cannot get in touch with his family.¡°We¡¯ve been crying our lives out; crying night and day. We can¡¯t eat, we can¡¯t sleep, nobody cares¡ªI mean the higher authority. But I¡¯m quite sure, if it was a Minister¡¯s kid or some rich people kid, they would have put down their foot on it. But we don¡¯t have money, so we will be like this all the time¡ªsearching bushes,Cheap NFL jerseys China, sea dam and all over. We can¡¯t go in people¡¯s homes but the police could have done that,¡± she said.His mother made a plea to anyone who has her son to return him to the family so that their minds can be at ease once more.A reward is being offered for information leading to the whereabouts of Jairam Tilkuram. Persons can call telephone numbers: 337- 1021, 693- 1335, 337-1060, 689-5925, or the Whim Police Station.
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– to raise awareness on environmental preservationA massive Green Walk was organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources yesterday as the first event to mark the observance of World Earth Day under the theme: Green Economy: Does it include you?The Green Walk commenced at the Umana Yana and concluded at the National Park Tarmac where a cultural programme, presentation of trophies for various categories of participants and remarks by His Excellency, President Donald Ramotar and the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Hon. Robert M. Persaud took place.President Ramotar stated that there is greater consciousness of protecting the global environment as well as the need for a green economy to manage man’s relationship with nature.President Ramotar addresses participants after the walk.He added that there are environment and nature laws which must be followed or there will be dire consequences.As such the government will continue to pursue a green economy through renewable energy to reduce pollution for a better Guyana and ultimately a better world.Further, the Guyanese leader challenged several government ministries and other concerned stakeholders to play an integral role to improve the environment by enhancing the streets,Wholesale China Jerseys, villages and towns. He added that there is a need to educate children and people to be environment conscious for a better place for all.Meanwhile,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, Minister Persaud pointed out that the President’s vision of creating the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment is an indication of government¡¯s strong commitment towards the integrated management of our natural resources towards a green economy. He also welcomed the massive response from participants, especially students, government agencies and other concerned stakeholders.¡°Our ultimate goal is to transcend the current unsustainable way of doing business,cheap authentic jerseys, and take Guyana along a green, low carbon, and climate resilient pathway to development,¡± said Persaud.He further expounded that one major area of focus for the Ministry is increased public engagement and awareness on environmental issues,Wholesale Jerseys China, as a means of facilitating behavioural change within the broader society.Participants were judged in four categories: The Largest Contingent -1st prize went to Graham¡¯s Hall Primary, 2nd prize to Marian Academy and 3rd price to the Guyana Police Force; Uniformity- 1st prize went to Graham¡¯s Hall Primary, 2nd prize to the Guyana Forestry Commission and 3rd prize to the Seven Day Adventist Olivet; Best Banner- 1st prize went to Guyana Amazon Tropical Bird Society,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, 2nd prize Graham¡¯s Hall Primary and 3rd prize went to the Hydromet Service.The final category for Best Chant- 1st prize Graham¡¯s Hall Primary,Cheap Jerseys From China, 2nd prize Marian Academy and the 3rd prize went to Seven Day Adventist Olivet.This year, World Environment Day 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the event which was first established by the UN General Assembly in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.