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The Ministry of Social Cohesion yesterday hosted its first in a series of consultations with religious organisations and groups, starting with members of the Muslim community.The consultations are aimed at developing new strategies for the long-term attainment of national unity.Representatives from the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG), the Guyana Muslim Mission, the Guyana Islamic Forum, the Muslim Youth League, the Guyana Islamic Trust, the Guyana International Relief Organisation, the Darul Uloom Centre of Islamic Education, among others, met with Minister of Social Cohesion,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, Amna Ally, in the Boardroom of the Ministry of the Presidency.¡°This is your opportunity to speak to us. We want to be able to undertake the initiatives that would [allow] us to partner in an atmosphere of trust,¡± Minister Ally said before the start of the meeting.¡°We want communities to be allowed to contribute in a strategic way. It is our duty to give you the opportunity to tell us how the Ministry and the Muslim community can collaborate to achieve this; how can we remove barriers to unity; how can communities be supported, how can we remove inequalities?? We want to talk about these issues openly and find solutions together. It is the only way we are going to progress and move this nation forward,Soccer Jerseys Cheap,¡± she said in a Government statement.The Minister informed the gathering that the meeting was not intended to be a one-off discourse but rather,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, a series of consultations to ensure that all stakeholders are given a chance to contribute to and refine a plan of action that will allow the Ministry to achieve its mandate.¡°We cannot continue to live in Guyana as a divided society. Regardless of your political affiliation, religious beliefs, ethnicity. There is a need for us to work together to build our country. All of us want a good life and we must work together to achieve that,¡± Minister Ally said.Meanwhile, Shaheed Uthman, a representative of the Guyana Muslim Mission-Masjid Muhammad,Cheap Jerseys USA, praised the initiative, noting that it is the first time that the organisation and the Muslim community has been contacted by any government on a matter of such national importance.Ameena Hescott,Cheap Jerseys Supply, representative of the Darul Uloom Centre of Islamic Education,Wholesale Jerseys China, committed the organisation¡¯s support to the Administration¡¯s efforts in this endeavour. She noted that the institution is willing and ready to go out into the fields, schools, and other places, to begin the groundwork of educating the population on the mission and aims of the Ministry.Wasir Baksh, another attendee at the meeting, said that the teachings of Islam are consistent with the themes of unity, equality and fairness and as such, he will support the efforts of the Administration in achieving these goals for Guyana.At the close of the session, Minister Ally pledged to meet with the members of the newly formed group in the coming months and to seek further avenues for partnership.
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Another daring daylight robbery has left Grace Inniss and her husband in a lot of expenses. Bandits smashed the concrete walls of their home for the fourth time in less than a year.On Thursday they made good their escape with the couple¡¯s brand new television set that they had bought to replace one they had carried away earlier.Reports are that Inniss, who is a teacher at the Peter¡¯s Hall Primary School, East Bank Demerara,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, left her home around 07:00 hrs to go to work. Her husband had already left for his workplace.She received a telephone call from her husband around 11:00 hours when he returned home for lunch, notifying her that their home located at 600 Section ¡®A¡¯, Golden Grove New Scheme had once again been broken into by bandits.The woman immediately rushed home and upon her arrival she saw the concrete walls of her home broken on two sides of the house with pieces of broken blocks lying in her yard.Inniss said that two weeks ago when the culprits broke away almost half of her concrete wall and gained entry into her house,Stitched Cheap Jerseys, they stole her digital camera, a gas cylinder and a $15,000 perfume set .On this occasion,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the bandits stole her television set, which was transported out of her house through a huge hole that was created after they damaged her walls and broke the concrete into pieces.Inniss explained that on the previous occasion when the concrete wall was broken apart,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, she and her husband placed wooden ¡°form boards¡± to block up the area and then concrete it once again.The thieves tried to re-enter her home through the recently repaired spot where they encountered the wooded reinforcement. They opted to smash another wall.She said,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, ¡°Last year when they break it they took away my 32-inch flat screen TV. We have lost almost $400,000 to the break-ins. It isn¡¯t easy; you can¡¯t move up. It really hard and tough because every time they do this, you have to replace items and rebuild some part of the house.¡±The family suspects that it could be some young men who ¡°hang round the area¡± and originate from Kaneville, Grove,Nike Men Air Max 97, East Bank Demerara, since some of them were seen on numerous occasions breaking into tombs and stealing the grill work around them. She said that the police were called in on every occasion. However; by the time they arrived, the men had already escaped into streets by way of a pipe across a weed choked canal.Where the Innisses live is relatively isolated. Many of the houses are? unfinished or the neighbours all leave their homes to go to work. Her home is therefore an easy target for these men.This is not the first time homes in that area? have been broken into in recent times.Residents are of the opinion that if police ranks patrol the streets especially those at the far end of the village , such incidents could be prevented. The culprits will know that they can be caught in the act quite easily.
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Fifty year-old Christopher Anderson of 25/26 Kaikan Street,Cheap Air Max 90 Kpu Sale, Georgetown,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, was yesterday remanded to prison after he appeared before Magistrate Melissa Robertson to answer charges of murder of a civilian, and assault of a police officer.It is alleged that on April 21,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he assaulted Police Constable 19318 Mortimer Smith while the officer was executing his duties. He was also charged for the murder of Garnett Woolford, whom he also reportedly assaulted causing bodily harms.The injuries resulted in the man eventually succumbing recently at a city hospital.Anderson was not required to plead to the murder charge but pleaded not guilty to the assault of the peace officer.His request for bail,Cheap NHL Jerseys, something,Cheap Air Max 90, which he said was his constitutional right,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, was refused.It is alleged that Anderson severely chopped Woolford about the body during an argument that erupted between the two.It is said that Anderson was begging lodging at Woolford¡¯s home and got angry when the man asked him to leave. This promoted the brawl that followed after.He will return to answer his charges before the court on July 21.
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Angered by the publication in this newspaper of payments to military officers by the Office of the President,wholesale jerseys china, the Joint Services have lashed out over the disclosure of the identities of its secret security officers.Speaking to reporters yesterday following the opening ceremony of the Police Officers¡¯ Conference at the Force¡¯s Eve Leary Headquarters, Chairman of the Joint Services Coordinating Council (JSCC), Commodore Gary Best, said that it is unfortunate that the media compromised the security of the officers who are part of a GSM Tracker Unit.In yesterday¡¯s edition of the Kaieteur News, it was revealed that six officers,Cheap Jerseys, three each from the Guyana Defence and Police Forces were receiving a stipend of $30,000 from the Office of the President (OP)for what is described as additional works.In memos from the permanent secretary of the Office of the President, Dr. Nanda Gopaul, the Acting Chief Accountant was advised that approval was given for the payment to the officers for the month of February.The article published the names of the officers and their bank account numbers to which the stipend should be credited. This has not gone down well with the military.Commodore Best told members of the media that while the names of the officers are already public knowledge, the media should have exercised more caution, since such action has compromised the security of the officers who he said are working for the protection of all, including members of the media.A written statement issued yesterday said that Commodore Best has noted the Kaieteur News article and wishes to state that ¡°there is nothing unusual about these payments, because they are payments for Joint Services activities out of the Joint Services vote which is held at the Office of The President¡±.He indicated that had the vote been with the Joint Services, these payments would have still been made.¡°The activities of Joint Services intelligence operations are matters of national security and, in that context,Wholesale Jerseys, no further information will be available to the public,¡± the statement said.Although Best indicated that there is ¡°nothing unusual about these payments¡±, legal and political observers have indicated that it is highly improper for the Office of the President to pay a stipend to officers of the state security apparatus.But one former senior Police Officer said that he sees nothing wrong with having persons from the military seconded to the Office of the President and receiving a stipend. However, he noted that the government should have indicated that officers are seconded to be part of the intelligence apparatus of the Office of the President.The fact that it was revealed by the media makes the whole scenario look bad,Cheap Nike Air Max 1, the former senior officer told this newspaper.¡°All they had to do was announce it. That would have created a much more comfortable environment.¡±Yesterday, President Bharat Jagdeo said that his administration is in the process of establishing a $700M intelligence nerve centre,Cheap NFL jerseys China, which he assured will not be used to spy on political opponents.Meanwhile, no proper explanation was given for the payment for a rented property in favour of one of the GDF officers in the unit,China Jerseys Cheap, except to point to the security of the officer.
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Forty per cent (40%) of unemployed persons with disabilities have lost their job as a result of their disability while 9% of unemployed persons with disabilities are qualified, skilled and able to work ¨C they only require the opportunity.This is according to statistics from the National Commission on Disability (NCD) which was based on a survey of 1,500 persons with disabilities.According to the NCD, many do not have access to education and employment and this leads to social and economic exclusion. The cost of a disability, it was noted, has three components: the direct cost of treatment (including travel and access), indirect costs to those who are not directly affected and the opportunity costs (education, employment etc)An analysis of minors (under 18 year old) shows that: 29% had attended primary school; 26% completed nursery school; 14% had attended a special education school for children with disabilities and 8% had attended secondary school.The Commission pointed out that the social and economic conditions of persons with disabilities can prevent equal access to education.The NCD disclosed that persons with disabilities frequently cited difficulties caused by financial (29%) and transportation (23%) constraints. Negative attitudes would also appear to create problems; 14% reported the attitudes of other pupils, and 12% that the attitudes of staff,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, made it difficult for them to participate, whilst issues associated with accessibility, exclusion and discrimination prevent children with disabilities from fully participating in education.It was also disclosed that the cycle of poverty and disability is exacerbated by barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from entering employment. Disability, it was stated,NFL Jerseys Outlet, often causes the loss of opportunity of income due to a denial of education and employment opportunities.According to the NCD, persons with disabilities in many cases have limited access, or are totally excluded, from participation in social and recreational activities, while it was noted that a level of social participation occurs naturally within education or employment which is traditionally difficult to access. Societal attitudes and perceptions, it was stressed, can create additional barriers to social participation.The Commission disclosed that due to the stigma associated with disability, social interaction is often limited. Persons with disabilities, the survey revealed, are often restricted to their homes and are rarely seen in public.“Full social participation is measured by interactions with variety of people in a number of different contexts. It is often uncomfortable for family members to acknowledge that a member of their family has limited social interaction,” the Commission explained.The statistics revealed that of the 1,NFL Jerseys Outlet,500 persons with disabilities fifteen per cent (15%) have never attended school and the proportion dramatically increases to 42%? for those under 16; while between 20 and 50% of persons with disabilities are born with impairment.According to the United Nations, one person in 20 has a disability. More than three out of four of these live in a developing country.It was stated that seventy-nine per cent (79%) of families caring for a person with a disability have experienced financial difficulties,Cheap NFL jerseys China, and caring for a person with disability limits the main care giver’s level of engagement in employment, thus reducing the overall family income.The survey examined employment from two perspectives: those who were in employment and those who were unemployed but willing to work,Calum Chambers Arsenal Jersey UK, and focused particularly on rehabilitation and identifying steps to allow respondents’ return to employment.It was emphasized that there is a relationship between education and employment, and that persons with disabilities who have never attended school are more likely to be unemployed.The Commission stressed that disability does not just affect the individual, but impacts on the whole family.Costs are both financial and emotional; but the struggle to meet financial costs is often a cause of emotional strain. The cycle of poverty and disability can have a downward spiralling effect on both the person with a disability and their family,Andre Reed Bills Jersey, the NCD noted.It was also noted that the impact of caring for a family member with a disability is threefold: caring responsibilities, financial and emotional. Data regarding the family is largely drawn from the focus group discussions, where the family member was the focus of research exerciseThe NCD is recommending a number of policy actions. However to achieve change, the Commission said a holistic approach is required, looking to address perceptions as much as policy. The survey data shows that negative perceptions of disability and ignorance of the issues affecting persons with disabilities are indirectly causing restricted access to all areas of society
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The People¡¯s Progressive Party (PPP) has called for the government to request a team of Pan American Health Organization/ World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) experts to assess the country¡¯s capacity to respondFogging exercise being conducted for vector the Zika virus and the potential for it to spread.This was communicated during the party¡¯s weekly press conference at Freedom House yesterday and comes in the wake of Minister of Health, Dr. George Norton¡¯s reporting to the National Assembly on Thursday that the Zika virus had been detected in Guyana.The party¡¯s General Secretary, Clement Rohee, stated that in addition to PAHO/WHO experts, the intervention of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) should be sought.Rohee was adamant that this assistance will be important to strengthen Guyana¡¯s institutional capacity to detect the whereabouts of the Zika virus locally, as well as to keep an eye on its potential circulation.¡°Concerns have been raised about the health sector¡¯s capacity to cope with the detection and potential spread of the virus throughout the national territory,¡± Rohee said. ¡°Guyanese must exert greater pressure on the administration to do much more to prevent the spread.¡±Last week, the Vector Control Services had commenced fogging for vector control purposes, in areas including Kingston, Cummingsburg, Bel Air Gardens and Springs,Cheap Air Max 90 For Sale, Prashad Nagar, Kitty, Ogle, Timehri, North and South Sophia and other areas.Warnings about the dreaded Zika virus which causes a dengue like illness – fever, headache, skin rash, red eyes and muscle ache– have also been in the public domain. In addition, priority health care is being given to pregnant mothers and there have been warnings to citizens about how to control the spread of the Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Polynesiensis mosquitoes.According to Rohee, however, the current measures in place are ¡°woefully inadequate.¡± He noted that the fogging exercises are sparse and inconsistent and he was adamant that geo-scientific methodology is not being applied to conduct these exercises.Rohee was also critical of the government having to send blood samples to a lab in Trinidad for testing. This is despite the fact that this was a common practice under the previous administration whenever blood testing had to be done for crime fighting or health care purposes.In light of this, Rohee was roasted about his party¡¯s performance in the public health sector while in Government.Responding to queries about the PPP record with developing the country¡¯s health care sector, Rohee said, ¡°There is the famous adage, the king is dead, long live the king,¡± he said. ¡°That means that when a government changes you (new government) inherit all that was done, all that was not done and all that was partly done.¡±¡°I find it interesting for persons, whenever challenging issues are raised, to turn to the performance of the PPP in order to justify why something is not being done.¡±When pressed to answer the question directly, however, Rohee refused to comment further.During his address, Dr. Norton had indicated that on Tuesday (January 12), his Ministry was informed by the Caribbean Public Health Agency¡¯s Laboratory in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, that it had detected the presence of the Zika Virus in a sample of blood from Guyana. The sample was taken on January 4, 2016.Dr. Norton had stated that the virus was detected in a 27-year-old female who hails from Rose Hall, Corentyne, Berbice, but also resides at Covent Garden, East Bank Demerara. The Minister had also given assurances that there have been checks to ascertain the condition of the patient and family members.In addition to fogging and larvicidal treatment methods in the patient¡¯s area, the Minister had related that fogging exercises were proceeding apace in Region Four, as well as household inspections, education drives and the distribution of long lasting insecticide- treated bed nets to pregnant mothers and households with children under five years old.While studies are ongoing and are being planned to educate people about the virus, evidence is growing that it may cause the catastrophic birth defect called microcephaly (reduced brain size).? In 2015, Zika virus RNA was detected in the amniotic fluid of two fetuses, which indicates that it crossed the placental barrier and that fetal infection is possible.In December 2015, the PAHO/WHO noted that the transmission of Zika virus infection had occurred within nine countries¡ª Brazil, Chile (specifically Easter Island), Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Suriname and Venezuela. The organizations¡¯ recommendations had been for surveillance, case management, and prevention.On January 15, last, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a level two travel alert for people traveling to regions and countries where Zika virus transmission is ongoing: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, French Guyana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.According to the CDC, Brazilian health authorities reported more than 3,500 microcephaly cases between October 2015 and this month. Some of the affected infants have had a severe type of microcephaly and some have died.
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– GPL still to contact familyThe family of Asgar Mohamed is upset that no Guyana Power and Light Corporation (GPL) official has contacted them regarding the horrific injury he suffered last Friday after coming into contact with a burst GPL wire.Asgar Mohamed shortly after his surgeryThe 39-year-old South Better Hope, East Coast Demerara resident suffered severe burns to his left arm and doctors were forced to amputate the limb on Saturday. He is recuperating in the Georgetown Public Hospital¡¯s High Dependency Unit (HDU). Kaieteur News understands that he communicated briefly with relatives yesterday.A relative noted that GPL had sent out a statement which seemed to suggest that Mohamed had been electrocuted. The relative added that by now,Wholesale Jerseys China, the officials should have been aware that Mohamed, though badly injured, survived his ordeal and is in hospital.Mohamed¡¯s relatives are also questioning the power company¡¯s claims that the Stabroek area where the wire snapped was cordoned off prior to Mohamed being injured.The GPL release had stated that Police and Fire Service had responded immediately and cordoned off the area. It added that ¡°inexplicably, a male civilian forcefully breached the cordon and came into contact with the live wire, which resulted in his electrocution.¡±Some eyewitnesses claimed that a GPL crew arrived before the handyman was injured, but did not immediately cordon off the scene or attempt to repair the damaged wire.However, one woman stated that several people continued to walk in close proximity to the wire despite appeals by the police.The GPL release had stated that a truck came into contact with an overhead guy wire, causing it to snap and fall to the ground. The release said that a section of the wire came into contact with a 13.8 KV feeder, and this caused the guy wire to become energized.A GPL official had told Kaieteur News that the driver of the truck left the scene immediately after the mishap.A woman who operates one of the Digicel and GT&T booths near Demico House said that she heard a ¡®booming¡¯ sound shortly after 12:00 hrs. ¡°Then we see a wire fall on a car and light it on fire.¡±She said that Mohamed, who performed odd jobs in the Stabroek area, was attempting to remove the wire from the vehicle when he was hit by volts of electricity. However, other eyewitnesses said that Mohamed known as ¡®Jesus¡¯, was attempting to pick up the wire from the ground when he sustained his injury.
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– “a representation of regional integration,¡± says Minister of AgricultureRossignol staff showcasing some of the imported meat available at the butcheryRossignol Butcheries Guyana, which includes five partners, was officially declared open yesterday evening at their Lot 76-77 Church Street, Georgetown location.The list of guest speakers included the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Suriname Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. Raymond Sapoen and Ambassador of the Republic of Suriname, Ms. Mehroen Nisa Kurban-Baboe. In their presentations, they all agreed that the opening of the butchery in Guyana is a representation of regional integration that provides much benefit for the people of Guyana and Suriname.Robert Van Dijk, Gerrard Van Dijk, Bryan Renten, Humphrey Blom and Rick Ravensway are the five partners that are spearheading the company which is known to produce the highest quality of meat, freshly baked bread and appetizing pastries.One of the Partners, Gerrard Van Dijk, indicated to this newspaper that the company has six other branches that are operating in Suriname and because of the potential of the Guyanese market; they have taken the bold step to invest and offer their services.Van Dijk explained that he is very happy with this partnership between Guyana and Suriname and added that the company ¡°takes extra care in the preparation of the meat.¡±In his address to members of the audience, Renten explained they have spent over 1.2 million USD to construct the business. The majority of the meat sold at the butchery is bought locally but only a small quantity is imported from the U.S.A and Suriname.He added that their excellent assortment of bread is also imported from Suriname.¡°We will work with farmers to help them improve farming techniques so that a higher quality of meat can be provided and the standard can be maintained,¡± explained Renten.Chief Executive Officer of Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry, Mr. John Tracey, stressed that the occasion not only celebrates the opening of the business but rather the increase of standards in the Industry.Mr. Tracey added that the opening of the company is a vote of confidence in Guyana. ¡°We celebrate here today,Cheap China Jerseys, the deepening of relations between our regional and international neighbours. I am pleased with the strengthening of not only our cultural links between Guyana and Suriname but also the economic relations as well,¡± expressed an enthused Tracey.¡°Whether it is with local or other entrepreneurs, we have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that Guyana is a good place to invest,¡± said Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Ramsammy.The Minister explained that while he is proud and honored that the Company has chosen to come to Guyana, he added that they will provide competition that is good for others which will ultimately catapult Guyana to a place of constantly striving to improve in its quality of meat which is provided for local consumption.¡°I know we are used to seeing the glaring headlines of negatives in Guyana but there are a lot of good things happening in our country. Though our country is a victim of non tariff barriers, we are the only CARICOM country that has an O.I.E certificate. (The World Organization for Animal Health was formerly named Office International des Epizooties, hence OIE which is an international organization that monitors diseases in animals.) Not only were we awarded this certificate but we are on the verge of receiving our second. In the face of all the challenges we face as a poor nation, these are some of the things we should be proud of and celebrate,¡± the Minister added.Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, patrons got the opportunity to interact with the partners of the company as they were given a tour of the Butchery. This provided a perfect platform for networking as the attendees enjoyed the delicacies prepared by the Butchery.
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–?? ?Cases under reported to law enforcement officialsBy Rabindra RooplallAlthough the consequences of child abuse are overwhelmingly disturbing-and for last year there were 3,377 recorded incidences of child abuse cases locally-every year worldwide, millions of children across the world are becoming innocent helpless targets of atrocities, statistics have revealed.According to the United Nations Children¡¯s Fund (UNICEF),Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, children are entitled to grow up in an environment that ensures they are protected.UNICEF further states that although the agony and the plight of these children remain suppressed in silence, the brunt of their exploitation is very real,NFL Jerseys Outlet, although the whole world is morally fuming at the abuse children endure.The organisation explained that protection laws against child abuse commonly meet with confrontation at all strata of society.¡°The reason behind this is simple. Most forms of child abuse take place in private and are linked with crime and corruption. It is simply observed as ¡®secretly endured and openly denied.¡¯ Experts note that while violence and abuse pose a threat to children¡¯s lives, it also offers more devastating adverse effects on their mental and physical health. Often it leads to homelessness, resulting in increased number of cases of vagrancy,Wholesale Jerseys China, giving birth to a feeling of depression.¡®To worsen the scenario, these victims are more likely to abuse their own children in future, thanks to the deep impact on their mind! And the cycle will continue forever!¡¯However,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security advocates that all children are entitled to protection ¨C as laid out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,NBA Jerseys China, while it is the duty of families, communities and individuals to respect those rights.In addition,Wholesale Jerseys, children and adolescents themselves can play an active role in their own protection and as advocates for the protection of others.The International Labour Organization (ILO) states- although it is hard to enumerate- around one million children including significant number of boys are exploited every year in the multibillion-dollar flesh trade. Commercial sexual abuse of children is often initiated and encouraged by local elements. Statistically, sexual tourism plays very minor role, contrary to the earlier perception. However, the internet is emerging as the potential stimulator to promote child pornography globally and this has become a cause of concern. Studies have revealed that children are most often sexually abused by their close relatives.Most children are abused by someone they know and trust, although boys are more likely than girls to be abused outside of the family.Reports further reveal that sexual abuse often occurs in successive generations of the same family.In 82 percent of accusations recently studied, the accused offender was a heterosexual partner of a close relative of the child. Researchers estimate that between 96 to 100 percent of accused abusers are recognizably heterosexual. Another study found that almost half of offending fathers and stepfathers also abused children outside their family.Children are most vulnerable between age eight to 12. The average age for first abuse is 9.9 years for boys and 9.6 years for girls. Victimization occurs before age eight in over 20 percent of the cases. Another study found 24 percent of female child sexual abuse survivors were first abused at age five or younger.Estimates of child sexual abuse rates vary for many reasons. Less than 10 percent of abuse cases are reported to the police.
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By Rabindra RooplallThe number of divorces has climbed in 2011 with 1,288 matters filed between January and December.This was against 2010 statistics which revealed 1,269 divorce matters filed. In 2009, there were 1,235 cases recorded.In the majority, officials from the court, in almost all of the cases filed the main reason given was malicious desertion.However,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, due to the much touted ¡®no-fault divorce¡¯ law which was spearheaded by former Minister of Human Services and Social Security,Cheap Jerseys From China, Priya Manickchand,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, persons can apply to the new Family Court to grant a divorce in response to a petition by either party of the marriage, without requiring the petitioner to provide evidence that the respondent has committed a breach of the marital contract. Laws providing for no-fault divorce also limit the potential legal defences of a respondent who would prefer to remain married.This newspaper understands that a no-fault divorce will empower the spouse who wishes to leave the marriage (generally the male here in Guyana),Cheap Jerseys Online, and will make powerless the spouse who is being left (generally the female here in Guyana).The Family Court is expected to deal with matters such as divorce, division of property,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, domestic matters, adoption, guardianship and custody.No-fault divorce is a divorce in which the dissolution of a marriage requires neither a showing of wrong-doing of either party nor any evidentiary proceedings at all.For 2011, statistics from the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic (GLAC) revealed that 677 persons were interviewed for divorce cases; 410 sought advice and representation while 267 were given advice.For decades, lawyers have struggled to convince judges, using the present Matrimonial Causes Act (Divorce Law) that was first enacted on December 30, 1916,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, that there was reasonable ground for a married couple to be granted a divorce. However, the law was amended in 1953 and again in 2009.Guyana¡¯s divorce laws were based on the ¡°fault¡± principle, and to obtain a divorce at that time in this country, one party had to prove to the satisfaction of the High Court, one or a combination of a number of factors which included cruelty, adultery, or malicious desertion.Court officials are reporting a significant backlog not only in criminal matters but also with divorce cases as well.
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A girl has been forced to come to grips with the loss of her right eye, after a night of imbibing alcohol went horribly wrong and she was stabbed to the heart and eye by her friend.Marissa Charlie, 23,Cheap Jerseys From China, of Tabatinga, Central Rupununi, is in a stable condition after she was air dashed to Georgetown yesterday morning.According to reports,Nike Air Force One Shoes Women, Charlie was imbibing alcohol near her home at 18:30hrs Tuesday night with two other friends, when a heated argument broke out between them.The argument reached the point where the victim¡¯s grandmother reprimanded them for the commotion.? It is then that the assailant went inside for a knife.The suspect, who is said to be just 16 years of age, then proceeded to stab Charlie in the region of the heart. When the injured girl collapsed,Nike Air Max 2018 Mens Shoes, the assailant then stabbed her former friend to the right eye.The girl was rushed to the Lethem hospital, thence to the Georgetown Public Hospital via a Trans Guyana flight. She was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where she underwent emergency surgery.According to a source, the Doctor who operated on the girl had ruled that the girl¡¯s eye was completely damaged, to the point of her not being able to use it ever again, corrobating what was alleged to have been said at the Lethem hospital.The suspect is said to be in police custody at Lethem assisting with investigations.Only two weeks ago,NFL Jerseys China, a girls¡¯ night out ended in murder when an intoxicated woman stabbed her best friend to death with a broken bottle after they had left a resort in good spirits.Lloyda Renita Thomas,Jerseys From China Online, of Sunflower Close, South Ruimveldt,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, was stabbed to the stomach and head by her close friend, Angelina, over a spat seating arrangements in a car.Angelina Thomas has since been charged with that murder.
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By: Kiana Wilburg The spirit of brotherhood which exists between Guyana and Venezuela may perhaps be running thin. The Spanish-speaking territory is making serious moves to wean itself off of Guyanese rice.Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, said that during his recent visit to Venezuela, he was told in no uncertain terms that the South American neighbour would no longer be interested in renewing the oil for rice barter under the PetroCaribe deal which will come to an end on November 16, next.He said that Guyana was told to find new markets for its rice.Venezuela¡¯s decision regarding the rice deal comes at a time where it is claiming sovereignty over Guyana¡¯s waters since the significant oil find by American oil giant, Exxon Mobil just 100 miles off of the Stabroek Block.The issue is one which has seen the Government displaying complete resistance to Venezuela¡¯s declaration and even its rhetoric over the past few weeks.Yesterday,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, Jordan said that Venezuela claimed it had hinted to the past administration as well as to top officials in the Guyana Rice and Development Board that Guyana needs to start looking at other markets.Based on records over the past two to three years, Jordan said that it would show that Venezuela was scaling back on the volume of rice it was taking from Guyana.Venezuela finds new markets The oil-rich country has however, entered into new rice deals with rice-producing giants like Uruguay. The South American country has agreed to provide Venezuela with 120,000 tonnes of rice by the end of this year. This deal was struck so that Uruguay can clear its US$400M debt it accumulated from taking Venezuela¡¯s oil at concessionary prices.According to El Pais, a leading newspaper in Colombia, this is the first time that the Government of Uruguay has participated in a rice export agreement which will be signed officially on July 17.Finance Minister Jordan said that Venezuela claims that its decision to not renew the rice deal after November is mainly because it has secured rice shipments from Suriname and has enough local production to satisfy its domestic demand.Venezuela and Guyana ¨Cnew venturesBut Venezuela is not cutting Guyana off entirely. Jordan said that the Spanish-speaking country indicated ¡°interest¡± in buying Guyana¡¯s rice next year, but a very modest amount to support its buffer stocks.He said that Venezuela even communicated ¡°interest¡± on entering into a joint venture agreement with Guyana to pursue rice markets together.He said that Venezuela is proposing to establish an office within its borders and Guyana would take its shipment to its port. The rice would then be shipped from there to countries with which Venezuela has good relations, such as Iran, a huge consumer of rice.Jordan said that while both initiatives are far from being set in stone, Venezuela has agreed to receive a high level team from Guyana to discuss both options. Though Venezuela was successful in striking more beneficial rice agreements with other countries, including one of Guyana¡¯s CARICOM sisters, it has expressed ¡°interest¡± in other products Guyana may have to offer.Clearing oil debts With the rice for oil agreement set to come to an end later this year, the Finance Minister said that he is not too worried about writing off the debt incurred.He said, ¡°Under the PetroCaribe deal, Guyana gets oil from Venezuela at very concessionary prices. We receive the oil,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, pay for half upfront and the other part is paid off within several years. But at the same time we are accumulating debt. So, to write off the debt, rice was agreed to be used under the PetroCaribe agreement¡­¡±The Finance Minister continued, ¡°Had Guyana not been bartering with rice, our debt would have been between US$500 to US$700m. Now it stands at US$190M. By the time the agreement is ended in November, that debt would decrease but after November it would increase again because we will continue to benefit from the oil at concessionary prices but we won¡¯t have rice to write it off the debt like we used to.¡±With this new development, Jordan said that it becomes even more imperative for Government to redouble its efforts to locate new markets for Guyana¡¯s rice as quickly as possible.Economic time bomb It was only June 14,China Jerseys, last, that Presidential Advisor on Sustainable Development,cheap nfl jerseys online, Dr. Clive Thomas, predicted that like the ailing sugar industry,Stitched Cheap Jerseys, the booming rice industry could be sitting on another economic time bomb.He had said that certain factors affecting the rice sector leave it poised for a dispiriting future.Dr. Thomas said, ¡°The ticking time-bomb that rice is perched¡± on is due to three factors. He listed these to be explosive growth of output, increasing difficulty in finding lucrative markets and the level of unit production costs.The economist noted that rice output has grown explosively in the 2010s; rising by more than 100,000 tonnes annually since 2012. He said that much of this expansion has been fuelled by Government support to both supply (production) and demand (finding lucrative markets).He had said, ¡°As is common knowledge,NFL Stitched Jerseys, the Venezuelan market is at great risk generating a potential demand/ supply market imbalance. This imbalance risks a collapse of rice and paddy prices later this year, thereby impairing livelihoods, in contrast to what prevailed in the first half of the 2010s.¡±The economist opined that should Guyana fail to deal with the aforementioned factors with great haste, then the sustainability of the rice industry could prove to give the new government, a similar kind of hell it is facing in trying to nurse the ailing sugar industry back to good health.Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, said that he agrees implicitly with the comments of the Presidential Advisor noting that farmers for some time have been responding to Venezuela¡¯s ¡°concessionary price¡± and will have to adjust to suit new times ahead.¡°The Venezuelan market is one that you wouldn¡¯t normally find out there. The country was taking practically 30 to 35 percent of our rice exports. Our rice farmers will have to prepare themselves to operate in a regular market very soon. What they were getting was what is called an artificial market price from Venezuela, a price that is concessionary, a price that in reality, it would be extremely hard to get on the world market.¡°And what you find is that a lot of rice farmers may have taken loans and ploughed almost all their resources into the rice sector because of this agreement they were benefitting from. That will now have to change. They will have to change their production to meet the world market quota,¡± the Finance Minister explained.
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A Guyanese-born pilot who made headlines after he was arrested with over US$600,000 in cash he hadGuilty plea: Khamraj Lallstashed on his jet, has pleaded guilty in a Puerto Rico court.Captain Khamraj Lall, through his lawyer, Rafael Castro Lang, on Tuesday, filed court documents asking for a ¡°Change of Plea Hearing¡±.The lawyer said that change was due to a plea agreement with the Government. Lall will now await a hearing on his guilty plea.Just over a week ago, Lang asked for one week extension to consider a counter-offer by US prosecutors under a plea deal.Lall, who owns Kaylees Gas Station in Coverden, East Bank Demerara,Cheap NFL Jerseys, was arrested by airport authorities in Puerto Rico in November, after his jet made a stop to refuel, on its way to Guyana.Stashed in different parts of the plane was more than US$600,000 that Prosecutors say was not declared by Lall. He reportedly took responsibility for the cash at the time of arrest. On board were his father and another person.The pilot, who also owns a limousine service in Guyana, had flown President Donald Ramotar on occasions on the private jet. His company, Exec Jet Club, has a private hangar at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. There were swirling questions over the operations of the hangar and its accessibility.Government had denied that it granted the company any special privilegesOne of the planes owned by the Guyanese pilot.and said that the operations were in keeping with regulations. Exec. Jet has reportedly also closed its Gainesville, Florida Office because of the troubles.In addition to charges related to bulk cash smuggling, Lall is in deep trouble with the US authorities who by law can seize properties that are linked to illegal transactions.As Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, the country¡¯s tax body, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), had stepped into the matter, going after 14 bank accounts, a Lexus car and two planes, including the jet that Lall used on that fateful flight.Two weeks after he was arrested in Puerto Rico, US tax authorities, on December 8, filed a civil case in New Jersey. They were able to seize US$442,743.59 from accounts controlled by Lall and his companies. This is in addition to the US$600,000 that was found on the jet in Puerto Rico,Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes, and which is subject to seizure too.Investigators,Nike NFL Jerseys China, apparently working on information, started tracking Lall¡¯s deposits to accounts held at Wells Fargo, Citibank and JP Morgan and found startling evidence that between April 2011 and September 2014, the pilot and family members deposited an astounding US$6,324,411.41 (G$1.3B). There were over a thousand transactions.The IRS believes that a scheme was devised where Lall and others deliberately deposited less than US$10,000 each time in attempts not to trigger suspicion by banks which are mandated to report transactions above that amount. Lall¡¯s wife, Nadinee,China Jerseys Free Shipping, and mother Joyce,Huarache Shoes For Men, were named in the transactions.Investigators tracking the money said that Lall and his family had properties in New Jersey, Florida and New York.The US Government said that it is not yet requesting seizures of properties that the Lalls control in three states but intends to do so, as proceeds of the deposits were used to renovate or pay mortgages.According to the US Government, when domestic financial institutions, including banks and money service businesses, are involved in a transaction for the payment,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, receipt, or transfer of United States currency in an amount greater than $10,000, the institution is required to file a currency transaction report (¡°CTR¡±) for each cash transaction, such as, by way of example, a deposit, withdrawal, exchange of currency, or other payment or transfer by, through, or to a financial institution.¡°Many individuals involved in illegal activities, such as tax evasion, money laundering and narcotics trafficking, are aware of the reporting requirements and take active steps to cause financial institutions to fail to file CTRs in order to avoid detection of the movement of large amounts of cash.¡±The court documents said that Lall and his family and others ¡°structured¡± their payments deposit below US$10,000.In February, Lang disclosed that a plea bargain is being actively pursued but additional time of one month is needed.The Defence asked permission for the matter to be transferred from Puerto Rico to New Jersey for purposes of plea and sentencing.Lall¡¯s case has been generating much attention in Guyana, Puerto Rico and mainland US, because of the amount of cash that he was found with.In February, the US Government filed applications in the District Court of Puerto Rico to seize the jet which was reportedly used in the illegal transport of the cash.Assistant United States Attorney, Maritza Gonzalez, said that the forfeiture of the plane is in keeping with the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.The plane in question is a 1988 fixed wing, multi-engine Israel aircraft bearing FAA registration N822QL.It is one of the aircrafts that Lall has been using to fly to Guyana. Also to be seized are the related aircraft maintenance log books and other records.
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Today, a female Plaisance resident will be celebrating her 104th birthday with close family and friends.The centenarian, Doris Morrison, was born in Buxton, East Coast Demerara, on October 1, 1906.Mrs. Morrison has lost her ability to speak, nevertheless, her granddaughter, Maxine Straker, fondly recalled her years with her grandmother.According to Straker, her granny was the mother of two, a boy and a girl. Her son died on her 100th birthday, while her daughter is still alive. Morrison has numerous grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren and two great,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, great grandchildren.Ms. Straker revealed that her granny loves soup, metemgee and fruits. She disclosed that caring for her grandmother is a very interesting experience and a challenge she enjoys. Mrs. Morrison requires full-time care.She said that back in 1997 she stopped working to take care of Mrs. Morrison whom she grew up with.Despite her advanced age, the only medical complaint Mrs. Morrison has is arthritis, which she developed a few years ago.
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– PSCThe Private Sector Commission is concerned that President Bharrat Jagdeo before demitting Office in 2011, issued radio licences and frequencies outside of the Broadcasting Act and was unfair in the distribution process.This assertion was made by PSC¡¯s Executive Member, Kit Nascimento during a brief interview with this publication last week at the Georgetown Club, where the body held a press conference.PSC¡¯s Executive Member, Kit Nascimento¡°Those licences were issued outside the current law; they were issued by the President at the time under the Wireless and Telegraphy Act and its regulations which did not provide for public hearing and provided very few criteria in which to assign them¡±, Nascimento said.According to Nascimento, Government has publicly assured the PSC that those licences issued are under review by members of the Broadcasting Authority that were only appointed last year under President Donald Ramotar.But that does not necessarily satisfy the PSC, which believes that all the licences issued should satisfy the criteria of the Broadcasting Act, which is a competitive application as outlined in the Act, he added.Less than a week before Jagdeo left office he had announced 10 new radio licensees. He was reported as saying that the licences were granted from 55 applications that had been on file.The method of selection was never disclosed.Jagdeo¡¯s close associate, Dr. Ranjisinghi ¡®Bobby¡¯ Ramroop, was awarded five radio channels; New Guyana Company Limited five and Telcor and Cultural Broadcasting Inc. another five.Telcor¡¯s contact person is Omkar Lochan, who happens to be the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, a Ministry headed by Minister Robert Persaud.President Donald RamotarNew Guyana Company is the one that publishes the party¡¯s newspaper, Mirror, and whose contact person is PPP¡¯s Member of Parliament (MP), Dharamkumar Seeraj.There has been widespread condemnation of the allocations of the licences by local media bodies, including the Guyana Press Association (GPA) and the Guyana Media Proprietors Association (GMPA).The issuance of two cable licenses to two of Jagdeo¡¯s closest friends, Vishok Persaud and Brian Yong, emphasized the extent of control that was and still is being exercised over the national spectrum.According to Nascimento, ¡°with regards to the distribution of licences and frequencies we would expect the law as it is to be wholly observed and any granting of licences and frequencies that are in conflict with that law should be regularized¡±.Nascimento said that the PSC does not endorse the Broadcasting Act as it is and is currently reviewing the Act. As such, his comments on the Act are not reflective of the PSC¡¯s.He noted that for a long time Guyana did not have a Broadcasting Act and now that one exists the way in which it is written is questionable. In his opinion, the composition of the board does not reflect international best practices.He said that usually in democratic countries selection of the board reflects a wide cross section of the society as a whole. ¡°It is not usually left to the President only to appoint it,¡± Nascimento said.Former President Bharrat JagdeoThe Executive Member said that the Act as it is currently written gives undue influence and decision making power to the Minister responsible for Information who in this particular case is the President.¡°The board could be overruled the way it is currently written by the President¡­How the members are appointed is questionable and the influence the Minister has in the Board itself¡­ the ultimate decision making power rests with the Minister¡±, he stated.According to Chairman of PSC,China Jerseys Online, Ronald Webster, the Commission only became aware of the distribution of the frequencies recently through statements by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.He said that the PSC is not a huge organization and there are a number of other commitments and concerns which probably over arch this particular issue but the body is definitely looking at it. Webster said the PSC is still awaiting additional information.Dr. Ranjisinghi ¡®Bobby¡¯ Ramroop
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Of the 23 junior officers who graduated from the Junior Officers¡¯ Course yesterday, 18 were ranks from 15 different branches of the Joint Services, including the City Constabulary, the Guyana Fire Service, the Mounted Branch and Divisions ¡®A¡¯ through ¡®G¡¯.At the closing ceremony yesterday, at the Police Officers¡¯ Mess, Eve Leary, the graduating ranks were reminded of the constant need for training and continued learning, as the environment around them was continually changing on a daily basis, and it was essential for the ranks to constantly adjust to suit that environment.The objectives of the course were twofold ¡ª ¡®to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills, so as to cause a positive change in attitudes in their role as middle managers in their respective organization,¡¯ and to ¡®develop the managerial and operational capabilities of the participants, to enable them to perform at a consistently high standard.The course was divided into two modules, which covered a total of 116 different topics. The first module was delivered by faculty members of the University of Guyana (UG) and consisted of a variety of topics, including leadership, the use of language and speaking skills, and the role which the manager plays.The second module was delivered by various members of the Joint Services and consisted of subjects like the managing of crime scenes, the managing of divisions and subdivisions, and the role and functions of the Joint Services, along with other related subjects.The participants of the course were of various backgrounds, both as people and in the sector of the Joint Services which they represented.According to W/Assistant Superintendent Graham, one of the graduates of the course, the open discussions brought out a number of different ideas. She described the course as very competitive.This, Graham said, is due to the fact that the participants were very well selected. She added that she learnt a lot and enjoyed herself during the training. Because of this, she was sorry that the course had come to a close, she added.Commissioner of Police (ag) Henry Greene highlighted that the course had been in existence since 1976, and was especially useful in grooming up-and-coming officers.He said that he himself had gone through the same course years ago. He told the graduates that he still utilises what he had learnt in that course each day.Turning to the other senior members of the force who were present, he said that he knew that all of them had also been through a similar course.Greene told the graduating personnel that training was vital, and he continued by pointing out that self development is also very important. He said that while experience is vital to one¡¯s own learning, training is also good, as it helps you learn from the experience of others.He reminded the junior officers that the duty was theirs to give guidance and to provide leadership. In this regard, he went on by saying that the role of junior officers is fundamental in the workings of the Joint Services.The acting Commissioner noted that the Joint Services had a history of partnership[s] with UG, citing the Diploma in Security. He also noted that they were looking at setting up a leadership programme some time in the near future.He paid tribute to UG personnel who were involved in the course for the role they played, and he made it clear that when training or a course was backed by a university, it was given much more credibility.He added that without the support from the University of Guyana,Wholesale Jerseys Group, the course would not have been possible.Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, told the ranks that many senior members of the Joint Services were retiring, and there was need for capable individuals to fill the vacuum which was being created.He said that society is constantly evolving. As a result, training would always be needed to help members of the Joint Services ¡ª the junior officers in particular — who commonly interact with the public to be able and ready to deal with these ever-changing situations.Rohee added that he was heartened to see participation from many different sectors of the Joint Services.
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Shadow Home Affairs Minister of the Peoples National Congress Reform Deborah Backer yesterday, during the party¡¯s weekly press briefing, blasted the Commissioner of Police Henry Greene as using the torture report that has distracted the nation to foist on the people of Berbice, Assistant Commissioner of Police Steve Merai.According to Backer,Jerseys NFL Cheap, the Assistant Commissioner is a rank, ¡°who was involved in such acts in the past as Deputy Head of the Black Clothes Squad,Cheap NFL Jerseys, which was accused of hundreds of extra judicial executions of young Guyanese mainly of African descent.¡±Backer contends that the appointment of Merai to head the Police Berbice Division is yet another example of the disregard, which the Bharrat Jagdeo Administration has for the citizens of Guyana.She stated that Steve Merai was accused of executing Shaka Blair in cold blood in his home at Buxton early one day and the incident proved to be the genesis of bad relations between the residents of Buxton and the Police Force and created the climate for several other developments since then.She added that the wife and relatives of Shaka Blair never got justice.Backer went on to state that Merai was also accused of executing the ¡°Mandela Trio¡± who were also shot in cold blood.¡°An inquest was only held after the PNCR moved to the High Court and had a Mandamus Order issued to the Commissioner of Police to hold one.¡±According to Backer,Cheap NFL Jerseys USA, while Merai was under cross-examination during that inquest, he disappeared from Guyana to Canada and went missing for almost one year while he sought to stay in Canada by applying for refugee status.That inquest she said was therefore never properly concluded and his application to stay in Canada was denied and he was forced to return to Guyana.Backer suggested that the Police Force then covered up his long absence by claiming that he was on leave, ¡°slipped him back into the Force and stationed him away from public view in the TSU Headquarters at Eve Leary.¡±She said that now that ¡° the Jagdeo Administration believes that the people have forgotten, or,Cheap Air Max 2018, are distracted with the torture issues, they have used the occasion to unleash upon Berbice this Officer whose career has been under the microscope for these other serious matters.¡±Backer added that the blatant act is a clear indication that neither the Police nor the Jagdeo regime has any remorse.¡°It should be obvious to the Administration,Nike Shox Women Clearance, however, that Guyanese are not prepared to sweep this latest example of torture under the carpet as so many have been treated over the years¡­President Jagdeo may well be advised to support the International Inquiry, which the Joint Opposition Political Parties are advocating,China NFL Jerseys, if indeed he wants to be vindicated from personal involvement in these violent and unconstitutional acts.¡±
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A young father and his 21-month-old son are nursing burns about their bodies at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.This was after the coalpot on which 23-year-old Kevin Madramootoo was cooking, exploded when he poured gasoline onto the ¡°already smoking wood¡± that was in the cooking device.The father and his son, Alex Madramootoo of Turkeyen were rushed to the health institution around 13:00hrs yesterday and were immediately seen by doctors.Kevin Madramootoo and his son, AlexThe older Madramootoo was heard crying out for pain from a distance while little Alex was unconscious in the Accident and Emergency Unit.According to reports, Kevin, a security guard at a city hotel,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, was about to cook food for his dogs when he realized that he was out of kerosene.He decided to use gasoline as a substitute and poured it onto the ¡°smoldering¡± wood in the coal pot.¡°He say when he throw the gasoline, everything flare up and his son hold on to he that¡¯s how come he too get burn,Cheap MLB Jerseys,¡± a hospital source said.Yesterday, when Kaieteur News visited the security guard¡¯s home,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, his wife,NFL Jerseys Online, Iyanah Fernandez said that she was in her room nursing her three-month-old baby when she heard her husband and son screaming.¡°When I run out, I see my son face, his back and head red,China Jerseys Cheap, red and my husband foot and so get burn up,¡± Fernandez explained. She added that her mother-in-law rushed her son and husband to the hospital.Up to press time,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, both father and son were in the hospital¡¯s Emergency Unit.
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