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All around the world,Cheap Jerseys League, conscientious Israelites will be celebrating their ancestral biblical cultural holy days. These holy days that fall in the month of Ethanim and the weekly Sabbath days are the threads that bind the Israelites to their God, the Creator,Cheap Jerseys USA, who mandated they keep His laws, statutes and commandments as a family and as a people.A section of the Yom Teruah brotherhood celebration.At this time each year the individuals and communities engage in a conscientious personal atonement based on inner self-reflection. Founded upon good values and righteous principles,China Jerseys Authentic, this season revolves around spiritual correctness.These days are the cultural observances that were kept by their fore parents. The Israelite people were given these days and seasons to be celebrated with thanksgiving,NFL Jerseys China, praise and reverence by the Almighty Creator. Ethanim starts with a holy day called Yom Teruah.This day heralds in the seventh and most holy month on the Hebrew calendar with blasting of trumpets, which began on the 16th September 2015. Yom Teruah is a joyous occasion celebrated with singing praises and exaltation to their Creator.In Hebrew Israelite culture, the day of Yom Teruah begins the season of repentance and the days after are days of contemplation, reflection, and cleansing of the mind in preparation of the second and highest holy day of Ethanim, Yom Kippor.Yom Kippor or Day of Atonement is observed 10 days after Yom Teruah (25th September, 2015) and is reverenced as a day of fasting,Cheap Jerseys Tag, prayer, supplication, meditation and repentance. On this day Israelites seek forgiveness from their Creator for sins committed and from their brother or sister whom they may have offended or wronged. Five days after Yom Kippor on the 15th of Ethanim (30th September) they will observe the first day of Chag Succoth or Feast of Booths, this feast lasts for seven days.This feast is a humbling remembrance of their exodus from ancient Egypt and during this Feast, Israelites are required to dwell in booths for seven days, in remembrance of the fact that they dwelt in booths when their Creator freed them from Egyptian bondage.Chag Succoth is also a festive occasion as it is celebrated at the end of the harvest season having gathered in the produce of the field.On the 22nd Ethanim (7th October),Cheap Baseball Jerseys, the final holy day of the Holy Season is observed, Shemini Atzeret or Eight Day Solemn Assembly. It is a solemn day of reflection on the mercies and goodness of the Creator in their lives. The Holy Days are celebrated from sundown to sundown and all secular activities are prohibited.These Holy Days can be found in the Holy Scriptures, Book of Leviticus Chapter 23:23-38. The Hebrew Family of Guyana extends warm wishes to all Guyanese and Hebrew Israelites celebrating the Holy Season.
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By Fareeza HaniffThe People*s National Congress Reform (PNCR) walked out of parliament yesterday,cheap nfl jerseys, as Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran, denied the party*s request to suspend the sitting in order to discuss a motion dealing with the torture of a 14-year-old suspect by ranks from the Guyana Police Force.The motion which was moved by leader of the PNCR, Robert Corbin, called on the government to mount a credible commission of inquiry to be conducted by persons of integrity and who are not members of the Guyana Police Force.While the motion was brought under the heading of &Urgent Public Importance,* the Speaker denied the request on the grounds that the matter is under investigation by the police and has engaged the court of law as persons have been charged.But Corbin explained that he had no intention of discussing any matter that is before the court, as he only intended to deal with the terms of reference and composition of the commission of inquiry which was announced by President Bharrat Jagdeo.※I have no doubt that this matter qualifies as definite urgent and of public importance since it is not my intention to address the general issue of torture by the security forces which has been the subject of repeated allegations,§ Corbin explained to the speaker.However, the speaker noted that the terms of reference of the commission of inquiry is not a matter of urgent public importance,Chris Chelios Jersey, and as such denied the motion.Corbin remained adamant that the issue is one that requires ※immediate attention§, since the terms of reference would address the matter of what lead the ranks to resort to such unbecoming behaviour.※Sir, I have tried to explain that it is not my intention to deal with any matter that is sub judice, a commission of inquiry was announced in the face of all that has been happening by His Excellency and therefore that is why I would like to address the Terms of Reference because it will have to deal with the phenomena of torture in the police force and to go beyond what are those systemic difficulties or issues which contribute to such behaviour by ranks of the police force,§ the PNCR leader said.He reminded Members of Parliament of the terms of reference which were released upon the completion of the investigation into the alleged acts of former Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj,Jim Palmer Orioles Jersey, where specific issues were not addressed.※If we are told publicly that a commission of inquiry is going to be established,Cheap NFL Wholesale Jerseys, I do not believe it is right for responsible members of this parliament to wait until some terms of reference are issued similar to that of Former Home Affairs Minister,NFL Jerseys Paypal, Ronald Gajraj where the terms of reference completely eliminated the essential issues that were of concern to the people of Guyana.§After the motion was denied,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, the PNCR yet again walked out of Parliament.
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Owen John is a ‘Special Person’※When you are committed to a profession, money isn*t a motivator§ By Latoya Giles Agricola, one of the most populated and highly regarded East Bank Demerara villages, in recent years has been somewhat stained by crime, more particularly gun violence. There are a few persons who would say nothing good can come out of the village. They quite frankly would be out of line in even entertaining such thoughts. As there are downs there are ups. Having said that, there*s a middle aged community worker, an Agricola product who is currently an employee at the Georgetown Hospital, and who is feverishly working to reverse any negative notion expressed about his beloved community. Owen Nathaniel John who has several noteworthy accomplishments to his name, for over 10 years has been working with the village*s youth – trying to get them to ※never settle for less§. John, who has been in the nursing profession for over two decades, currently holds the position of the Assistant Director for Nursing Services at the hospital. He is also the Coordinator for the In-service Education for nurses at the institution. Apart from a reputable career as mentioned, John is a recognized artist, who has received rave reviews for his various works. He is also fluent in four languages.Owen Nathaniel JohnThe father of three is also sports oriented, with an intense passion for table tennis, a discipline in which he is a trained coach. Owen recounted that as a young boy in Agricola he was a sports enthusiast, but at the same time he was ※in love§ with his books. His early days of learning were spent at St Anne*s Anglican, which is a short distance away from his home in Romulus Street, Agricola. At St Anne*s,Jim Palmer Orioles Jersey, the tutelage he received laid the groundwork for his success. Owen said he was exposed to various subject areas, with Latin being compulsory. After successfully completing the necessary assessments, he began attending the Sunnybrook Art School. This, he opines, helped him to develop above average artistic skills. Afterwards, he commenced his secondary level experience at the then highly acclaimed Tutorial High School. He also did exceedingly well at the GCE examinations. TRUE PASSION John admits that his true passion was not nursing. He explained that after success in his GCEs, his father enquired what he wanted to become. ※I replied by telling him I wanted to become an artist#.but he asked what I was going to do with all my GCE subjects§. He noticed a vacancy in one of the dailies and applied at the Georgetown Hospital for the position. They replied to his application and that*s where his nursing career began. He became a registered nurse in 1972. His hard work and true dedication to the job afforded him some recognition as he was selected to attend a course at the Funda??o das Pioneiras Sociais College in Brasilia, Brazil. That was in 1983-1984. Upon completion of the course, he graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Orthopedics and Traumathology. Shortly after his return to Guyana he was appointed Ward Manager at the Georgetown Hospital. His assiduous attitude towards his job saw him being appointed to a junior departmental supervisor. He was then elevated to senior departmental supervisor, and subsequently to his present designation. Being at the hospital he says can be a little stressful, but he looks past that because he truly enjoys the occupation, and not for any financial reason. ※I love my job nothing makes me happier. When you are committed to a profession, money isn*t a motivator.§ As the director, he says he tries his best to encourage and be a role model to his students. ※I would tell them (students) don*t just take#one must be able to give back.§ With encouragement from relative and friends he went to the University of Guyana and today holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. He also holds a Degree in Public Management and a Diploma in Project Management from IPED. Apart from the academic qualifications there are several certificates in sports administration. He is also the former President of Guyana Table Tennis Association and former President and Coach of Agricola Table Tennis Club WHAT MAKES HIM SPECIAL? Owen believes that if there is any characteristic that could possibly earn him the recognition as a special person, it would be that he does a lot of things with an aim at perfection. A particularly noteworthy attribute of his, in relation to the challenges of today’s society, is the fact that he has taken over one hundred of the village*s children who are sports oriented ※under his wings§. An ardent community worker and sports fanatic, Owen was approached by his eldest son Fabio and they ※brainstormed§ the idea. He said he saw it as imperative for such a club to be established within the Agricola community. ※I adopted my father*s attitude and jumped at the opportunity to help my community§ John said. The organisation which is named the Rome Athletic Club has over 100 members. It was formed over three years ago and is continuing to gain recognition in the local sporting arena. He posited that the club has about 20 children who, once given the chance, and considering their tremendous potential, will be highly successful. Owen was also former President of Agricola Community Development Society and Vice President of Agricola Restoration Association His intense desire to give back to the community takes other forms. He also gives Spanish lessons. ※I feel there is so much I can do#and I’m going to continue to do so.§ He opines that his ※easy-going personality§ makes people feel comfortable interacting with him. WHO IS OWEN JOHN? Born in 1953, to proud parents Allen and Lovena John, Owen who comes from a bustling household of 11 children, described his boyhood days as ※full of adventure§. His father Allen worked hard as a carpenter while his mother who he described as a loving and compassionate woman was a homemaker. From an early age he was taught respect,China Jerseys Authentic, love, contentment, sharing and caring for his brothers and sisters. He remembers his father firmly instilling the value of hard work and the importance of integrity. His parents also taught him that having a good education was a priceless gift to acquire. With 11 kids in the house, Owen recalls that what remains with him to this day was that father would repeatedly teach them to be loving towards each other#and something else. ※My father always told me you must give back to your community and not always take.§ Our ‘Special Person’ , whose hobbies include Chess, Athletics, Cricket,cheap nfl jerseys, Table Tennis, Mixed Martial Arts and Creative Writing, has been married for over 30 years to his beautiful wife Earlene, who is a professional secretary. The marriage produced three well groomed children – Fabio,Wholesale Jerseys China, 26,Cheap Jerseys, Michael, 23, and Michelle, 20. All of his offspring have also managed to acquire academic and sporting success. His eldest son Fabio is a certified school teacher, while Michael attends the University of Guyana and also works as a graphic artist. His youngest child Michelle is no stranger to the media. She has experienced tremendous sporting success for one so young. She was a former National and Caribbean table tennis champion, all of her accomplishments have helped her to secure a full sports-academic scholarship to Lindenwood University in Missouri,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, USA. How nice to have a ‘Special Person’ to guide you along!
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“Had I married and had children of my own, it would have distracted me and taken up valuable time that could have been spent in servitude to others, and I didn*t want that.” ?Some religious teachings proffer the view that angels dwell among us. If this is true, then Sister Beatrice Fernandes must be one of them.Sister Beatrice FernandesShe is one of the most caring, unselfish, humble and benevolent persons one can ever meet and it*s little wonder that the fifty-plus girls at the St Ann*s Orphanage on Thomas Street, Georgetown, where she is the administrator, love her so much. She has one of the most infectious smiles you have ever seen and a quiet sense of humour that makes whatever she does seem like fun.Sister Beatrice has dedicated her entire life as “an act of love to God and others” as she describes it, at the sacrifice of a husband and children.She believes that having a family would have distracted her and taken up valuable time that could have been spent in servitude to others.Sister Beatrice*s love for children and helping others might have been spurned from growing up in a family with thirteen siblings.In an interview yesterday she recalled that despite the fact that the family was huge, the house was always open to other children.Although she cannot remember, she was told by her parents that she first expressed an interest in becoming a nun when she was about seven years.As the story goes, one of her elder sisters was going into the nunnery and she blurted out that “She too was going to become a nun.”A few years later as a first form student at St Rose*s High School, which was at the time run by nuns, the kindhearted nature of an American teacher concretized her ambition of following in this path.“This lady was just fun; she was not easily fazed and was one of the most compassionate persons I have ever come into contact with”.When the class was asked to write an essay a short while later, Sister Beatrice*s was titled “Why I want to become a nun,” the contents of which highlighted the attributes of the said teacher.On completing her fifth form examinations it was her desire to further her studies in the sixth form, but at that time this was just being introduced and proved problematic.At the youthful age of 17,cheap nfl jerseys, she went as a novitiate to a Barbados seminary.She then went to London where she pursued and attained a degree in the Science of Geography.The next three decades saw her traveling the world as well as the length and breadth of Guyana, mostly doing missionary outreach work.Her forte has always been working with children and youth which she did with dedication, love and extreme passion.She recalled some of her experiences in the interior regions working among Amerindian children, teaching them to read“At one time we were in Aishalton for three days trying unsuccessfully to breakthrough their language in teaching children of a specific tribe to read. We had tried everything to no avail and eventually on the last day, just decided to just draw a few pictures on the board. The response was overwhelming and I could have kicked myself for not trying that before.” That was during the 1940s,NFL Jerseys Paypal, just after the Second World War and things were far from easy.Her tenure during these years also saw her giving back to the St Rose*s High as well as the Sisters of Ursuline Community in Barbados where she received her indoctrination.Commenting a bit on her work with the orphanage over the last six years, Sister Beatrice laughingly noted that as administrator, she has the Herculean task of ensuring that everything is in order and functioning smoothly.The St Ann*s Orphanage was started on July 2,NFL Jerseys China, 1851 when the R.C. Vicar Apostolic of Guyana brought two little girls from the local Alms House to what was then the Ursuline Convent and asked the nuns to give them a home. It was not long before they were joined by others and the doors of the St Ann*s Orphanage have remained open ever since.Today, the institution has a full capacity of fifty girls in its care but has had as many as one hundred on occasions.“In the old days children came to St Ann*s because their parent(s) were too poor to take care of them. In recent years, only a few are in this position. Most of the girls come to us now because they have been neglected, abandoned or abused by their parents or other adults.”If the children are younger than four years old they are cared for at a Red Cross Convalescent Home until they reach school age.Older girls are brought to the home by the Ministry of Human Services* Probation and Family Welfare Department.Sister Beatrice noted that working at the orphanage cannot be considered easy by any standard.The home depends almost completely on charitable donations for all its needs.It receives minimal financial help from the Human Services Ministry, and the Good Friday collection gathered from all the churches of the diocese is given to the orphanage. The Society of the Holy Childhood also contributes.“But were it not for the steady,Cheap Jerseys Tag, generous contributions that we receive from the people every day, we would never be able to support the children we care for in the way that they need# many persons of all ages, classes, races and religions bring us food and many other supplies every day and make sure that our children have treats on special occasions.”Since education is a priority at the home, the girls are scattered among thirteen different schools.“Can you imagine what that means in terms of PTA meetings, different sets of textbooks, sports days and so on,” Sister Beatrice questioned jokingly.She however noted that when &her girls* attend government schools, they are placed in classes according to their chronological age, but because they have usually missed a few years of school before reaching the orphanage, they are usually unable to follow what is going on.Sister Beatrice Fernandes and some of the girls of the St Ann*s OrphanageExtremely concerned about this, Sister Beatrice tries hard to get as many girls as possible into the Marian Academy where she believes they receive more individual attention and well as religious and moral education which are not offered in government institutions.Nearly half of the girls are presently enrolled at the Marian Academy, but for each child Sister Beatrice has to find a sponsor to pay the tuition as the school cannot afford to give free places and the orphanage does not have the resources to do so.Dealing with the girls is sometimes excruciatingly challenging and Sister Beatrice is cast into the role of counselor, confidant, friend, teacher, nurse and sometimes disciplinarian.“Most of our children have very sad backgrounds# some were simply abandoned in hospitals, on the streets or in garbage bins as infants and have no idea who their parents are. Others have been sexually abused (at age three or four) by sometimes more than one grown up. Some,Cheap Jerseys, children of drug addicts or mentally ill persons,Wholesale Jerseys China, were completely traumatized when they arrived at our doors. Some have run away from their parents and guardians because of severe beatings they received#most of them seem to be happy normal children after they have been with us for a while but the past is always in the shadows and sometimes unbearable, and you have to keep working with them showing them love.”This woman, who will celebrate her 70th birthday in a few months, says the rest of her life is now dedicated to providing conditions as near as possible to a Christian home so that those children that come for help can be helped to develop into the persons they can become in every dimension.Noting the obvious love for her charges, Kaieteur News asked her about her decision to live a life of celibacy which disallows her to have children of her own.With a laugh, Sister Beatrice quickly quipped that it was worth it since her decision allowed her to concentrate fully on giving her best to caring for other children.“If I had children and a husband I could not have given as much as I did to being a blessing to children#it would have distracted me and I wanted to ensure that I give a full life of love to God and others.”That makes you indeed special Sister Beatrice!
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– first Festival City consumers to get free credit Directors on the Board of the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated as well as Executive Managers have agreed to lead by example and install pre-paid meters at their respective homes.The moves come in the wake of concerns expressed by residents of the Festival City, North Ruimveldt area over the installation of the devices at their homes as part of a GPL pilot programme.According to GPL,Carlos Carmona Jersey, the installation of the pre-paid meters at the homes of executives of the company will be followed by a similar move at the homes of other employees of the power company. These actions will be implemented within the coming weeks. This initiative was taken at a special board meeting held yesterday.On Sunday last,Cheap Jerseys Tag, the GPL installed eight pre-paid meters at homes in the Festival City area. One of those meters was installed at the home of GPL Director, Carvil Duncan.However, residents protested the move since they deemed it as ※the arbitrary installation of the devices without adequate explanation of how it will operate§. The residents claimed that they were taken by surprise when a crew from the power company turned up at their homes and proceeded to remove their old meters and began installing the new ones. ※I never ask for nothing. I come and meet de people in me yard they say they want to put de thing in deh. Then they start to demonstrate but I could not understand. My husband came in shortly and they showed him how to punch in the information,Jim Palmer Orioles Jersey,§ one resident told this newspaper.The customers who received the new system indicated that they were given credit ranging from $500 to $1000. But by Monday most of the credit had expired although they had disconnected several of their electrical appliances,NFL Jerseys China, and they were left without electricity since then. This newspaper understands that GPL provides electricity at a little over $50 per kilowatt-hour.※The credit ain*t done yet,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, but I had to take off all my things (appliances),Cheap Jerseys League,§ the resident added.The development led to Opposition Leader Robert Corbin writing to Prime Minister Samuel Hinds requesting the suspension of the process until adequate sensitization of its workings is satisfied.But yesterday the GPL reaffirmed its commitment to the installation of the pre-paid meters and agreed to review its implementation.The company has undertaken to publicly discuss and announce its revised approach to the project across the country. To this end, the GPL has undertaken to grant an undisclosed amount of credit to the eight homes that have been installed with the meters as an incentive for being the first consumers of the programme.It is hoped that the revised approach will lead the way in the general acceptance of the pre-paid meters.
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In a statement issued by President Donald Ramotar last evening concerning the Amaila Falls Hydro Project, the Head of State indicated that his government is willing to meet with officials from A Partnership for National Unity to find consensus on the important national venture.The following is the full text of the statement:President Donald Ramotar※Earlier this week, I spoke of how I was urging a national consensus in support of the Amaila Falls Hydropower project, and of how it was time to put partisan politics aside in the interests of Guyanese for generations to come.Towards that end, I spoke with the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Granger, who said that APNU would only be able to change their position on Amaila if their outstanding issues were resolved.Mr. Granger said 每 privately and publicly – that APNU would be stating those issues publicly through a definitive Press Statement on Monday.APNU have now issued their definitive statement.APNU*s statement identifies the two main issues which are currently preventing them from supporting the Amaila Falls project:– APNU*s belief that the Amaila Falls project is likely to ※condemn Guyanese to excessive indebtedness§– APNU*s belief that the Amaila Falls project will not ※provide assurance that the final cost of power to the consumer will be appreciably lower than the current tariff§I agree with APNU that these two issues are the most important ones.They are easy to resolve.Therefore, to help build consensus on these two outstanding points, I suggest that Mr. Granger*s team and a team from the Government meet to once and for all settle these issues, and to publicly communicate the meeting*s outcomes.I hope that it will be possible to jointly agree that:– On indebtedness, Guyana is incurring no debt from the Amaila Falls Hydro project. That is one of its strongest benefits for the taxpayer.– On the consumer tariff, Amaila Falls will reduce the tariff paid by GPL for electricity by 40% for the first twelve years after operations begin, by over 70% for the eight years after that and by over 90% for the eighty years after that. This reduction in the GPL tariff will allow two things to happen:– Removal of the subsidy that the taxpayer has to give GPL today (which is mainly used to offset the cost of GPL*s electricity) 每 this will save over US$30 million per year, or US$600 million over twenty years, to be invested in other areas such as education, health and roads.– A pass-through of the remaining savings to the consumer, which will result in a reduction of over 20% in the electricity bills of Guyanese businesses and consumers within two years of the start of Amaila*s operations – and significantly more in the years ahead as GPL*s tariff gets progressively cheaper (unlike with oil and diesel, Amaila*s electricity price decreases dramatically over time). The pass-through of GPL*s progressively cheaper tariff can lead to reductions in the consumer tariff well in excess of 50% of today*s price after twelve years.After the meeting, if Mr. Granger and his team agree that both their stated concerns are being met, then Guyana can put the rancour of recent weeks behind us, and forge a strong, unified, national consensus in favour of the Amaila Falls project. Because there is still work to do.IDB DUE DILIGENCEMost importantly, once there is national consensus behind the Amaila Falls project based on the costs and benefits already communicated publicly, then the IDB will be able to complete their due diligence to publicly validate those costs and benefits.The Government of Guyana invited the IDB to carry out due diligence on the Amaila Falls project some years ago, based on the reality that the IDB possesses technical capacity which is not available in Guyana. All of their work is carried out in accordance with their internationally accepted financial,Cheap Jerseys, social and environmental safeguards.Currently,Gale Sayers Jersey, despite years of work, the due diligence cannot be completed because the developer (who is the one spending the vast majority of the money to do the tasks required by the IDB) cannot proceed without national consensus in Guyana.Yet, completion of the IDB*s due diligence 每 and a conclusion that the details underpinning the project are sound 每 would enable the Amaila Falls project to go to the IDB Board in October.This in turn would trigger the six-week public GRIF process to release most of the remainder of the taxpayer*s equity contribution to Amaila.Unlocking the Triple LockTo summarise: by the end of the year we can open the triple lock that currently stands in the way of the best chance of realising Guyana*s development potential in decades. Opening the triple lock means:– Demonstrating national consensus that the people of Guyana want this project;– IDB Board approval that the project is financially, socially and environmentally viable;– GRIF Steering Committee validation that the project is in line with Guyana*s Low Carbon Development Strategy and its provisionsThese steps in turn will enable final contracts to be signed 每 at the price agreed for the construction of the Amaila Falls project, which expires on December 31 2013.Realising Guyana*s PotentialUnlocking the triple lock would mean that in 2017, Guyana can have clean, affordable, reliable energy. This can transform our economy, and bring benefits to all Guyanese. To repeat what I said on Monday, the facts are clear:Today, GPL incurs an electricity generating cost of US$19c per kw/h. With Amaila Falls Hydro, GPL*s cost of electricity can be dramatically reduced,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, to:– 11c per kw/h in the first twelve years,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, 40% less than today– 5.6c per kw/h in the next eight years, 71% less than today– 1.8 c per kw/h for the following eighty years, 91% less than todayAs a result, the Amaila project can:– Reduce electricity bills for Guyanese consumers and businesses 每 average tariffs for consumers will come down by at least 20% within two years of commercial operation of the hydro– Eliminate the need for Guyanese taxpayers to subsidise GPL. In 2012, the subsidy cost taxpayers over 6 billion dollars. This will no longer be needed, and the money can be invested in other important national priorities, such as roads, schools and hospitals– Greatly reduce Guyana*s dependence on foreign oil,Chris Chelios Jersey, and insulate the economy from the risk of rising oil prices. Unlike oil, the price of Amaila*s electricity will go down over the next twenty years.– Reduce black-outs.To avoid outages, the plant has:﹞?? ?Four individual units and full redundancy in the auxiliary systems﹞?? ?Two transmission lines, each capable of transmitting 100% of the plant*s output– Transform Guyana*s electricity sector from being fully oil-dependent to one built on clean, renewable energy. As the flagship of the Low Carbon Development Strategy, Amaila will enable reductions in Guyana*s greenhouse gases from electricity generation by approximately 90%– Support business growth in the processing and manufacturing industries, and create new jobs– Send a positive message to large global investors that Guyana is open for investment and set a new standard for the size of investment possible in Guyana– Be constructed without any debt being incurred by the citizens of Guyana. The plant will be fully paid for by the sale of electricity 每 at prices far cheaper than today– Be fully owned by the people of Guyana twenty years after operations begin– Last for at least a hundred years – providing affordable,Cheap Jerseys Tag, reliable energy for generations to comeThese benefits can transform our nation, and the life opportunities of generations of our people.History can record these weeks in August 2013 as the time when all our politicians put the interests of our nation and our people first.I hope we will not let them down.§
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– a chat with Guyana Prize winning poet Cassia AlphonsoBy Kiana WilburgCassia Alphonso loves the Guyanese dialect.Were it were remotely possible, she would probably eat it four times a day and wear it as six-inch heels to work.It was certainly refreshing that this well-travelled 25-year-old businesswoman and prize-winning poet refuses to let her tongue be tailored by the cultural influences of the outside world.And proving her love for our ※mother-tongue,§ Cassia Alphonso embarked on writing a few poems using creolese of course, about her family and growing up in Guyana.That manuscript, Black Cake Mix, won Ms. Alphonso the Guyana Prize for Literature 2012 award in the Best Book of Poetry category. This award was shared with veteran poet and columnist, Dr. Ian Mc Donald.Cassia AlphonsoWith her unique sense of humour, Cassia Alphonso speaks about her life and her craft.Kaieteur News (KN): Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.Cassia Alphonso (CA): Umm. Ok. (Chuckles) I*d say I am a writer whose work is based on life experiences and I like to observe. I am a big &people watcher*. I used to go to school in Upstate New York and during breaks I would just go and sit in Times Square and watch at people and wonder what they are doing, where they are going, what their life is like and I find great inspiration in that and even the most mundane things.KN: Before we venture into your manuscript, what does Cassia Alphonso do on a daily basis?CA: I work for my dad. We own a television station in Essequibo, so I*m responsible for managing business ads, progress reports, contracts and other related work and that is primarily my jurisdiction in the company. We have a new building on Lamaha Street so before I get to my second office; I stop there and just make sure that everything is ok. I am my dad*s scribe, as well, so anything he needs written I would get it done for him.KN: What*s your real passion? Business or Creative Writing?CA: I haven*t found my complete passion. I think I have found parts of my passion. I do like reading and writing and I love the whole business side of things because we have a lot of business in Essequibo and growing up around that I guess it is ingrained in me. But I haven*t found that one thing I can call my &passion.*KN: Describe your work.? Where did it all start?CA: Writing all started when I was pretty young. My mom always instilled in me and my brothers to always be good readers and it became competitive after a while. She would say if you read this you will get &x* and after a while I just wanted to keep beating my own record. If I read a book in a week, I wanted to read another in four days and with that I just grew to love literature. Even in my high school days I was told that I had the ability to be a great writer by my English teacher at School of the Nations, and I was about 13 or 14 at the time. From the time he told me that I started reading poetry and as I kept reading, I realized that you can use different dialects and I never knew you could do that because I always thought poetry had to be so strict like Shakespeare or something. So I was really happy when I discovered that.I attended Hamilton College, which is in New York and the classes I took were very rigid. But then one time we were given the opportunity to be creative and we were able to write on anything. So I decided to do a collection of short stories. And my professor was like, ※Cassia, you should really try to pursue this because I see that you really have a gift here.§ And from then on, that confidence just grew in me to be a writer.KN: When did you start writing poetry and how old were you when you wrote your first poem?CA: I was about 17 when I started writing seriously but before 17 I just used to diddle daddle with roses are red, violets are blue,CHeap Jerseys USA, and give it to my mom to read.KN: Were you surprised when you were shortlisted for the Guyana Prize?CA: Definitely. It*s so weird cause the day I found out I was shortlisted, my grandmother had passed away. And I was shocked when I heard. Even my dad got calls and he was like, &Cassia, you submit your work to a poetry thing?§And I was like yes and he was like, ※Girl! And you aint tell nobody?§ (Giggles) but I am so honoured to be in that category and Mr. Mc Donald and I spoke that night and he gave me some tips on writing. It was like a dream.KN: Why did you use creolese throughout the work you submitted for the Guyana Prize?CA:? Well, I wanted to see if I could actually do it. If I could write poetry like the people who have inspired me like Evan Jones with his poem, ※Song of the Banana man.§ I also heard that the Prize would have judges from all over the world and I loved that challenge. And I just wanted to know that I can be myself with my poetry and use my dialect and not only the Guyanese audience would be able to read it and understand.I love my dialect. I am proud of it. It is like a song and poetry is essentially like a song.KN: What are your main successes so far?CA: (chuckles) I think the main success I have is that I haven*t disappointed my family and I find much pride in that. I value family and I never want to disappoint them. Oh! And winning the Guyana Prize and being in the same category with Ian Mc Donald which is simply amazing.? The Prize is such a huge deal for me because I just read about this thing on line and I got my manuscript together and I sent it off to The University of Guyana. I told no one because I was like, ※Well if ya win ya win if ya lose ya lose so whateva be let it happen.§So I won and I am so thrilled about that.Umm# What else# I graduated from college? No No No. That*s usual, you*re supposed to graduate from college (chuckles) So I guess that*s it. My family and the prize.KN: What was your writing like five years ago?CA: Well, five years ago,NFL Jerseys China, the content of my writing was still the same but my technique was not as strong. Over that period I learnt more because I read more. Now, I have become a more technical writer.KN: What are some of the topics you explore in your poetry?CA: The poems with which I won the award were mostly about growing up in Guyana. But I love writing about women; the ones I have known or the women I have known through the stories told to me by my mother.KN: Have you taken formal classes to perfect your craft?CA: Yes I have, in college.KN: What writing project are you working on right now?CA: I am trying to do a collection of short stories, on the friends that I have. They are such a great inspiration.KN: What is your biggest fear when you present your poetry to someone?CA: When it is your work, it is your baby. So which mother wants her child to be called ugly? No mother! So I get fearful of that. But when I was in college, we had workshops where people would bash your work, like rip it to shreds, make you feel awful and like whatever you write you just have to rewrite everything because it*s so terrible. But I have gotten a thicker skin because of that. Sometimes people would read it and, when you think it*s perfect they would say, ※Cassia this makes no sense. Where did this whole metaphor or imagery come from?§But you just have to remind your self that it is constructive.KN: What are some of your future projects?CA: Right now I*m trying to get my manuscript published and after that, I will work with an editor and go through my other work and learn from that critique as well.KN: Are there particular authors who would have influenced your writing?CA: Yes! Maya Angelou*s ※While the cage bird sings§ is close to my heart because you get to understand the relationship between her and her family members. I also like Nicholas Sparks. He is such a romantic writer. But for my work? It would have to be Maya Angelou because she writes a lot about women and I do too.KN: What advice would you give to someone who wants to take up creative writing?CA: Read a lot! You will learn so many things. Also, have people read your work. Just be brave enough to do that because the critique will help you to grow.KN: If you could interview a writer,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, dead or alive, who would it be and what would be two of your questions?CA: It would definitely have to be Maya Angelou. And, I*d probably ask her, why she found women so fascinating to write about. Hmm#But would that be a good question?? She*d probably laugh at me and say, ※Ha Ha Ha Ms. Alphonso you*re so silly.§ But seriously, I*d ask her about it because I write about women. I mean I*d love to know what her take on that topic is.KN: Poets are often thought of as flowery and peaceful. Does this describe you?CA: OH NO! (Chuckles) I am flowery but I am passionate, very outspoken. I don*t fit the mould of what they make poets to be. I am a bouncing rabbit. I*m hyper.KN: Since you write mostly about women, will you ever write about men?CA: Definitely. I find them interesting as well. And the first thing I*d write about is being a father. My dad to me is the best ever. He is a rock in my life and gets me out of trouble with my mommy too.KN: What do you try to communicate with your poetry?CA: When someone reads my work I want them to feel that it is relatable and that is what I try to communicate.KN: Do you have a favorite piece from your manuscript? And if so, why is it your favourite?CA: That would be the piece I named the manuscript after, ※Black Cake Mix. My mom makes really good black cake and whenever she made it I would be in the kitchen and that space became her classroom because she would tell me so many things. When I was younger the topics would be about school and as I got older, topics became about the importance of kindness and education, and boys and what you should look for in a mate. And I really love that.KN: What is the best advice you were given about being more creative?CA: My professor always told me, ※Don*t just stay within what you know, or just your life experiences,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, try to reach further than that. Try to absorb from other writers what they play on. Don*t ever say you can*t do a certain poetic form like a sonnet, because you can surprise yourself and that can even help you develop the form you previously had and avoid living in your comfort zone.§Black Cake Mix(excerpt)※Yuh betta marry a Guyanese boy.Only he gon like a true black cake.§Folded forehead, wondering to ask a questionthat will be answered, regardless.※Jamaican man mek yuh lock up yuh curls and nyam ital.Mek yuh talk bout Jah Jah and smokeTill yuh aint kno yaself no-mo.Marry a Sallasie, No more chicken,cheap nfl jerseys, fish or beef.§※Bajan men dem believe dem is the jewelof the West Indies, suh dem not fuh you.§※A Trini, he plat he foot all day,Eduardo Vargas Chile Jersey,An yuh go fine wuk fuh mine he.Hard wuk while he fet as dem would seh.§※A home grown boy is wha yuh need.§She continues mixing faster now,※He gun love yuh fuh fulling he belleyand he gon wuk hard fuh keep yuh cooking.§
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A hose fabrication shop was recently opened in the compound of the Macorp Company,Cheap NFL Wholesale Jerseys, located at Providence, East Bank Demerara.The hoses can be extended to other brands and various sizes of equipment andAn inside view of the shop.machinery as the specialized staff can build hoses for any equipment. The shop which is equipped with two presses was said to not only be for Caterpillar machinery.The idea behind the shop was to have customers come in and possibly interact with the specialists without experiencing long waiting times. Customers can also make orders for hoses afterhours,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, since it is believed that service should never stop.※If the hose for a machine is spoilt then most likely,Cheap Jerseys, the machine is useless, it is for these reasons that we do this,Cheap Jerseys,§ stated the Parts manager for Macorp, Asif Sahid.Special focus was placed on cleanliness throughout the procedure; any small particle in the hoses can damage the entire equipment. It was related, that white projectiles are shot into the hose until it comes out white so as to ensure the hoses are completely clean.Some of the hoses available at the shop are automotive hoses,CHeap Jerseys USA, hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses.The new venture for the company saw the investment of $20 million so far. More investments are expected within the next six months. It is estimated that a total of US$60,Wholesale Jerseys China,000 will be injected into accessories for the hose fabrication shop.
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– Tourism Minister hints at selling the enterpriseBy Nicholas Peters It is highly unlikely that the new administration will be in the business of running a hotel like the controversial Marriot Hotel.This was said by Minister of Tourism,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, Catherine Hughes, in a recent interview with the Kaieteur News. During the interview, the Minister said that the hotel ultimately belongs to the people and Government of Guyana and that moving forward the administration cannot ignore its existence.Minister of Tourism, Catherine HughesHowever there appears to be some reluctance on the part of the new administration to operate the hotel.※I don*t think the Government wants to be in the business of owning and operating hotels,§ said the Tourism Minister.The infamous US$60M Marriot Hotel located in Kingston, Georgetown, was met with much contention by the then Opposition bloc A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC), when it was being constructed under the previous People*s Progressive Party/Civic.The project had been criticised for lacking transparency.Managing the construction shares of the company was Atlantic Hotel Incorporate (AHI), a subsidiary of the National Industrial Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) which falls under the Government.AHI had invested over US$20M in taxpayers* dollars and was looking to raise US$27M more from a syndicated loan arrangement through Republic Bank, Trinidad.Another US$8M would have been coming from two private investors reportedly out of Hong Kong,Cheap Jerseys, which would have subsequently led to them gaining 67 percent control of the hotel. However, the transfer was blocked via a court case that was file by then Parliamentarian, Desmond Trotman.The Marriot was also given ※extravagant incentives and benefits§, which left other local hotel operators screaming over the unlevel playing field.Georgetown Marriott HotelDespite the controversy, the hotel officially opened its doors last April 16 to begin its phase one operations while other sections of the Marriot are still under construction.While in Opposition, the AFC, which Minister Hughes is a member of, had made it clear that they would revisit, review and if necessary impose sanctions on the hotel should they get into Government following the May 11 Elections.Now that the coalesced APNU+AFC administration is in power, Minister Hughes said that a review of the Marriot Hotel will be necessary as the country moves forward. Should the new government choose to separate itself from the Marriot Hotel, the Minister added that the best course of action would be to sell it.However, the Minister explained that while the former Opposition was critical of how the hotel was handled,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, it has no reservations about the actual Marriot franchise itself.※I want people to understand that the concerns we had about the Marriot were purely in terms of the fact that we as an administration did not feel that the Government should spend (US) millions on a hotel,§ related the Tourism Minister.She said they had felt that the private sector or international investors should have been the ones to put their money into the Hotel, without spending taxpayers* dollars.Minister Hughes shared that while she and the coalition were on the campaign trail,Cheap Jerseys USA, they encountered communities just off the East Bank Demerara Public Road without electricity, portable water and with insufficient infrastructure.Minister Hughes said that some of these communities, like Friendship Squatting Area,NFL Jerseys Paypal, are on the way to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. The Minister related that she wondered whether the millions in US dollars could have been spent towards improving such areas, instead of one hotel.According to the Tourism official, Guyana has an ample amount of local hotels and accommodations, which can serve to build the tourism sector already.? She contended that for these hotels to improve standards an ※incentive regime§ needs to be adopted. This would ensure that local hoteliers are given the requisite opportunity to invest in Guyana*s tourism industry.※We have a tremendous advantage in Guyana, in that most of the hotels are owned by Guyanese and have been here for the last 25 years trying to push the industry forward. And therefore, some of the concessions, I feel that are given to foreign investors, should be given to the (local) hotels,§ said Minister Hughes.For a long time Minister Hughes said that smaller hotels (with less than 30 rooms) did not qualify for concessions,Wholesale Jerseys China, but shared that as head of the tourism sector, she wants to put forward an argument to Cabinet which will change that.
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The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Rafael Khan, 33,Cheap Jerseys, of Queenstown,Cheap Jerseys, Essequibo,Eduardo Vargas Chile Jersey, whose body was found at about 16:00 hours on Saturday at Mowasie Backdam, Mahdia,Gale Sayers Jersey, Potaro,NFL Jerseys Paypal, with suspected stab wounds to the chest.The circumstances surrounding Khan*s death are still unclear and police have not indicated if they have identified a suspect or suspects.His body is at the Mahdia Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post mortem examination.Khan*s murder comes on the heels of the murders of a father and son in the lucrative gold mining areas of Guyana*s interior,CHeap Jerseys USA, last week.
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〞remanded to prison The bandit, who was recently shot in his eye by police ranks, will likely spend the remainder of the holidays behind bars, after he was denied bail by Providence Magistrate Alex Moore.Deon Marks, also known as Dondre Forde, 21, made his first appearance at the Providence Magistrate*s Court. Marks of Lot 156 Kaneville and of Lot 3414 Stevedore Housing Scheme, was charged with five counts of armed robbery.The first charge read that on December 13, at Grove Housing Scheme,cheap nfl jerseys, while in the company of another, and armed with a gun, Marks robbed Cheryl Embarack of an undisclosed quantity of gold jewellery, one cellular phone and one stereo set.He was also charged accused of robbing Colin Semple and his sister of cellular phones to the value of $51,000. This robbery allegedly occurred on December 3, at Grove Housing Scheme.Police Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant told the Court that on November 20, in the vicinity of Golden Grove,Gustav Nyquist Red Wings Jersey, Marks held Dracaena Melville at gunpoint and relieved her of all her gold jewellery.Marks was also charged for robbing Dracaena*s mother, Jacqueline Melville, of her gold jewellery, her cellular phone and cash valued at $845,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China,000. He was not required to plead to the chargeAdditionally, the man faced charges for having in his possession an illegal gun with matching ammunition.? It is alleged that on December 3, at Grove Housing Scheme he had a .32 pistol in his possession when he was not the holder of a firearm licence. It was further alleged that Marks had 10 live rounds of .32 ammunition.To these two charges Marks pleaded not guilty.Further, it is also alleged that the father of one,Cheap NFL Wholesale Jerseys, discharged a loaded firearm at Police Rank, Arlington Samuels, with intent to disfigure, maim or cause grievous bodily harm.He was not required to plead to this charge.According to prosecution,CHeap Jerseys USA, Cheryl Embrack was entering her home in the early hours of the morning when she was attacked by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun. The men took her into the house, and relieved her of one stereo set and one cell phone. While the robbery was in progress, Police Ranks responded in a timely manner and stopped the alleged criminals.The police reportedly came under fire and retaliated, injuring Marks*s eye in the process.?? His accomplice got away.? Marks was then taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for surgery. Ranks recovered an unlicensed pistol and matching rounds from the crime scene.Police Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant objected to bail on the grounds of the nature,Gale Sayers Jersey, seriousness and prevalence of these offences. Also he pointed out that a gun was used in the commission of the robberies.Grant expounded that the gun was sent for an analyst and ballistic test and more charges are likely to be laid against Marks soon.Marks has to make another Court appearance on January 25, 2016.
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Jamaican Drug bust#Just over a week after Jamaican Authorities discovered cocaine stashed in a sealed container onboard the MV Vega Azurit, a vessel which left Guyana,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, local authorities have stated that they are still investigating the matter.Kaieteur News understands that officials here were following up leads that some locals may have been linked to the drug bust.This newspaper was unable to confirm if anyone has been questioned in connection with the matter.The discovery was made by the Jamaican Customs Contraband Enforcement Team and personnel from the Jamaican Constabulary Force.According to sources the drug was said to have been concealed in a 40-foot refrigerated container declared as being empty.The container was searched and five boxes labeled Coke, Pepsi and Canada Dry had the drug inside.The drug was tested and amounted to 50 lbs of pure cocaine.Kaieteur News was told that the vessel had been &under the radar* for some time now.The vessel is said to be registered to an Antigua and Barbuda,Chris Chelios Jersey, company.Kaieteur News was told that the vessel had left neighbouring Suriname days before coming to Guyana.That vessel was busted for cocaine twice before,Cheap Jerseys, with last month being the most recent time.It was the same ship,NFL Jerseys Paypal, MV Vega Azurit, in March, on which Jamaican authorities found 122 kilograms of cocaine in a consignment of timber from Guyana.Several persons were questioned in Guyana in connection with that drug bust, but no charges were ever instituted.On May 31, last the GRA, in keeping with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization for the exportation of products to the United States and other regions, announced that its US$1M Container Scanner is now fully operational since it was procured in May 2010.The scanner was put into service on May 23,Cheap Jerseys USA, 2011, to meet the growing demand for thorough inspection of containers to ensure compliance with regulations regarding shipping to the United States of America and to halt the secreting of illicit substances with declared cargo.Since being put into operation, some 60 containers have been scanned with one being detained for further investigations.The GRA head noted that the container scanner significantly reduces the time taken to do an inspection,Carlos Carmona Jersey, since the process is non-intrusive and will ultimately increase efficiency. The scanner will also safeguard against revenue loss.However, owners of private wharves complained that the cost of the type of scanner that would satisfy the international standard was too exorbitant for the private sector. Guyana is considered to be a major transshipment point for cocaine.
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It seems as though trouble follows the Dharamdat family, according to residents of Handsome Tree, Mahaica Creek.Three years ago, five family members from the Dharamdat household were battling for their lives at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after eating a hassar curry meal which was allegedly laced with poison.Those hospitalized were Nandranie Sukdeo, her son, Chaitram Dharamdat, her husband Sukdeo Dharamdat and her two daughters, Hemwanttie and Muneshwari.Initially, police were questioning the Dharamdat*s neighbours after receiving a statement that the family had an ongoing dispute with a few residents from Handsome Tree.However, after conducting a thorough investigation, police found that it was a family member of the Dharamdat household who tried to ※clean up§ the family and not neighbours.At that time,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, a 14-year-old girl confessed to lacing a pot of hassar curry with a potentially deadly dose of monocrotophos so that she can be with her ※boyfriend.§The teen was sent to the Juvenile Centre in Sophia but later returned home after her family refused to testify against her.On Friday last,Eduardo Vargas Chile Jersey, 51-year-old Sukdeo Dharamdat and his two sons, 22-year-old Eshwardat and Chaitram, 20,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, were taken before Magistrate Zamilla Ali-Seepaul, at the Sparendaam Magistrate*s Court.They were charged with the murder of 25-year-old Suresh Nandkishore, called &Ravo,* at Handsome Tree, Mahaica Creek on February 03 last.They were remanded to prison until February 17.According to reports, the now dead man, his father Bhopaul Nandkishore, 52, and brother Parmanand were in the process of erecting a fence on a plot of land when a heated argument erupted between them and the other family, and led to a fight.It was reported that the older Dharamdat,Cheap Jerseys League, with whom the Nandkishores have a land dispute,Carlos Carmona Jersey, came as they were working and appeared to have no objection.But the 51-year-old reportedly returned with his two sons, one of whom was armed with a cutlass.The men reportedly picked up two of the posts that were meant for the fence and began lashing the Nandkishores about their bodies.The now dead man reportedly tried to walk away, but was cornered and dealt several lashes to his head,NFL Jerseys China, blows that cracked open his skull.The father and his older son, both sustained injuries while it was reported that at least two members of the opposing family, Sukhdeo Dharamdat included, received treatment for injuries they sustained during the melee.
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… Murdered Haslington minerA post mortem examination performed on 23-year-old Rawle Peters, formerly of 21 Haslington North,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, has revealed that he died from intestinal rupturing. Peters was gutted with a Brazilian chopper.The victim, called &Dumb Boy*,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, was stabbed to death at Puruni Landing, Mazaruni, last Monday. He succumbed on the Puruni trail as efforts were being made by public spirited persons to transport him to the Bartica Hospital.Rawle PetersRelatives of the dead man said that he received lacerations to his right arm and vast wounds to his left side and lower abdomen.The victim*s grandmother, Glayds Peters,NFL Jerseys Paypal, told Kaieteur News that one of his former employers contacted her and told her that her grandson was brutally attacked by someone, with whom he had a previous altercation.She said that the woman received another phone call, later that day to tell her the gruesome news that he had died. The elderly woman said that Peters was involved in a fight a couple of months ago. She is contending that it is the same person who murdered her grandson.Peters*s mother, Pamela Lewis,NFL Jerseys China, said that it was just a month ago that her son almost drowned and now she has lost him. She is appealing to the Guyana Police Force to spare no pains to ensure that justice is done.※De boy from Plaisance who did dis,Cheap Jerseys USA, I want him to pay fuh dis..,§ said a tear-eyed Lewis.Lewis said that she was informed by her son*s present employer that the suspect was seen sitting on the landing at Puruni, but she was later informed by the police at Bartica,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, that no one had been held.Kaieteur News understands that ranks at the Bartica Police Station conducted a search for the alleged killer, but failed to find him.This publication was told that witnesses informed the police that Peters and a male had an argument over $300,000 that Peters claimed he had lost.Subsequently they had an altercation during which Peters dealt the alleged killer several blows to his body with a piece of wood. The man reportedly defended himself, using a chopper.Police are still investigating the matter.
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– slashed on hands while warding off attackForty-seven-year-old Uswattie Persaud fought desperately for her life before her attacker plunged a kitchen knife ten times into her body in the Bel Air apartment of Cuban physiotherapist,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, Guillermo Valintin Martinez Stable.The fatal wounds were to the throat, chest and stomach.This was revealed yesterday during a postmortem which was performed by Government Pathologist Dr. Nehal Singh.According to an official, the postmortem also showed that Persaud sustained slashes on both hands. The source said that the wound indicated that the Berbice businesswoman had attempted to grab the killer*s knife and to block the fatal stabs.Her injuries also included blunt trauma to the head.Investigators believe that Martinez killed Persaud before taking his own life. But detectives are still to examine the fingerprints they lifted from a bloodstained knife they found in the Cuban physiotherapist*s apartment.Investigators are still to ascertain what triggered the brutal attack.They believe that a laptop computer that was retrieved from a water-filled washing machine may hold the answers.Meanwhile,cheap nfl jerseys, an official said that the postmortem on Martinez*s remains has been delayed because police are waiting for one of his colleagues to come forward to identify him.The decomposing bodies of the two victims were found at Lot 136 Eping Avenue,NFL Jerseys China, Bel Air,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, shortly after 14:00 hrs on Thursday.Persaud*s nude and mutilated corpse was found on a blood-soaked mattress in the hallway.Police said that the woman*s body bore stab wounds to the throat, chest and stomach. Some investigators suspect that she was attacked while sleeping on the mattress. Police retrieved a bloodstained knife from the apartment.Martinez*s body,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, with no marks of violence, was found on his bed. He was clad in a pair of three-quarter pants.According to a source, he was lying on his back, with his hands on his chest. His spectacles were nearby.Police stated that the Cuban*s mouth was filled with an unidentified liquid, which they suspect he ingested.Investigators took samples of the liquid which is to be tested in the police laboratory.A son of the slain woman had told Kaieteur News that he last saw his mother alive last week Wednesday,Eduardo Vargas Chile Jersey, when she told him she was going to the High Court in Georgetown.He said that he visited the Brickdam Police Station the following day and reported her missing when she failed to return.
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For over 14 years,Chris Chelios Jersey, the staff members of Scotiabank Bartica have been volunteeringTwo Scotiabank Staff members donate a hamper to a senior citizen yesterday at Bartica.with the Bartica International Volunteers to host the annual senior citizens Christmas party and also to donate food hampers to seniors during the Christmas Season.Yesterday,Carlos Carmona Jersey, some 170 hampers were donated to senior citizens around that community.? A senior official of the bank noted that the event has been getting bigger every year and they are pleased to brighten the holiday season for the senior residents of the community.Staff of the bank and Bartica International Volunteers assisted in the exercise.
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Mobile giant, Digicel,Wholesale Jerseys China, has announced an end to daily cap for its internet usage.Digicel has announced an end to its daily cap for internet usage on mobile phones.The company made the announcement Friday, disclosing that it is making it more convenient for prepaid customers to connect their phones to the internet with the launch ※Flexible Data Plans§. The revised data plans will now cost customers for one day -(50 megabytes MB) $280; two days (100 MB) – $500; one week (350 MB) – $1100; one month (800 MB) – $2800 and one month plus(1 GB) – $3200.※Digicel data plans will no longer have a daily cap. The new flexible data plans will make it easier and more affordable for customers to enjoy more data on-the-go in our constantly changing technological world,§ the company said.With many customers still without landline internet connectivity, the primary source for thousands of Guyanese has remained smart phones.Customers have been clamouring for faster,Gustav Nyquist Red Wings Jersey, cheaper internet.Digicel said that while its activation code -*136# – remains the same,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, there are changes to how the prepaid data plans work.&Customers will no longer have a daily cap on their usage. The caps will now apply for the entire period customers have subscribed. There is also a new &add-on* feature to the data plans for customers who reach the limit before the plan expires.§The &Add-on will cost $100 and will give customers an additional 15MB of data.※Customers can purchase &Add-ons* every hour as needed. Commenting on the changes,Jim Palmer Orioles Jersey, Customer Care Manager, Sherwyn Osborne stated: ※ The changes were made based on feedback from customers that the 50MB daily cap was too limiting since on some days they have the need to use more and also they wanted a mechanism to better manage their spending once they are over their cap.§Digicel Group Limited is a leading global communications provider with operations in 31 markets in the Caribbean,China Jerseys Authentic, Central America and Asia Pacific. After 12 years of operation,Eduardo Vargas Chile Jersey, total investment to date stands at over US$4.5 billion worldwide.
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…following no case submissionMurder accused Stephen Campbell, of Lot 5 Number Seven, Bramsfield Village, East Coast Berbice,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, on Wednesday walked out of the Berbice High Court a free man after Justice William Ramlal upheld the defence no case submission.Taxi driver Trevor KissoonCampbell was on trial before Justice Ramlal and a mixed jury for murdering taxi driver Trevor Kissoon, between June 9 and June 10, 2010, before dumping his body.The battered body of Kissoon, 27, of 24 Alexander Street, New Amsterdam, was found in a trench at Bramsfield Number Seven, East Coast Berbice, around noon on June 10, 2010.Kissoon, who was employed with the J&N Taxi Service in New Amsterdam, was driving a silver-grey 212 Toyota car,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, HB 7489. At the time of his disappearance, he was working the 19:00hrs to 07:00 hrs shift.The state*s case presented by Prosecutor Attorney-at-Law Stacy Goodings saw a switch in prosecutors half way with Attorney Orinthia Schmidt concluding the matter.The accused was represented by Attorneys at law Mursalene Bacchus and Perry Goosai.When the matter continued on Wednesday Attorney at law, Mursalene Bacchus,Chris Chelios Jersey, made a no case submission during which he discredited the prosecution*s case, especially the evidence of star witness Ambika Hunt who had a relationship with the accused Campbell.After listening to the rebuttal done by Schmidt,Cheap Jerseys League, Justice Ramlal made his ruling.The judge stated that the only evidence that seems to connect Campbell to the death of Kissoon is the evidence of Ambika Hunt. She said that the accused told her at her home that he and his friends killed a taxi driver.No direct evidence was led by the prosecution to establish who the taxi driver was, who were the friends of the accused or where the taxi driver was killed.He said that Ambika Hunt admitted under cross examination that she got the date, June 9, 2010 from the police as the date her cell phone was used to call a taxi service. She admitted further that she was forced to tell the police what they wanted to hear after being in custody for long a time. In that, what the police asked her on the first day, she was prepared to say on the second day.Apart from Hunt*s evidence there was no circumstantial or direct evidence to establish that by a taxi driver she meant Trevor Kissoon who was in fact a driver with J and N taxi service.There was no evidence led by the prosecution that whoever used Hunt*s cell phone to call J and N taxi service is in fact the accused. The possession of the cell phone by Campbell cannot by inference lead to him being involved and to whom called the taxi service where the deceased worked.There is no evidence led by the prosecution to establish that the accused conspired with or acted in concert with others to kill anyone. The indirect evidence does not allege that he did. The judge stated that the evidence of Hunt and Reid is that the accused allegedly acted with others.The indictment is that he acted alone. There is no evidence of the actor*s intent to commit a crime in the killing of Kissoon.The Judge noted that Hunt*s evidence was weak, tenuous, and repugnant to commonsense. The evidence is unsatisfactory and unsound. A reasonable jury properly directed cannot arrive at a verdict adverse to the accused.The jury was then directed to return a formal verdict of not guilty of murder.Before letting the accused go, Justice Ramlal told him that he has escaped from the law of mankind. You and your God as well as others know what happened.Campbell had nothing to say to the court when asked.The state*s case was that on the night in question the taxi service received a call from a cell phone asking for a car to do a pick up at the Sheet Anchor Turn in East Canje. Kissoon subsequently reported that he had located the customer and was heading to Rose Hall Town, where he was to make another pick up and then drop the passenger off at a popular hotel in New Amsterdam, before returning with the other person to Skeldon.The man was not heard from again during the night. A missing person*s report was subsequently made.His relatives mounted a search and the next day Kissoon*s battered body was found next to a bridge at the side of a trench at Bramsfield. When the body was found his head was bashed in and his eyes were gouged out. The police conducted an investigation that led to the arrest of Campbell,NFL Jerseys Paypal, some two years after the incident. The car was never found.Giving evidence during the trial were Detective Assistant Superintendent Trevor Reid, Detective Sergeant Lawrence Thomas who witnessed the post mortem examination which was conducted by Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan Detective Corporal Michael Peters, civilians Trimatie Wong, Stefan Jagdeo,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Jennifer Burrowes and Gregory Ramsammy.Justice Ramlal had earlier decided against the admissibility of the caution statement reportedly made by the accused.The preliminary inquiry was conducted by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo.
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…Insist rice is in crisisProtesters outside the office of the President and the Agriculture MinistryRice farmers from Regions Two,Cheap Jerseys Tag, Three,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Five and Six including the islands of Leguan and Wakenaam picketed the Ministry of the Presidency, yesterday.Their issues are many; they include the current situation regarding rice farmers not being paid by rice millers thus, placing many of them on the breadline.The Venezuela market,NFL Jerseys Paypal, which represents a sizable percent of export earnings and seems no longer viable after November,NFL Jerseys China, is a problem. President David Granger had announced that the local rice industry is not in crisis even after Venezuela*s announcement that it will no longer be taking Guyana*s rice after November.Dharamkumar Seeraj, head of the Guyana Rice Producers* Association was on the picket line yesterday. He said the protesters underscore the belief that the situation of Millers not paying farmers in Guyana has reached a crisis stage.※One farmer who was owed in excess of $6M by millers committed suicide two weeks ago because of stress, and this situation is likely to repeat itself unless the government does something about it.§President David Granger had announced that the local rice industry is not in crisis even after Venezuela*s announcement that they will no longer be taking Guyana*s rice after November.He said the protest is to let Government understand that they should not be saying that rice is not in crisis when they are not on the ground to know the realities. He said farmers were promised $6000-$7000per bag of paddy,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, while the reality is that they are getting $1800 to $1900 and in some cases $1500 instead.But on the other hand,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, Seeraj says that some of the millers are experiencing problems too. ※We have a situation where 285 containers of rice were delivered to the GRDB and were left on the wharf. Millers were subsequently asked to collect back the high quality rice that was for the Venezuelan market. § Millers say the 7000 tons of rice alone amount to more than $400 million in losses.Seeraj said that he wrote to the GDRB to have discussion to help cushion some of the losses but he got no response. Seeraj also said the government is also breaking the law. The GRDB Act states that there should be three representatives from the Guyana Rice Producers Association; this was communicated to the Agriculture Minister via letter on the matter. There has been no response, neither was any appointment made.He said that similarly the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority Act states that among the Board of Directors there must be two nominees from the Guyana Rice Producers Association and again no one from the RPA. ※The minister recognized this and spoke to me on June 24 about this matter and advised me to submit names which I did on June 25 and still no response.§While he does not totally blame the Minister of Agriculture, he said that he believes that it is an Act following orders from higher authorities in Government not to recognize the RPA. He said the RPA has been in existence long before any political party and should not be viewed as an arm of any party.※Not to recognize the Rice Producers association which is the oldest rice producers since 1946 is a blow to the industry and already we are seeing the industry starting to go down.§The issues highlighted include the access roads not being repaired, farmers don*t know when they harvest the paddy where it*s going to go, millers are saying they don*t know what price they will pay and rice farmers are saying that it doesn*t make sense planting rice if they don*t get $3000-$3500 per bag.He said rice production records have been broken on the high side in 2009 but the new fears are that another record will be broken on lower side.The argument is that many farmers will not be able to go back to the land to begin new crops while others will not be able to harvest their current crop.
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Justice Winston Patterson, on Thursday, aborted the trial of 34-year-old Eric Sookchine for the murder of his 24-year-old wife, Jasodra Sookchine. At the time,Cheap Jerseys USA, her husband,NFL Jerseys Paypal, who was 30,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, allegedly slashed her throat when she was eight weeks pregnant.The judge was forced to adopt this action after a member of the jury immediately reported an approach by a relative of the accused with a bribe to set the accused free.The trial began two weeks ago and might have ended in another day or two. Nine of the eleven witnesses had already testified.Addressing the attempt to corrupt the jury and pervert the course of justice,Gustav Nyquist Red Wings Jersey, Justice Patterson said that this has been happening in Berbice far too often. He said that this is the second attempt to bribe the jury in recent times.Justice Patterson commended the jury for being frank and forthright. He said that the jury member was not culpable. He said that the man identified the person making the approach and when the police were called in, repeated his story without contradiction.The family member approaching the jury reportedly told the juror that the family had paid a lot to the lawyers and that business was not bright. He reportedly said that it would be worth the while to set the accused free.Sookchine allegedly killed his wife on June 3, 2005. At the time the woman was having an affair with a cousin of the accused, Mark Bangru, who lived four doors away.The defence lawyers,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, Marcel Crawford and his son, Ryan, posited that Bangru had killed the woman. However,Chris Chelios Jersey, Bangru took the witness stand and denied the allegation. He was crucial to the trial.When the trial was aborted the court was shocked. When contacted, Prosecutor Dionne McCammon said that she was surprised that a relative of the accused would try to bribe the jury.Sookchine*s relatives were also shocked and this did not hide. Sookchine was also surprised and according to spectators in the court he seemed set to flee.However, the Marshal of the court and the lone prison officer summoned a vehicle in short order.Jasodra Sookchine*s relatives were disappointed. They wanted closure and had hoped that the end of the trial would have brought some relief. The retrial will be listed for the next criminal session.