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Category Cottages
Created 2017-10-13
Owner ert8sand21
Title Wholesale Jerseys USA uyituqi0
Description Car parts¡¯ thieves, emboldened by their slickness, decided to strike once again this weekend, but may have picked the wrong target.This time they followed a female Kaieteur News staffer from Kingston to her workplace, on Saffon Street,Cheap Jerseys, La Penitence,Wholesale Jerseys, where they quickly removed her right side mirror. They were caught on camera.The video may show how the parts thieves operate. The burgundy colored Toyota Spacio,Discount NFL Jerseys, with hire car plates,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, waited until the coast was clear; but its occupants were clearly unaware of the surveillance cameras.The matter is now engaging the attention of the police.This burgundy Toyota Spacio car with thieves inside which trailed a KN staffer and ripped off the rear view mirror.According to the staffer,Wholesale Jerseys, earlier on Saturday she attended classes at Nations University in Kingston. The car was parked in the vicinity of the institution. Her left side mirror was missing. She returned to Kaieteur News and parked her car, a Toyota Belta.It seemed as if the thieves were disturbed while stealing her left side mirror and in order to grab the pair, they apparently followed her.Around 11:58hrs, the cameras recorded the Spacio heading south but it made a U-turn in front of the newspaper¡¯s office. It stopped a few feet from the Belta.For several minutes it idled, clearly waiting on a group of children to move. It also waited on a staffer to ride off on his motorcycle.A male then quickly exited from the left side back door and went directly to the Belta. In a matter of seconds, he returned to the car and it pulled off.The back passengers¡¯ glass of the Spacio was heavily tinted.The mirrors are said to be retailing at $20,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys,000 apiece.Thieves have over the years been running rampant targeting especially mirrors and lights.Many car owners have been forced to engrave their licence plate¡¯s number on the parts but even this has not been a deterrent.
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