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Created 2017-10-13
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Title About cartier bracelet red gold nail replica up to
About me The REAL story behind the gems given by a besotted Duke of Windsor to a grasping Wallis Simpson

For, though the Duchess captured the heart of our erstwhile King Edward VIII impelling him to buy her ever more extravagant baubles from Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier, Boucheron and other exclusive houses the shocking truth is that they didn't always get paid.

While the Duchess and her diamonds cut a swathe through American and European society in the post war years, she was hardly more than a high class jewel thief.

Flashy, hackneyed, over colourful and costing far more than they were really worth, they had caught the eye of trashy pop star Madonna, who is making a film about the Windsors' lives.

Fitting, some might say, that it should come to this.

An onyx and diamond panther bracelet fetched copy gold plated cartier love bracelet 4.52million, while a multi coloured clip in rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds reached 1.72million before the hammer fell.

A truly vulgar bracelet carrying nine religious crosses in various precious stones went for 601,250.

Showing the utmost fake cartier love gold bracelet discretion, the auctioneers, Sotheby's, did not reveal which of these gaudy jewels had originally been paid for and which hadn't.

For the Duke of Windsor was notoriously mean. If there was ever an opportunity to evade payment, he would do so.

After abdicating, he flitted between Paris and New York, running up huge bills much in the manner of the Duchess of York today. It would be kind to think that Fergie so utterly hopeless with money always intended to pay her debts.

But her great uncle by marriage was a lot tougher than that. He would spend hours commissioning brooches, watches, bangles and beads from self important designers and salesmen on both sides of the Atlantic.

Panthers and peacocks emerged from the artisans' sketch pads each design more flamboyant than the last.

It was good business. In replica bracelets like cartier love the Forties and Fifties, the Windsors were looked upon fondly by the world.

The King who had given up throne and country for 'the woman I love' made great newspaper copy wherever he went, and Wallis played her part as passionate protector and winsome love object.

The publicity which followed them was a businessman's dream. Particularly gold love bracelet cartier fake for jewellers.

For what had begun as an exchange of small love tokens (after they had met through a mutual American friend) while Wallis was still living with her husband Ernest Simpson in a small flat in London's Marble Arch, ended with the vastly overblown objets d'art which we saw in the salesroom this week.
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