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Category Cottages
Created 2017-10-13
Owner ert8sand21
Title Jerseys From China olha3sck
Description In a daring daylight snatch/robbery, two unmasked thieves yesterday snatched a bag containing approximately $100,000 in change from Esmond Latchmansingh,China Jerseys, the owner of Latchmansingh Drugstore,nfl jerseys china, just outside of his business place at Camp and Norton Streets.Latchmansingh explained that he had returned to the drugstore from Republic Bank on Camp Street at approximately 11:00 hours, and had just parked his car when the two bandits rushed up to him and snatched his bag containing the change,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, and escaped on a blue scooter.According to Latchmansingh, the two men had most likely seen him leaving the bank and lay in wait for him at his business place.The owner of the drugstore recounted that the men escaped down Norton Street,China Jerseys NFL Wholesale, and, according to eyewitnesses,jerseys from china, ventured into Albouystown.He said that the whole episode happened very quickly.A neighbour explained that she saw the entire incident, but did not realize that Latchmansingh had been robbed until he began to,Cheap Jerseys From China, ¡°holla fuh ¡®thief thief.¡¯ ¡° She confirmed that the two men escaped down Norton Street on a blue scooter, and she noted that she thought she saw one of the two carrying a firearm.? A police patrol turned up at the scene shortly after the incident took place.
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