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Created 2017-10-13
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Description Plaisance murder…Police have detained three persons, including a woman, as they continue to probe the circumstances surrounding Monday night¡¯s shooting of 32-year-old Marlon Oswin Britton, in Plaisance, East Coast Demerara.Kaieteur News understands that the woman in custody is the fianc¨¦e of the dead man. Britton was leaving his home when he was attacked.Murdered: Marlon Oswin BrittonPolice, in a press release, stated that Britton was leaving the residence of his fianc¨¦e when a man armed with a firearm confronted him.The armed man discharged rounds at Britton hitting him to his face and neck, after which he escaped.However, family members are disputing that Britton was at a girlfriend¡¯s house on Monday night.They believe that he was the victim of a robbery and was shot while putting up a fight.According to his sister, Stoyann Crandon, the family was told that Britton had left the home of his cousin on Prince William Street,Cheap Football Jerseys, Plaisance,Wholesale China Jerseys, and was heading home at about 21:30 hours.¡°All he heard was ¡®Marlon lookout¡¯. A girl said, ¡®Marlon lookout¡¯ when he turned around he was confronted by this guy,¡± Crandon stated.She said that Britton and the man began scuffling and the man struck him in the face with a gun.¡°They continued to scuffle and eventually the man took the gun and put it to his (Britton) right temple corner and he fired,¡± the dead man¡¯s sister told this newspaper.She added that although Britton was shot in the head at point blank range,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, he managed to hold on to his attacker for a few seconds before collapsing.Crandon said that so far they have heard that Britton was attacked by more than one person.Britton was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he later succumbed to his injuries despite the desperate efforts by doctors.This newspaper understands that the bullet was lodged in Britton¡¯s head.¡°I got a call to come down to the hospital right away. ¡®Why? Because Marlon just got shot,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale,¡¯¡± Crandon stated.She said that Britton¡¯s attackers took his gold chain and two gold bands, which weighed a total of 60 pennyweights.However, the men left two gold rings on Britton¡¯s finger and $2,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,000 he had in his pocket.Apart from selling DVDs, Britton was a carpenter/contractor.Nekisha Britton, the dead man¡¯s daughter,Discount NFL Jerseys, who attends a private school was inconsolable yesterday and could not attend school.¡°I heard that my father was shot. I cried because he was like my best friend,¡± she said, wiping tears from her eyes.Up to late last night investigators were still grilling the three detainees.According to a source, the woman who alerted Britton to the attack has told investigators that she did not recognise the shooter since his face was half-covered with a rag.
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