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Created 2017-10-13
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Title cheap jerseys from china ur34bmys
Description A gold miner accused of robbing a woman with a gun, and a Sign Artist who allegedly kept the stolen itemsJavon Gilliswere both given separate fates on Tuesday when they appeared before Magistrate Annette Singh.The Court heard that Javon Gillis,Wholesale Jerseys Group, of 18 Prince William Street, Georgetown, using a hand gun,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, allegedly robbed a woman and gave the pilfered items to Javed Buruse.? The 20-year-old Gillis,NFL Jerseys China, denied the charge that said that on April 9, last,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, at Georgetown he used a hand gun to relieve Dianne Payne of her 48กฏ inch Television set,NFL Jerseys China, a Samsung tablet and two Alcatel cellular phones and other items.Gillis was remanded to prison whilst Buruse was granted $50,000 bail. Police say Buruse of lot 24 Howes Street,jerseys from china, Charlestown, Georgetown, between April 2 and April 7, 2016 at Georgetown he received from Javon Gillis, a 48กฏ inch TV set and Samsung tablet knowing that it was stolen or unlawfully obtained.? Buruse pleaded not guilty to the offence.According to police facts Dianne Payne was sleeping when she was suddenly awakened by a strange noise coming from inside of her home. She was later confronted by the accused who pointed a gun at her and threatened her to keep silent if she valued her life. Police say he made his way around her home and escaped taking the items mentioned with him.According to an investigating rank who was present in court, Gillis assisted with police investigations and directed the ranks to the location where the items were hidden.? The matter will be called again on May 3 for statements.
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