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Created 2017-10-12
Owner PKKOO5
Title white gold bvlgari earrings b zero.1 knockoff freq
Description Thrill of victory overtaken

As an expat living in the UK I woke to the thrill this weekend of finally witnessing a crushing victory over the old imitation bvlgari b zero1 earrings enemy after enduring a painful summer in the Old Dart. However, it is with shame that I read of the aggression displayed towards an England team that has simply been better over the past few years. An admirer of our captain, I found fake bvlgari mens earrings his verbal abuse of James Anderson in the dying moments of a well won Test totally unacceptable. imitation bvlgari earrings price This is a game; against a friend and ally that does not intentionally cheat. Australia does not play on dead flat wickets in England, nor has the team been sabotaged by poor food, water or accommodation. Further, many life long friendships between the two sides have been formed so I am bemused as to why things have become so aggressive. One great Test does not make this a great team, less so when insults are flung about. I hope there is a sincere apology.

Simon Inglis, Iver, Buckinghamshire

Jonathan Trott's departure may not have been a direct result of ''sledging'' but it may have been the final straw (''Rough trott'', 26/11). Marcus Trescothick's similar departure in 2006 07 may not have been as a direct result of sledging, either. However, sledging in its present form is bullying by another name. Like bullying, sledging is disrespectful to its victims. Over time, bullying, which involves repeated disrespect, is one of the main predictors imitation bvlgari b zero1 earrings price of depressive illness. Healthy competition is a good thing, but there are surely better ways than sledging to engender team spirit and gain a psychological advantage.

Lesley Cowie, Blackburn

Why celebrate with denigration?

It is just after the Swans grand final triumph in 2012 and Luke Hodge is on the dais congratulating the victors. One young man starts to heckle Hodge with loud putdowns. He is immediately rounded upon by jubilant but respectful red and white clothed fans who tell him Hawthorn is a worthy opponent and Hodge is more decent and worthy than most and would he just shut up.

To certain members of Australia's cricket team, why celebrate success with denigration? How does that make sense? If the much longed for and hard fought victory has finally been achieved then surely our opponents must be deemed worthy or what does victory really mean? What we long for in this country is some grace. It's hard to love your heroes when their mouths go into gloating, boorish and aggressive overdrive.

Tony Newport, Hillwood, Tasmania

A role model to fanatics

I'm extremely disappointed at Michael Clarke's sledge. Even if all cricketers sledge, it does not make it right. He should be fined further by Cricket Australia. He is a role model to many young cricket fanatics like me and should set a better example. It would be a shame if local cricket games were turned into sledging matches.

Matthew Tran, 11, Eltham North

Selling out

It is time the government stopped allowing foreigners to buy up Australia. It is impossible for us to buy in their countries. Another rich developer is set to develop the Albert Park golf course, with a 30 storey hotel (''Chinese set to tee off on Albert Park development'', 26/11). It is a tragedy in the making as we are already short of public open space.

These rich developers have no respect for our heritage or culture or what we love about Melbourne, and only see the opportunity to make easy money. Overseas investors are behind many of the skyscrapers growing in the CBD and Southbank, with some 50 per cent of the apartments sold off the plan in Asia.

Mary Drost, Planning Backlash Inc, Camberwell

Buckling under weight

Patrick White urged us to "protect our parks from the pressure of political concrete". But we are failing to do so. In the 1990s we allowed Albert Park to be converted to a part time motor racing circuit. Royal Park is to be devoured by a freeway. And now Albert Park is being proposed as the site for a 30 storey hotel.

Colin Smith, St Kilda

Looking after their own

When Christopher Pyne says he will be renegotiating the education agreements with the states, what he really means is that private schools will get more funding at the expense of government schools. The Liberals always look after their own.

Grant Nichol, North Ringwood

What's with the labels?

Christopher Pyne, you use the word ''equity'' to mean ''the same''. I suggest you have no intention of improving the current inequities between state and ''independent'' schools via the Gonski funding model. Furthermore, what is it with the delight you take in your intellectual prowess of attaching labels to people?

Kim van den Berghe, HightonWell done, Tim Colebatch (Comment, 26/11). We do get the leaders we deserve and we are not a well informed country. Unfortunately I believe your conclusion, that ''we need to be sharper and demand new tougher policies'', is naive.

The vast majority of Australians watch commercial television and read tabloid newspapers. They have no exposure to quality political debate, as evidenced by the rural area in which I live, which is full of people who vote for policies that hurt them. This would be repeated nationwide.

Until we tackle the real issue media and corporate ownership and influence the situation will not change. It is simply not possible for the majority of Australians to be ''sharper'' when most of the information they are exposed to is misleading or incorrect. Unfortunately, I feel the battle is already lost. One side of politics is favoured by a magnate who controls more than 70 per cent of the media, leaving the other side floundering. Vale democracy.
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