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Created 2017-10-12
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Description ROSE HALL TOWN, CORENTYNE – The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTYSC) on the Corentyne is intensifying its efforts to get young persons off the streets.Chief Executive Officer, Hilbert Foster, said that an unacceptable number of persons are without jobs though some are qualified.To this end, the club is paving the way to open job opportunities. Already the Chief Executive Officer has met with some members of the private sector within the Lower Corentyne area. The objective of those meetings was for them to develop a rapport whereby these business entities would provide the club with a list of vacancies and man-power needs; the club in turn can recommend suitable applicants.The project falls under the ¡®Anti Drug and Pro Education¡¯ campaign and is dubbed the ¡®Find a Job Programme¡¯.Mr. Foster said that this project has been going on for the past ten years and targets mainly young persons in the Lower Corentyne. Last year,Wholesale Jerseys, the club found jobs within the private sector for 23 persons between the ages of 18 and 26. In 2007, the figure stood at 32. The target this year is 50.In 2009, the club intends to go a step further by ensuring that these persons are monitored on a regular basis thus ensuring that they possess the qualities that each employer would demand.Meanwhile, the club continues to make a name for itself in different areas. Mr. Foster is convinced that many challenges lay ahead for the club in 2009, given the grasp the financial crisis has on the world.Should the present situation continue, some programmes may have to be tailored. He explained that his organisation depends on the benevolence of business entities, private sector and other agencies to execute their mandate.Among charity work done in 2008 were the 20,000 meals that were given to less fortunate persons during the organisation¡¯s weekly feeding programme and each month 36 senior citizens were each given $4,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,000 food hampers.Twelve single-parent families also got hampers, and in excess of $5 million worth of items,NFL Cheap Jerseys, compliments of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, were handed over to needy families.Also in 2008, $1.3 million worth of equipment was distributed to sports clubs.Last month, the club staged its 15th annual Christmas Charity Programme; some $1.1 million was invested in the venture. Activities commenced on December 17 with a Christmas party where 250 less fortunate children were f¨ºted at the Area ¡®H¡¯ Ground. Two days later, at the same venue, 200 persons were fed.On December 21, 100 senior citizens enjoyed a Christmas luncheon at the J.C. Chandisingh Secondary School. Donations were also made to the 150 less fortunate families, the National Psychiatric Hospital, ten youth clubs,nfl jerseys wholesale, eight churches and some non-governmental organizations.Making this possible were several organizations including the Roma Manufacturing Company, the Guyana Sugar Corporation, Starr Computers, NAMILCO, Demerara Distilleries Limited, Defiance Trading,China NFL Jerseys, Bounty Farm, Farfan and Mendes,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Cellink and several overseas-based Guyanese.
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