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Created 2017-10-12
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Title rose gold bvlgari earrings b.01 fake regularly onl
Description Top 50 most collectable records

Below are the singles and albums, which experts from Record Collector magazine believe represent good value for money or are the best examples of a collectable genre.

50 BURIAL/FOUR TET/THOM YORKE Ego/Mirror 12" 2011 Text 10 7.99

When it comes to modern collectables, sometimes you have to be quick or you're dead. On 15 March, Rough Trade shops tweeted that this collaboration between one of the great artists of the last 10 years Keiren Hebden Thom Yorke and Burial would go on pre sale in 20 minutes' time. It sold out within 15 minutes and even though Rough Trade threw another 50 into the ring the following day, the limited nature of this 12" made it instantly collectable even before Rough Trade started to ship or sell them. Copies have already been sold on eBay for 35+.

49 DEAD KENNEDYS Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death (inc free flexi 7") 1987 Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 57 15

The Dead Kennedys' Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (1981) remains the best selling LP and probably CD Cherry Red have ever released, and original pressings remain collectable, but as with Hsker D, UK pressings of their extensive back catalogue remain in demand among punk and hardcore collectors worldwide. Many singles, EPs and album covers in the 80s were illustrated by montage artist Winston Smith, whose work is now very collectable in its own right, making albums like Give Me Convenience. and other UK pressings a very live investment proposition. It also goes without saying that the music is highly recommended.

48 SUBWAY SECT Nobody's Scared/Don't Split It 1978 Braik BRS 01 15

Vic Godard's Subway Sect were one of the punk/new wave bands with a reputation that always outstripped their sales and they were also the victims of a lack of decent label support or even the opportunity to issue a debut LP for years. This 7" 45 on the Braik label, their debut release, is a gem, with the title track boasting a guitar figure that owed a hell of a lot to Love's 7 And 7 Is, while the B side is also magnetically good. The 7" might only be worth 15 but it is one that we feel will steeply appreciate in value in the coming years. Both of the stellar Rough Trade singles by the group should also be acquired.

47 U2 Boy 1980 Island ILPS 9646 15

Hardened collectors already pay a lot of care and attention to the matrix numbers of 60s and 70s albums to establish first pressings and this forensic attention to detail is going to carry over into classic 80s bands. Thus a wise investment would be a Mint copy of this debut U2 album and October (1981), War (1983), and The Joshua Tree (1987) should also be investigated. Although these albums sold by the million and crop up all the time in shops, fairs and online, get a first pressing with A1 matrixes with the sleeve, inner and vinyl in perfect condition.

46 WOODEN SHJIPS What It Is/Buddy 2010 Sick Thirst ST 008 15

When it comes to Record Store Day, the secret is to pick up the vinyl people are not looking to make an instant eBay profit on. This 7" was sold at gigs in Australia and New Zealand, but a small number of the 730 copies were allocated to Record Store Day 2010. With Wooden Shjips winning critical acclaim they are becoming collectable, and this, along with their green vinyl Christmas single Silver Bells/Winter, will grow in value. There was also a 2009 UK Record Day mixtape CD given away with copies of second album Dos.

45 HSKER D Everything Falls Apart 1982 Bespoke BES 03 LP 20

This American hardcore punk band formed in 1979 and released a clutch of albums and singles that never quite achieved mainstream success but were influential and resonate today for both an older and younger generation. According to one dealer, UK pressings were of better sonic knock off bulgari leather bracelet quality than their original US counterparts and so make a canny investment on both sides of the Atlantic. Recommendations range from their first UK single Eight Miles High/Masochism World (SST 025, 1984 12) to Zen Arcade (SST 027, 1984, 20), major label debut Candy Apple Grey (Warners WX 40, 1986, 15) and this first UK LP Everything Falls Apart.

44 CHARLIE MINGUS JAZZ GROUP Oh Yeah 1962 London HA K 8007 20

Jazz attracts everyone from audiophile collectors knock off bvlgari bracelet leather to teenagers wanting to listen to Miles Davis through the medium of a dropped needle on an original copy of In A Silent bvlgari silver bracelet fake Way. Although American first edition albums fetch higher prices, some UK pressings were of better quality and iconic LPs by the likes of Davis, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman and others on labels like Stateside, Fontana, Riverside, Esquire, London and even Transatlantic seem very cheap at the moment and some have different artwork to US counterparts. From free jazz via hard bop to cool jazz, all tastes are catered for. For such a classic album on a collectable label, Oh Yeah appears undervalued in the market.

43 VARIOUS ARTISTS No No No No No Not My Girl 1987 KENT 069 25

There is a healthy trade in rare UK pressed Northern soul singles, with collectors happy to pay three figure sums for rare demos and stock copies of singles from PP Arnold to Timi Yuro. While these are a good investment, one recommended area of growth is releases on the Kent label in the 80s. As well as a number of collectable singles, there are a plenty of Northern soul compilations like No No No No No Not My Girl (Kent 069, 1987)and Tears In My Eyes (Kent 045, 1985) that sell around the 20 25 mark and will probably rise further.

42 RADIOHEAD The King Of Limbs 2011 XL TICK001LP 30

If you pre ordered your deluxe copy of the latest Radiohead album, The King Of Limbs, one way to ensure an increase in value would have been to not open the package when it was delivered. You should sit on it for a few years (not literally) then consider selling it. That way you'll not only be offering a Mint LP for sale but also the pleasure of opening the package to the collector who buys it. Unless they decide not bvlgari bracelet price fake to open it as well. This strategy could apply to other albums with the potential to be regarded as future classics Make sure you have a Radiohead newspaper to sell with it as well. Mint vinyl double LP copies of OK Computer (1997, 35) will also accumulate.

41 NIC JONES Penguin Eggs 1980 Topic 12TS 411 30

With the huge interest and prices for acid folk LPs the more traditional folk albums issued in England in the 70s and 80s get badly overlooked. But this is an area that could be quietly invested in. An artist like Nic Jones is a case in point: his first three albums on Trailer issued between 1970 and 1971 have not been reissued for years and Penguin Eggs is a neglected classic. Another to squire into your master bedroom is Bright Pheobeus by Lal and Mike Waterson on Trailer, from 1973, which is unreasonably cheap at 35.

40 DAVID BOWIE The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars 1972 RCA SF 8287 40

There is something of an investment market in Mint condition copies of iconic albums. This ranges from The Stooges' Raw Power (1973, 20) to this, one of Bowie's greatest LPs. The vital factor is to buy a Mint copy that contains the original "Gem" production credit and not the "Mainman" credit on later issues. We value this LP at 40 in the Rare Record Price Guide but dealers have advised that 60 80 is a better price. Although his rare early LPs remain obvious investments, Mint copies of Low, Heroes and Extracts From Outside have strong potential. The momentum of critical success in the wake of her debut LP Alas I Cannot Swim (2008) being nominated for a Mercury Music Prize has served to make this EP collectable. Although cheap, her 7" on Jack White's Third Man label, Blues Run The Game/The Needle And The Damage Done, where she covers Jackson C Frank's and Neil Young's songs, looks a solid investment.

38 LOU REED Transformer 1972 RCA SF 8281 40

Some readers will be amazed to see this album by the former Velvet Underground front man in this list, as they probably see it all the time at record fairs. Again, this is an iconic album, and the important thing to look out for is the first pressing, which had a fully laminated sleeve and different label credits and was originally pressed in a very small run before the Wild Side chart motherlode of 1973. Find one of these in Mint condition, stick it on eBay and the bidding will be "vicious". Otherwise keep it under lock and key.

37 STUD LEATHER Cut Loose/Slick Go Getter 1973 Dart ART 2024 40

This 45 is here as a prime example of the amazing underbelly of music that was released beneath the radar in the early 70s. The A side is a mixture of garage/glam/proto punk and is compulsive whilst the B side is slick airy pop that grabs you. That one of the protagonists went on to make a packet in porn seems apt. As for investments, there are a number of unheralded glam stompers and pop gems that singular collectors like Robin Willis dig up that are appreciating in value and can all be read about on his wonderful Purepop1uk website.
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