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Description Sikh Londoner 'spat on by Polish bouncer at Krakow nightclub and called Muslim terrorist'

A British Sikh has told of his horror of being spat at, punched in the face and branded a "Muslim terrorist" as he tried to enter a Polish nightclub while wearing his turban.

London bornNav Sawhney, 25, travelled to Krakow last Friday for a weekend away with a friend when he said he was subjected to a verbal and physical attack by the nightclub bouncer.

Mr Sawhney, who is Sikh and wears a turban, had visited Auschwitz with his friend on Saturday, November 28, before returning to the Polish city for a night out with some other Brits they had met.

The group decided to visit the club after receiving recommendations and reading positive reviews about it.

But when they arrived, Mr Sawhney said his friends, who are all white, were allowed in to the club with "no questions asked" while he was refused entry.

Mr Sawhney told the knock off van cleef and arpels emerald ring Standard: "The bouncer stopped me and said I was not allowed in. I asked why very calmly and after a few minutes passed, he was shouting at me and spitting at me and was very aggressive.

"My friend came down the stairs [in the club] and asked why I was not allowed in. It was said it was the dress code. But my friend said 'we are dressed exactly the same'.

"[The bouncer] pointed at my turban and said "that hat, Muslim terrorist". They were being really aggressive."

The engineer, who moved from Ealing to Bristol two years ago, said he decided to walk away and went to shake the bouncers hand as a sign they had agreed to disagree when he was allegedly assaulted.

Mr Sawhney van cleef butterfly ring knock off said he was punched in the face with such force, it caused his turban to come off and fall to the ground.

He said: [The police] said 'what did you expect when you come to Krakow after the Paris attacks. Brown people and white people are treated differently here to in the UK'.

"They then told my friend it is unsafe to be on the streets here and we should get in the van."

Mr Sawhney said he was initially shocked by the attack but added he had been subjected to racial abuse for much of his life.

He said: "I am thick skinned but it was at that point when my turban came off and I was called a terrorist, I knew it was racially motivated.

"I guess my action of trying to shake his hand was met by a punch and that knock off van cleef and arpels perlee ring was quite shocking really."

But the avid traveller, who is visiting a new country every month in 2015 and 2016, said the incident would not put him off going abroad or returning to Poland.

He added: "This is not an attack on Poland. I want to say thank you to the people of Poland who asked how I was. People said 'this is not a representation of our country'.

"I have received hundreds of messages from Polish people and it is not an attack on them at all I met some really lovely people."

A spokesman for the clubin Krakow said Mr Sawhney was refused entry into the club, along with many Poles, because it was full and said they treat "everyone equally".

They added: "We strongly condemn all racist attitudes or other discrimination concerning religion or nationality.

"As it has been stated by our employees andeye witnesses, MrNavreacted emotionally to the entry refusal. It led to the unnecessary discussion between securityguardsand Mr Nav.

"Mr Navwas not being offended, spat at or beaten. Nevertheless, having in mind your doubts, security guards who were on duty that night were suspended immediately from performing their dutiesuntilthe situation is clarified by the police."

The spokesman added the club managers would like to apologise to Mr Sawhney for "feeling offended during his visit".

In a message on Mr Sawhney's Facebook page, aPolish Embassy UK spokesman said: "We are very sorry about what happened to you.

"Such racist behaviour is unacceptable and we are glad to hear that many people stopped to express their support for you and contempt for the incident."

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